Dr. Mohan Alva – Mangalorean Star

Dr Mohan Alva 

An Educationist par excellence – Transforms Moodbidri into cultural capital of Dakshina Kannada

“Give me 100 men with character and courage I will transform India” Said Swami Vivekananda once, If that great saint was alive today he would have chosen Dr. Mohan Alva as one of them! If you think we are exaggerating you must check out his life and work, his concern for culture, education, honesty, poverty and above all the un-ending zeal for transforming unproductive life into fruitful one as a result of his multifarious activities and achievements in varied fields.

Dr. M. Mohan Alva was born in an agrarian family on 31st May, 1952 in Mijar, a small village near Moodbidri. Dr. Alva had his early education in his native village and later he secured his Bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine in Udupi. With his hard work and dedication he has become an icon in the field of education, Indian medicine, sports and culture to name a few. Today he is an established leader in all these and more. The true self of Dr. Mohan Alva is an embodiment of humaneness and selfless service. These values he has been able to spread in the youth who are studying in various institutions of Alva’s Education foundation with over 8,500 students. He is known for his charitable work and concern for the poor in the true sense, cutting across cast, creed, sex and religion. His charitable work reflects a spectrum of areas. Prominently in his concern of those afflicted with HIV. Those with merit and can not pursue education for want of money. Schools that suffer for want of teachers. Inculcating excellence in sports. His concern for environment. Tireless worker for the upkeep and spread of Indian classical and traditional music and dance. His concern for growth of Kannada literature is legendary.

Moodbidri being a small town, the people around it found it very difficult to get quality higher education in professional and non professional courses. They had to travel a long distance of 40-50 kms for graduation. Realizing this difficulty Dr. Alva established Alva’s Education Foundation in the year 1995, under this foundation he thought of establishing institutions providing basic education starting from Pre-University, Degree courses in faculties like Arts, Commerce and Science, in general; then he also established institutions in Medical sciences in particular Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy and Yoga at Graduate level and Post Graduate courses in Ayurveda and Para Medical Courses like Nursing, Physiotherapy and Medical Laboratory Technology along with this realizing the need for standard Technical education. He has started a full-fledged Engineering college called Alva’s Institute of Engineering & Technology.

Altogether 8,500 students are getting quality education at different institutions under Alva’s Education Foundation under the leadership of Founder Chairman Dr. M. Mohan Alva. The teaching methodology here does not limit to the syllabus but it is extended to make student perfect by training regularly under personality development, cultural activities, sports and games, fine arts and other social training towards national Integration under trained faculty, is specially executed by Dr. Mohan Alva. Indeed, it is a unique plan of providing complete education which is rare and one of its kind provided under Alva’s Education Foundation setup. It is extremely important to stress here the fee charged in Alva’s Institutions are nominal to a fault. All the institutions are run without any profit motive. Again it is not exaggerating but one has to visit his institution to believe it. The chain of institutions he has started since 1995 has transformed Moodbidri into an international educational township.

The chain of Institutions has seven institutions affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences they include Alva’s Ayurvedic Medical College (estd in 1996); Alva’s College of Naturopathy & Yogic Science – (estd in 1998); Alva’s Homoeopathic Medical College (estd in 2005); Alva’s College of Nursing (estd in 1996 ); Alva’s College of Physiotherapy (estd in 1995); Alva’s College of Medical Lab Technology (estd in 2000); and Alva’s College of Hospital Administration.

Alva’s Institute of Engineering & Technology – 2008-09 has been affiliated to the Vishveshwariah Technological University.

Several of his institutions have been affiliated to Mangalore University also that includes Alva’s College – 1998 (B.Sc. – CBZ, Bio-tech, Bo chemistry, Microbiology, Computer Science, Hosp Science, B.F.N.D.), (B.A. – English Journalism, Kannada, BHRD, Computer Science, B.A. in Physical Education, B.Com, B.CA, B.B.M; Alva’s College of Social Works – 2000 (B.S.W, M.S.W.) Alva’s College of Education – 2005 (B.Ed.) and Alva’s College of Physical Education – 2005 (B.P.Ed.)

Alva’s Education Foundation was also one of the first educational conglomerates which began PG courses in M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry, M.Sc. Biotechnology, M.Sc. Maths, M.H.R.D., M.Com.

There are few Institutions affiliated to different Technical Boards that includes Alva’s Institute of Nursing – 1995 Alva’s Institute of Education – 2005; Alva’s Pre-University College – 1999 (Arts, Science, Commerce) .

Higher Secondary Education- Alva’s Foundation has been granted permission by Karnataka Government to start 8th, 9th & 10th standard in Kannada medium which is going to commence from June 2009.

Some of the special initiatives Dr. Mohan Alva has taken include the Mohini Appaji Nayak Memorial Special School for mentally challenged. Mrs. Late Mohini Appaji Nayak was a lady who had spent her whole life in serving the children with special needs.

Dr. Alva is giving a scholar ship through sponsorship to more than 700 Children with disabilities around Moodbidri which got launched on the eve of commemoration of sacred Mother Theresa.

Dr Alva believes that finally, every act of individual should be for the benefit of the society. He has been always supportive to facilitate the growth of these unfortunate through donations made to schools for challenged in the district.

In the year 2008 he decided to start a school for the mentally challenged for providing a quality life for these children. Presently 25 children are getting trained in the school, where a specially trained teacher and social workers service is made available. The programme is initiated and run by the sole support of the Dr. Alva without an external financial Aid or support.

In the first ever Student Adoption Scheme in this part of the state Dr. Alva has blazed a trail of success- which has been hailed as a step ahead from providing education is ‘Free Education’ with free Food and Accommodation, and total fees exemption under Adoption Scheme have been offered by Dr. Alva all these years. Out of 8,500 students 700 students are brought under this scheme. The Adopting scheme runs through the graduation. This scheme is open to all the deserving students irrespective of their Caste, Creed, Religion, Community etc.

Needless to say that financial burden to Dr. Alva to keep this noble cause going runs to millions. The beneficiaries chosen are under four categories namely: High Distinction Meritorious Category, Excellence in Sports Category, Excellence in Cultural Performances Category and Physically Challenged Category.

Dr. Alva is also known for his encouraging initiatives in the field of sports.

Being a very good sportsman in his college days, Dr. Alva with his zeal and strong vision to recognize and encourage the young men and Women of Sports and game established ‘Ekalavya Sports Club’ in 1984. Since then nearly 600 to 650 students have been adopted under this scheme and where trained properly with free food and accommodation. Out of these nearly 100 sports men and women have earned fame and name for Alva’s Institution in State and National Level and now they are well settled in life. In 2008 nearly 200 students have been adopted in sports category with free education, food and accommodation.

Free teaching assistance to needy Rural Schools is yet another initiative that Dr. Alva took in realizing the urgent requirement of teachers to poor rural schools in and around Moodbidri, since 10 years Dr. Alva is sponsoring 25 to 30 teachers whose monthly pay is looked after by Dr. M. Mohan Alva. This year also 30 teachers have been given free to underdeveloped rural schools by Dr. Alva.

Dr. Alva has a unique scheme of adoption of abandoned children, so for nearly 50 abandoned children have been adopted and looked after by him. Later on most of them have found excellent foster parents.

In spite of the risks and uncertainties, he took a bold step of establishing a well equipped 300 bedded hospital ‘Alva’s Health Centre’ with well experienced doctors and multi-specialty medical services. The motivation for this was the fact that people had to go to Mangalore – the nearest city 35-40 kms away putting lot of strain on the poor people of Moodbidri. This reflects on his vision to serve the people of his place. In fact this was the turning point in the health care of people of Moodbidri.

He also established the first Snake bite treatment centre of the district in Moodbidri. As a unique case till now about 6000 cases of snake bite have been treated successfully with the exception of 2 or 3 death cases.

Free Birth Control centre established by him in 1990, thousands of people have taken the benefit of Free Birth control Treatment in Alva’s Health Centre. In the year 2003 only nearly 450 such cases have been treated in Alva’s Health Centre. This centre was further upgraded into a free treatment to HIV positive realizing the difficulties faced by the HIV positive patients who lead a miserable life in the society. Dr. Alva started doing the job of counseling regularly for about 300 AIDs patients and all the cost of medicines is met by him apart from giving moral support.

Dr. Alva also started an Old age Home which looks after the need for providing food, shelter, moral, physical and mental support to old people has been increasing in this rural setup. Dr. Alva has started constructing 20 cottages in Shobhavana area and it will be ready for inauguration by December 2009. Another Old age Home is already in its service at Kanajar Village in Udupi District, run by Dr. Alva and all rehabilitation services are offered in this unit.

Many persons who were servants of the drinking habit were given solace at the Mother Theresa De-Addiction Centers. Dr Alva who is a teetotaler realized the intensity of the problem of Consumption of alcohol and narcotics started organizing De-Addiction camps in the selected villages and a new life is given through medicines, treatments, training, advices and counselling in the camps for duration of 15-20 days. All these camps have a record success and the campers are leading a happy and peaceful life now. In addition, he has organized many more such camps through Alva’s College of Social Work. The addicts after being treated for fifteen days are brought back again for follow up work to ensure if they have given up addiction completely and are leading a normal and healthy life. A step ahead, Dr. Alva has started constructing ‘Mother Theresa De-addiction Centre’ or ‘Punarjanma Centre’ in the Shobhavana area where all treatments and educative programmes can be made available permanently. It is a twenty bedded hospital which employs expert doctors and Psychiatrics to treat and convert the addicted people.

Alva’s Shobhavana – A Medicinal Plantation

This is an Herb garden with priceless medicinal plants. Herbal Garden is spread across 100 acres of land having 58 separate vanas or sub sections dedicated to the memory of his wife Late Shobha Alva. It is the best herb garden in India. Herbs of different species have been planted classically with reference to Indian Literature, which makes it unique in India. There are about 2000 different species of medicine plants which have been Organically Cultivated and have been certified by SKAL International. The Garden is well recognized as a study Centre for Botanists and students of Ayurveda.

Many scientists and research students regularly visit the facility to conduct research. One of the most important reason being that the garden is untouched insecticides and inorganic. ‘Shobhavana’ is now ten years it is not only first of its kind in Karnataka perhaps in entire south India.

Alva Pharmacy

Alva Pharmacy was established by Dr Mohan Alva in 1981 for providing genuine, classically manufactured Ayurvedic Medicine. To start with, there were 10 classical products, 5 patent products developed by Dr Mohan Alva, Alva’s pharmacy went with progressive development by developing classical manufacturing with modern Approach. With the knowledge and experience of Dr Mohan Alva in the practice, he developed new formulations. Modern equipments have been added to the manufacturing techniques to systematize manufacturing work with quality testing equipped laboratory and qualified expert techniques, subject experts and research staff. Raw materials are collected from Herbal Garden of SKAL International approved quality.

Apart from all his educational, social service, Dr.Alva is also known as the cultural ambassador of Dakshina Kannada district. After Udupi was carved out of the district, Moodbidri quickly took its place as a cultural capital of Dakshina Kannada. All this began with the Alva’s Virasat – A cultural extravaganza.

Dr. Alva’s crowning achievement in the field of dance and music is Alva’s Virasat. It is a National Cultural Festival held in Moodbidri every January for the last 10 years. This weeklong cultural festival comprises music concerts in the first sessions and dance performances in the second. Artistes of National and International fame from all parts of India are invited to perform. Some of the renowned artists who have performed are; Pandit Haripraad Chourasia, Pandit Vishwamohan Bhat, Jessudas, Sonal Mansingh, Teejan Bai, Beguam Parveen Sulthana, Shashank, Praveen Godkindi and Anoop Jalota, Zakhir Hussain, Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan, Hariharan etc.

In another brave initiative Dr. Alva began Alva’s Nudisiri. Generally it is felt that the youth have little or no chance to participate and express themselves at district and state level. Dr. Alva, realizing these lacunae, started organizing Mini Kannada Sahithya Sammelana a Literary Meet called Alva’s Nudisiri exclusively for the age group of 16-24 yrs. This is regularly held in the last week of November every year. About 3,500 student delegates and 1,000 other delegates attend the event which provides ample scope for paper presentations by eminent scholars and writers, interaction between experts and delegates.

The Social impact of Dr Alva’s works

Large number of jobs created by the Alva’s Institutions and accessory structures and systems, as well the presence of 8,500 students a majority of them from other states of India has changed this town of Moodbidri from a second level Tourist place to a bustling town of education Centre.

The role on effect is felt largely in the up swing of economy of this region. Land values has gone up, banks have picked up monetary movement with large number of additional accounts and educational loans to the students. Numbers of new ATMs have come up, benefiting the public at large. Hotel industry has seen a boom with constant flow of parents and friends of the students. It has also increased tourism in this region to a large extant. The Medical Centre, Physiotherapy, Yoga and Naturopathy Centers associated with Alva’s Institution have brought excellent medical care at the door step of the poor rural people of adjoining villages of Moodbidri. Hence they do not have to solely depend on Mangalore city for all their medical care, reducing their financial burden and saving precious time.

This is an unsung gigantic achievement of Dr. Mohan Alva.

Awards and Honours

  • Best Talented Youth in the World – by Oxford University, U.K. – 1980
  • Best Out-going student of S.D.M. Ayurvedic Medical College, Udupi – 1980
    Outstanding Young Person of Karnataka-by Indian Junior Chamber, Karnataka-1991
  • Karnataka Natak Academy Award – 1998
  • Aryabhata Rajatha Prashasti -2000
  • Rajyotsava Prashasti by Govt. of Karnataka – 2005
  • Sri. M. Vishweshwarayya Award-2001
  • “Kannada Shree” by All India 70th Kannada Sahithya Sammelana held at Belgaum 2002
  • Manel Srinivasa Nayak Memorial Award – 2002
  • Nominated as a member of the Senate of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore – 1997-2000 and again for the year 2000-2003
  • Nominated as Syndicate Member of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Banglaore (2006-09) by the Governor of Karnataka
  • Nominated as C.C.I.M. Member for 5 years (2007-2011) by Central Council for Indian Medicine, New Delhi
  • Awarded with ‘Basavashri’ Prashati by his holiness Shri Thontadarya Swamiji In April 2008
  • ‘Vijayashri’ Prashasthi by his holiness Shri Pejawar Swamiji In may 2008
  • Awarded with ‘Shri Shri Vijayindra Puraskara’ by his holiness Shri Shri Raghavendra Swamiji of Mantralaya in June 2008
  • ‘Sarvabouma Award’ by Sukeshtra Gokarna – 2009.


Dr. Alva is an environmentalist to the core of his heart. Under his leadership tens of kilometers of road leading to Moodbidri have been planted with evergreen plants lending greenery to the area.

In his message to the Mangaloreans, Dr. Alva feels that “despite 60 years of independence we have a large gap between the very rich and poor. Our vision is to bring down this gap by making ways to improve the livelihood of the poor. Similarly the educational gap between the rich and poor is large. We have to reduce this disparity and educational courses will have to be made affordable to the middle class and the poor are given a helping hand. By this, it was possible to give back many folds to the society from which we have taken from the society.”


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I Congratulate for your service rendered to the needy people and weaker section.Success always reflects sincere and hard work of the person.I pray the god to give more wisdom, courage and strength to carry on good social work.


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I really want to meet you to pay my honor personally to you. May be my thought become true when ever possible.

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How to apply for the post of front office manager or accountant post, in Alva pharmacy,Yograj Arogyadham,Mijar.


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Dr. Alwa, our land is the abode of great people like you. whenever there is a great need for such revolutions that puts india on to the next phase of prosperity and stability, people like you are born. I do know that this takes great toll on your own life, but, since your own lifeforce is at peace with the people whom you serve, I am sure that would be a source of great inner radiance and strength to you. May the goddess of learning Lalita Tripurasundari bless you and give you a long life and great prosperity.


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I am a kannadiga originally from Kasaragod. I currently work in the USA as a faculty member in a University. I saw Dr. Mohan Alva’s great contibution to the socity and It is a great achievement. Keep up the great work.



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I visited Sobhabana two years ago and was highly impressed by the innovative concept and maginficeient jobs done there. Hats off to Dr Alva and may god bless him.

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It takes a life time to change the phase of a town. But not in the case of Moodabidri, a town used to be called as small town till recently, not remained small at all now. It is grown as one of the important educational centres of the country today. And all that happened for not more than 10-15 years. And one person responsible for this sea change is Dr. Mohan Alva. What is so special about him – though his stature is grown to stupendous size, he remained simple “MOHANE” for all the Moodabidri people.

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I am proud that I was a part of this Institution as a student for 3 years.I have enjoyed all the cultural activites like Virasat,Kannada Nudisiri,Alva’s Shravanam etc.I miss those wonderful days in Alva’s College.
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Hats off to ur achievement in versatile fields. our initiatives in preserving and promoting the local as well as the Indian culture are groundbreaking. His contribution to human kind in various forms such as identifying and motivating row talents whether it can be on education, sports or Art and culture are truly exemplary. the kind heart person who will be there always to support to the poor people who are suffering to continue their education.

i am really happy and proud to say that i belong to this city called “” MOODBIDRI”” you are my well wisher.

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Dr. Alva with 100 years life,

S. S. Kaup, USA :
I just staggered into Mangalorian.com while reading a report on”Vishwa Thulu Sammelana”
at Dubai from an e-mail I received. As I was surfing, I again happened to come acrosss Dr. Alva’s background and work in the field of education and community uplift.
I had heard of Dr. Ava and his involvement in educational institutions. I did not know, however, the extent and volume of work he has been responsible for. It is amazing how much he has accomplished in a short period of time.
There is no doubt that he is a visionry in true sense of the word in the tradition of
Dr. T.M.A.PAI whom I knew. They were original, creative and innovative. Dr. Alva’s work in its entirety was ground-breaking, communitarian and humanitarian. To the extent, I know of their family, where they came from where they are now, there is no match.
Having spent my life time in higher education, it is an understatemet to say that he has wrought miracles of immense magnitude. He has not just saved one or two souls, but thousands. He seemed to have provided services to individuals equally without regard to their caste, creed, young or old, able bodied or handicapped.
Our civilization is the product of creative imagination of people like Dr. Alva who do not accept statusquo. They want to change things that would provide us better way of life. What was good for our parents not necessarily good for us in this everchnaging dynamic environment. As they say that only thing that is constant is the cosncept of change.
I am too insignificant to say well done. My hope is that we produce many more selfless people like Dr. Alva, come forward and offer services of this nature. Individuals like him are rare.
Again let us not forget that they are the product of circumstances, taking advantage of opportunities, overcoming challenges, personal initiative, visionary passion, of course, hard work.
Finally, let us wish Dr. Alva, his family and his extended family of his multifarious projects and acivities. well and a long life.

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let us pray the god to bless Dr. Alva with 100 years life, then Moodabedri will be the heaven of India.

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Y. T. Shetty, Washington DC, USA :
It is with great interest I read about D. Mohan Alva’s remarkable life and his achievements in varied fields. His concern and focus on education, poverty eradication, Indian medicine, and sports are noteworthy along with this charitable work and health care for the poor, and his efforts for the spread of classical music and dance and the growth of Kannada literature. I am also impressed with his schemes for the adoption of abandoned children, dealing with children having disabilities, establishing old age homes for the elderly, starting de-addiction camps, and providing assistance to hire teachers in some failing rural schools. I hope that his medical plantation with numerous herbs would lead to studies by botanists and researchers, resulting in new discoveries in Ayurveda medicine.

Along with his numerous admirers, I also want to express my appreciation by saying that he is an iconic person and an embodiment of selfless service. His is an amazing life of achievements. He deserves recognition at the national level. We look forward to many more years of his extraordinary service while wishing him sound health and happiness.


Arun Sanil, Oman:
Amazing story of Dr. Alva inspires all of us to do some good work towards society. All these days only heard of him and today came to know much more about him. Thanks to Mangalorean.com
Great personality.

Arun sanil

Sr.Agnesia(Anitha)Frank BS, India :
Hi Dr. Mohan Alva

I am in touch with you for the past few years since 1996. We at Sanjivini do the Community health and preserving of Indian herbs. Your help in this line has been immense. Your humane values indeed make u divine. God bless ur mighty service and motivate the young to give life for the welbeing of all. Congrats.

RK Shetty, Denmark :
Dear Dr Mohan Alva,

Congratulations!! All the best…Me doing my Ph.D in Biotechnology @ Copenhagen university, Denmark… proud to say, me product of Alvas college of applied science (Microbiology section)..he is the one motivate all the student all the time…i think he knows each and every one in college personally those days….i can see most of Alvas students (Collegemates) studying higher education or working in india and abroad currently……

RK Shetty

majeed moodbidri qatar, India :

Dr. Shantaram Shetty, USA, USA :
Congratulations!! You serve as the beacon of light amongst our society and hope that you continue to do so.

Dr.Rukmini Shetty, India :
Excellent!Only few gifted persons can achieve what he has ACHIEVED SO FAR!ESPECIALLY for the benefit of the society.
Wishing him many more fruitful, successful years!

ashok pinto moodbidri, Kuwait:
Congratulations sir!! on being elected the Mangalorean Star. Its a Great achievement.

I know Dr Mohan Alva very well. he is very simple, kind and loving person but his achievement is really great. Dr. Alva has done so much for Moodbidri, he has created a education hub here. i am really proud to say that i am from moodbidri, bcz of Dr Mohan Alva. May God keep him healthy and happy to serve the needy people.

Ashok Pinto
National Aviation Service

Congratulations and best wishes to you Dr Mohan Alva, Your accomplishments are truly amazing and inspiring. Mangaloreans and Indians are proud of you. You are a shining example for all. Politicians need to learn from you what type of leaders we need today.

Haneef Hosmane, Thodar, Saudi Arabia:

May God keep him healthy and happy to serve the needy people. I am very happy to know that you are from my Place.


Hats off to Mr. Mohan Alva for his amazing achivements…
mr alva is a jack of all & master of all also. mr alva excels in what ever he do…..

in india, in every state if there are one people like mohan alva or dr veerendra heggade for their generous contribution to the society, india would have been like germany/italy etc…


Shivprakash Rai, Sohar/Moodbidri, Oman:
Hats off to Mr. Mohan Alva for his achievements. He deserves to be honoured with Padma award for his selfless service to the society.

Rathnakara Hegde, India:
Congratulations Dr Alva and god bless you

Rammohan M. Rai, Qatar:
Congratulations on being elected the Mangalorean Star. You are more than a star. You are an icon. You have proved that actions speak louder than words.

Warm regards,

Harini & Rammohan M. Rai, Qatar

kusumakar shetty, India:
dr alvas work needs much more encouragement both from govt and society. god bless you mr. alva.

Sandeep Rai,Dubai, UAE:
Dr. Mohan Alva is realy a inspiration for all youngsters. I heard a lot about him who transferred small town Moodabidri to a education hub. His achievements are realy laudable. I wish him to reach even higher heights in years to come. I realy wish
to meet him someday.

Danny, Bahrain:
Dear Mohan Anna,
Hats off to ur achievement in versatile fields, u r a great personality with humour,
driving young generation to their carrer growth with excellent facilities.

Shobha Vana Mijar is excellent, I advise people to visit and enjoy the atmosphere there.

God Almighty blessed u with talents and may He shower His blessings on u!!!!!!

S. N. Shetty, Oman:
Thanks to Mangaloren.com for introducing the great personalty like Mr. Mohan Alva.

I was amazed by the growth of Moodabidri and its credit goes to Mr. Alva. GOD Bless Him.

shridhara Achar.K Bangalore, India :
Great achievements indeed! It is sheer dedication and hard work that made Dr. Mohan Alva a cultural ambassador of Dakshina Kannada in real sense. Many thanks for Mangalorean.com for bringing out vivid picture of achievements of this great son of Karnataka.

mferns, Qatar:
Let there be another 99 persons like Dr. Alva to make our beautiful country as heaven on earth. Let us learn from Dr. Alva to love and extend our helping hand to the humanity. Excellent are his deeds, admirable are his thoughts and adorable are his actions. May God give him good health, courage and strength to carry out his noble work more and more.

sudhakara.shenoy b, USA:
dr alva what you did to society is very comendable. we all love you. god bless you more to serve our people for ever. keep it up.

sudhakar shenoy
houston tx

S.Mallya, India:
Great Person from South Canara. God Bless him for his Selfless Service to the Society.

Kanaguttu Anand Shetty, Abu Dhabi, UAE:
Really he is a role model for the entire society for his excellent achievement in all fields. He made moodbidri as a heaven for poor student from his support hands.

Dewakar Alva., UAE:
Never heard of Dr. Mohan Alva before
Thqs a lot for the information, keep it up, wonderful social work, great personality indeed he is a man of action.

D.R.Agnihotri. Bangalore.(Ex ADNOC, Abu Dhabi), India :
GREAT PERSONALITY!!! May GOD give him Peace & Happiness with long & healthy life to continue the wonderful social work he is doing.

Denzil Fernandes, Dubai, UAE:
Huge Personality! Amazing human being indeed. Although I have heard a lot about Dr. Alva’s educational institutions, it was fabulous to know more about Dr. Alva who is behind the entire success. He is a rare and noble breed in our country. The generous support given by Dr. Alva for students and sportsmen is admirable. One wishes that others also follow his lead and open up various charity projects to help the needy. Dr. Alva is surely a humble representative sent from above and I can only wish him and his family every success. God bless you and your family.

N.Bheeshma, UAE:
Thanks for this article. I have only heard about him today i am proud to know that India has such citizens who are continuously serving the society selflessly. May God bless such people & take our country a step forward.

Bhaskar R Poojary,Mngalore, India :
Hearty congratulations to Dr.Mohan Alva.Thanks to Mangalorean.com for giving us an opportunity to know more about this great person. He is not only a Mangalorean Star but a Star for entire educational world.God may bless him always with happiness & health.

sudhakar rai, India :
indeed he is man of action….a real hero and a “sakalakalvallaban”. god bless him with more success……jai ho alva……

Robert & Reena D’ Souza, UAE:
Congratulations Dr. Alva, for your achievement!!!… & Thanks to Mangalorean.com for giving us an opportunity to know more about this great person Dr. Mohan Alva & selecting as Mangalorean Star. May God bless him always with happiness .. health & wealth, Our prayers and Good wishes will be there always to you for your success…..

Dr. Mohan Alva,

Really good job, Some of my family members priviledged to have his facilities.
God may bless him for his good work.

Jagannath shetty


Vinay Lobo, India:
Shobavana is like a heaven on earth. Your accomplishments are remarkable. Keep up the good work.

Keerthi Anand Shetty – Sharjah, UAE:
Like they say God creates one soul in a million & i.e Dr.Alva, who has served & dedicated his life in uplifting/transforming human life. Our sincere gratitude & salutes to Dr.Alva. May Almighty God Bless him & give lots of Power & Health in achieving his future endeavours, which he has determined in!

K.B.Jagdish, Kinnigoli, Bahrain :
Dr.Mohan Alva, Mijar: a Karmayogi in the true sense of it. A multifarious, multitasking simple personality but humane in nature. A big salute to you Sir. Let Lord Durga shower with all her blessings to continue your “second to none” achievements forever.

Vinay Pujari, Hubli, India :
Dr. Alva has done so much for Moodbidri, he has created a education hub here. Hats of to him. Whether it is Bunts or Billavas they are always creative & helpful.

raghuram shety, India:
IT IS A Great achievement!!!

shobha shetty, UAE:
Congratulations Dr. Alva, You are indeed a star.

May God Bless you and your family with all the good luck and happiness.

Edwin Dsouza, UAE:
The Bunts are a enterprising community wherever they are.

Dr Alva’s achievements are truly commendable particularly because he has laid emphasis to education and health care, the two core foundations of a civilised society. All other things come next.

May God bless him with good health so that he continues to serve mankind and the deprived people.

Adv. I.C. Shetty, Pune, India :
I am happy to see his photo in few shops at moodbidri with quote ‘Moodbidri Abhivridhiya ruvari matthu Sankritika Netara’.

I pray GOD (Durgaparameshwari, Shri Sai Baba & Dagadusheth Mahaganapathi) to him good health and energy to CARRY ON with same spirit…

J M Bhandary, USA :
Dr. Mohan Alva, Congratulations and all the best to you. Your accomplishments in the many areas described in this article are truly amazing. Your generosity in helping the poor and the underprivileged, and mentally challenged people etc.. shows the kindness in your heart that drives your actions. Your initiatives in preserving and promoting the local as well as the Indian culture are groundbreaking and you are a pride of Dakshina Kannada and also of India.

Praveen Shetty, Canada :
Dr.Alva keep up the good work I would like to contribute in future for the education of the poorest student I dont know when but I am really inspired by your work for the society.

Shashikar G. shetty, UAE:
Dr.Mohan Alva. May God bless Dr.Alva with health, wealth and happiness.

Nithyanand M.Shetty / Moodabidri, UAE:
Hearty congratulations Mohananna.
I would like to mention one incident here which took place long back as I do still remember that event. You took me to a programme held in your educational premises and it was about Madyapana Nirodi Abhiyan and you were the chief guest the audience were all rural poor. I do remember your speech on these ocation which reflects your honesty and generocity.
Hats off to you and your mission.

Taranath Rai, UAE:
I had the privilige of visiting Dr. Alva’s institutions during a sports meet which was organised by his team. He has really made wonders for the society in general and for the people of Moodbidri in particular. He definitely deserves appreciation from everyone and no doubt he will transform his vision into mission and will accomplish it. Hats off to Dr. Alva!!!


Prabhakar Rai, Tanzania:
I heard about Alva’s Education Foundation, but I never got a chance to know the person behind this noble Foundation. Thanks to Mangalorean.com for providing us an opportunity to know about the great person Dr.Mohan Alva. May God bless Dr.Alva with health, wealth and happiness.

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We’re really proud of you Sir u r a roll model to India especially for our tulunad u r gem Sir