‘Dr M N ‘RAJENDRA’ is Still the ‘RAJA’ of the SCDCC Bank Dynasty’-Odiyoor Swamji Shri Shri Gurudevananda

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‘Dr M N ‘RAJENDRA’ is Still the ‘RAJA’ of the SCDCC (South Canara District Central Co-Operative Bank) Dynasty’- said Odiyoor Swamiji Shri Shri Gurudevananda during a Massive and Glittering 74th Birthday Celebration of Dr M N Rajendra Kumar, the Chairman of SCDCC Bank, held at the Bank Auditorium on Friday, 24 February 2023.

Mangaluru: Going back to the year 2019, Mangaluru’s Nehru Maidan was packed with a sea of people to witness Dr Rajendra Kumar’s 70th Birthday celebrations, and that was history. Dr M.N. Rajendra Kumar is known as a Co-operator, organizer and Social Worker in the two Districts of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada. He has been associated with various Co-ops., Institutions and is known for their original innovations and new concepts in the change of the social fabric of society. He has established his image as a legend wherever he has worked. He has taken much pain to study the Economic Backwardness of the poorer section of people including Agriculturists of the District. He has toured every Nook and corner of the villages of the two Districts and identified himself among the poor and SC & ST people. His determination has resulted in bringing out a new outlook to the entire credit pattern of the District Co-op. Bank.

This year Dr M N Rajendra Kumar’s 74th birthday was graced by Shri Shri Gurudevananda Swamiji of Odiyoor Math, joined by Mangalore University Vice-Chancellor Prof P S Yadapadithaya; Ravikumar M R-the DK Deputy Commissioner; Pradeep Kumar Kalkura- Former President of DK Zilla Kannada Sahitya Academy; Aikal Harish Shetty-President Bunts Sangha-Mumbai; Kishore Alva- President at Adani foundation of Dakshina Kannada; Abhaya Chandra Jain-former A+State Minister; among other bank board members and dignitaries. The programme was inaugurated by lighting the traditional lamp by all the dignitaries on the dais. Following the invocation seeking God’s blessings, the welcome address was delivered by Deviprasad Shetty-the president of SCDCC Bank.

In his inaugural address. Swamiji Shri Shri Gurudevananda said, “The parents of Dr Rajenra Kumar have kept a unique name, which has brought success in Dr Rajendra Kumar’s life. Even though Dr Rajendra looks 74 years old, he is still the RAJA of the SCDCC Dynasty. He has been a good Samaritan to those in financial need and has helped many others in his various capacities. The large gathering that has graced his birthday here today, shows that he is a popular figure among the rich and poor, and who has earned the respect from all quarters”.

“We need to appreciate his efforts and achievements in taking SCDCC bank to greater heights. The bank has reached the fullest success under his able leadership, which we need to compliment and appreciate. Yes, in our State we need Kannada, but in the same manner, we need to promote Tulu as the second language in the state. While Dr Kumar is celebrating his 74th birthday today, let’s look forward to a BIG 75th birthday celebration, and probably we may be joyous to celebrate his 100th birthday. I am overwhelmed by the opportunity given to me to grace Dr Kumar’s birthday, and I was the one who laid the foundation stone for this Bank building, which has gained success in multiple levels reaching greater heights” added Swamiji.

Also speaking on the occasion, the VC of Mangalore University Prof P S Yadapadithaya said ” Dr MN Rajendra Kumar is not a successful banker, above all is a peoples’ man. Not keeping high about his designation, his humanity, character, generosity, commitment and service to the community/society had earned him respect and love from all quarters. If SCDCC Bank has reached the highest level is due to the hard work and selfless efforts put him by Dr Kumar, along with his board members and staff, which should be noted as a great and marvellous success”

DK Deputy Commissioner Ravikumar M R speaking on the occasion said, ” Even though I have not known Dr Kumar for a long time, ever since we met three months ago after I assumed my post here, I found him loyal, hard-working and committed for the growth of the bank and his contribution to the community, especially in the rural areas should be complimented. We need people like Dr Kumar who care for the people in financial and other needs, thereby making a difference in the society”

Vivek Alva said that Dr M N Rajendra is a superstar in the banking sector, next to the icon Late Sunder Ram Shetty, the man behind the success of Vijaya Bank. Aikal Harish Shetty also congratulated Dr Kumar for the success of SCDCC Bank under his tenure, and celebrating his 74th birthday is a kind gesture shown by the bank members and well-wishers. On the occasion to mark Dr MN Rajendra Kumar’s birthday, 74 sewing machines were donated to needy women, and also a cheque of Rs 1 lakh each was presented to two deserving needy women.

On his 74th birthday, Dr Rajendra was felicitated with a huge garland, Peeta, flower and fruit basket etc. by the dignitaries on the dais, to the thunderous applause from the audience. Expressing his thoughtful message, Dr Rajendra said, “There is a saying, ” You come into this world with nothing, and you go empty-handed. The wealth of life lies in how you allow its experiences to enrich you”. I don’t want to take big wealth when I leave this world. I was sent by God to serve the people, and I did my best with my good work and earned love and respect from everyone. I don’t believe in a particular religion, because for me everyone is equal irrespective of caste, religion or creed. Being a devoted Jain, I respect every religion equally. In my contribution to the community, I never did it belonging to any political party and will continue to do so with no political influence. My success in my life has been fully due to the support and love of my bank staff, customers and well-wishers, for which I am very grateful. I feel proud to say that the Swamiji who is here to grace and bless me on my 74th birthday, was the one who laid the foundation stone for this bank administrative building, and due to his blessing and wishes our bank has attained the greatest success”.

Following the formal function, Dr Kumar was greeted by a sea of fans and well-wishers who presented him with a bouquet and gifts. The programme was meticulously and eloquently compared by Nitesh Shetty Yekkar, and the celebration ended with a sumptuous lunch.

Dr M N RAJENDRA KUMAR – a profile:

Because of Dr Rajendra Kumar’s popularity among the Agriculturists of the District, he has become the President of the District Central Co-operative Bank. He works wholeheartedly for the betterment of the villagers by organizing them for the right cause. His helping hand and familiarity have endowed him to be a popular President for two Districts. He has also introduced credit facilities to the farmers by way of Agricultural Credit cards issued by the Bank.

Dr M. N. Rajendra Kumar, influenced by cooperative movements policies, and principles evinced a strong interest and trust in the movement of cooperation from his childhood days and entered into serving the rural folks from the cooperative sector. He had the vision of serving the weaker sector and farmers in rural areas only through the cooperative movement and has been evincing a lot of interest in uplifting the economic status of the rural population and has been able to earn a good name and popularity in the cooperative sector. He has been serving in the following premier cooperative institution as Chairman, Promoter and Director for the last three decades.

Dr M N Rajendra Kumar served as Director of, the South Canara District Central Co-op. Bank Ltd., Mangaluru since 1987 and was elected as the President of the Bank in 1994, and now completing 25 years as the President till date. He was President of Karnataka State Co-op Marketing Federation Ltd. Bengaluru; Director, of Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited, New Delhi; Director, of Karnataka State Co-op. Apex Bank Bengaluru. Since 1999 and President from 15th April 2005 to 31st Mar 2010; Managing Trustee, Navodaya Grama Vikasa charitable Trust ® Mangaluru; Founder, Navodaya Vividoddesha Sawhardha Sahakari N., Mangaluru; Director, Karkala Taluk Primary Co-op. Agri. Rural Development Bank Ltd., Karkala. Elected as a President for 6 years ( 1985-1991); Director, Karkala Taluk Agrl. Produce Co-op. Marketing Society Ltd., Karkala; Elected as president for 3 years from 1991-1994; and Director, Vyavasaya Seva Sahakari Bank Ltd., Sanoor from 1989 to 1997.

As a pioneer in the all-around development of SCDCC Bank Dr M.N. Rajendra Kumar as a President of SCDCC Bank Ltd. had a clear vision of taking the Bank to new heights. At the time of his entry in 1994, the deposit of the Bank was Rs 64.30 Crores, the Loan outstanding was Rs 46.16 Crores and the profit of the Bank was only 42.82 Lakhs. In the beginning, there were only 25 Branches, under his able stewardship the Bank expanded to over a hundred branches and all the Branches are now computerized and a single-window clearance service has been implemented.

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