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Dr. Vamana Nandavara – Mangalorean Star

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Dr. Vamana Nandavara – Mangalorean Star

When we think about ‘Koti Chennaya’, we are reminded of a bygone era where two brave warriors of Tulunadu fought against injustice and for their motherland. We are also reminded of a movie of the Seventies and the remake of that movie in the recent past.

Many of us might not be aware of the fact that one man has contributed considerably for Tulu and Kannada Literature and heritage in general and has done intensive research on ‘Koti Chennaya’. He has written a book with facts figures and illustrations of the legendary twins, their orientation, living style and culture.

He has also written a song for the remade new film ‘Koti Chennaya’ called ‘Bale Kedage’.

He is in his mid Sixties still looking very young, now Project Officer in Pilikula Heritage Village appointed by the DC of Dakshina Kannada. He was the President of Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy from 2001-2004.

He is none other than Dr. Vamana Nandavara, whom we feel proud to highlight as Mangalorean Star for the month of July 2008.

Dr. Nandavara has earned a good name in the undivided South Kanara district over the years in the field of Kannada and Tulu literature and folk culture. He was born to Babu Balepuni and Poovamma in the year 1944 in a small village called Nandavara in Bantwal Taluk. His father was an agriculturist.

Dr. Nandavara had his primary education at S.V.S. Higher Elementary School, Panemangalore, Board Elementary School, Balepuni and Bharathi Higher Primary School Mudipu. He had his High School education at Board High School, Kurnadu, Mudipu and at Anandashrama High School, Kotekar. Completed his Graduation at St. Aloysius College,

Mangalore with BSc degree, then completed B. Ed. (Methodology: Kannada and Physical Science) at Government College of Education.

Initially he worked as Co-editor in Navabharatha Daily for one year in the year 1972. Then he joined an Institute in Bangalore as teacher for three years.

He post Graduated with M.A. (Kannada) from Karnataka University, Dharwad, M. Ed. (Education) from Ananmalai Univeristy Tamilnadu and finally achieved his Ph. D. (Folklore) from Mangalore University in 1994 for his work “Koti Chennaya – Ondu Janapadeeya Adhyayana” .

He joined as a Teacher in St. Ann’s Teachers Training Institute for Women, Mangalore and worked there for 29 years from 1973-2002.

From 2004 to 2006, he has been the Founder Principal of Sahyadri D Ed College.

With wife Chandrakala

With Family

With Wife In His Home Library

Karnataka Tulu Sahithaya Academy Office

Dr. Nandavara married K. V. Chandrakala in the year 1977. Chandrakala is the daughter of Kondana Vamana Vidwan(retired Kannada Vidwan of Lady Hill School). She has been ideal match for Dr. Nandavar and she is the Principal of Ganapathi Junior College at the moment. Together they have two children, a daughter and a son. Daughter Hemashree has done her Post Graduate studies in Mass Communication and Journalism from Mangalore University and has worked with ETV, DD Kannada and Kannada Kasturi channels before getting married and settled in the USA.

Their son Sudhamshu is a Software Engineer in Bangalore.

Dr. Nandavara has worked extensively for the research and development of Tulu and Kannada Literature and Folk Art. He has been the General Secretary of Kotekar Sahitya Sangha from 1975 to 1980. He was the General Secretary of Dakshina Kannada Jilla Sahitya Parishad and member of Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy from 1996 to 2001. He took charge as The President of Karnataka Tulu Academy in the year 2001 and executed his duties till 2004, as editor of quarterly magazine of the Academy called ‘Madipu’ and has edited 35 issues of that magazine which is a record so far. During his tenure, 230 programs have been organised. 45 books have been published; 44 Honorary Book Awards have been awarded.

Fellowships have been awarded to Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade and Prof. Peter. J. Claus for their achievements and selfless service to humanity.

Under the leadership of Dr. Nandavara, a National Level Conference was organized in Delhi and memorandum has been submitted to the Central Government to include Tulu in the 8th Schedule of Constitution. A joint action committee was formed under the sponsorship of Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy and Hampi University to publish ‘History of Tulu Literature’ that has been completed in the year 2007.

He has written Script (Dialogues) and Songs for the movie ‘Koti Chennaya’ produced by Prarthana Creations. He has also produced two documentaries under his own ‘Drashya Creations’ one on the life and works of Dr. Kayyara Kinnhanna Rai called ‘Shreemukha’ and the other ‘In Search of Naaz’ directed by his daughter Hemashree. He has also written songs for the CD Albums ‘Berikk Paadd Dolu’ ‘Deepa Nalike’ and Tulunada Thirl Porlu’.

Dr. Nandavara’s wife Chandrakala Nandavara is also a noted writer. The husband and wife team have own Publication called ‘Hemanshu Prakashana’. They have published over 65 books of Tulu and Kannada authors so far.

Our Team Member Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi interviewed Dr Vamana Nandavara recently and we have reproduced the conversation here, for our readers.

Q: Welcome to mangalorean.com, Sir. We are happy to have you say a few words for our viewers. We have heard quite a bit about you and we have also published an article on ‘Gutthu Mane’ and Kambala Race being inaugurated at Pilikula Heritage Village. [Read article: Kambla, Guthu House and Rural fair completes the picture of Heritage Village in Pilikula]

Can you please tell us what inspired you to take up literature and Folklore as your main line of studies?

Ans: It is my pleasure to be here to express myself to Mangaloreans spread over the World, who are working hard to make our Tulunadu proud and prosperous. When I was a small boy, I have lived in the rural atmosphere, where the Hills, the river Nethravathi, the valleys, canals green fields, trees and animals inspired me to study the life style of the people. My parents, though they were agriculturists, had high respect for Tulu and Kannada literature and they encouraged me to take up literature as the main subject of interest and concentrate on it.

Q: Do you have any particular Teacher in mind during your schooling who might have inspired you to become a writer?
Ans: Yes. When I was studying in Anandashram High School in Kotekar, Ammembala Shankaranarayana Navada was our Kannada Teacher and he always used to narrate his experiences at the Sahitya Sammelans that he used to attend, to us students. I was deeply interested in those narrations and I developed interest to write poems that he used to correct and tell me how to perfect the write up.

Q: As the President of Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy, you seem to have worked quite significantly. Who all were associated with you during your charge in office?
Ans: Dr. B. A. Vivek Rai, VC of Karnataka Open University was the Founder President of Tulu Academy, Late. Balakrishna Shetty, Polali who was the next President and Sitaram Kulal was my successor. We four have worked hand in glove for the success and dignity of the Academy in general and Tulu Literature and Folklore in particular.

Q: Pilikula Heritage Village. This project seems to move in positive direction to uphold the Tulunadu Traditions. What are your ideas with which you could make this Heritage Village attract tourists, especially foreigners?
Ans: Pilikula Nisarga Dhama is being developed in an area of 370 Acrs by the District Administration. Heritage Village and ‘Gutthu Mane’ are part of that project. Our DC M. Maheshwar Rao who is Chairman of Pilikula project, J.R. Lobo who is the Executive Director and myself have worked together to see that the Guthu House with Kambala track to be the main attraction of this Heritage village. As you have rightly said, this Guthu House and Kambala have been inaugurated by Mr. Rao in the presence of the State Principal secretary for Kannada and culture I.M. Vittal Murthy on January 9th, this year.

Apart from Kambala, we have plans to make this Guthu House a Cultural Museum with traditional collector’s items from rural and urban houses and I have already appealed to general public though hand-out to contribute such antique items. Many people have items that might be lying in the attic or store room of individual’s houses without proper care and maintenance. Such priceless pieces will be exhibited with due credit given to the contributors by displaying their names in the Heritage Village. We have been receiving positive response for this appeal.

Q: You have been awarded Doctorate for your work “Koti Chennaya – Ondu Janapadeeya Adhyayana”. How many years have you spent in collecting the information, photos and other details to complete this work?
Ans: I took almost Twelve Years to complete this book and I am so happy that it has come out so well, much more artistic than I had expected it to be. I am thankful to Mr. Gopadkar, who has worked remarkably well to design the masks as well as picture and line arts including the layouts for the book.

Q: Your wife is also a writer and Teacher. Tell us something about your common interests.
Ans: My wife Chandrakala Nandavara has been a wonderful life partner for me, an ideal mother for our children and the perfect match for me when it comes to Literature. We together have held many debates in our house called ‘Sneha Koota’. We have hosted many noble writers like Su. Ra. Yekkundi and Prof. Ku. Shi. Haridasa Bhatta. Prof. Bhatta had released my book ‘Beera’ during one of those ‘Sneha Koota’s held on the day of House Warming of our house ‘Drishya’.

Q: Tell us the most memorable incident, an experience of which you want to share with us.
Ans: I have one incident to quote, that I remember forever, which has inspired me to live life with zest and further indulge myself with nature.

I was a small boy and in our village, we used to take the buffalos for grazing to the hills, swamps and fields. One day, as the buffalo tried to cross the canal and I was following it by holding its tail, floating, the buffalo suddenly got drowned and I lost my grip and I too started to drown. Suddenly I regained my balance and started to beat my legs and arms; unknowingly swimming for the first time and by then, the buffalo had gained its balance too and had come to the surface. Then I held its tail again and safely reached the ground. That one moment’s presence of mind that I had not only saved my life but also taught me how to swim. All because of that buffalo!

We have to learn many things from Nature and coexistence of man, animal, greenery and natural surroundings make one a perfect creative human being.

Q: What is your message to the future generation?
Ans: We have a lot to learn from the true Institutions that design and mould us as good human beings, such as our house hold, our parents, elders and our older generation. These are the guiding forces that instill within us, strength and aspiration to live a meaningful life.

With the involvement of our family members and neighbourhood our traditional roots get strengthened. Thus we gain strength and confidence to jump from our household into the vast world of knowledge. The ways in which parents feed us with knowledge and experiences holds good for almost all. Local environment makes us strong and courageous to face global challenges. Every parent has the responsibility to teach their young ones the values of life, nature, tradition and culture around the household. Then we could certainly achieve the concept ‘Route-Local Vision-Global’.

Koti Chennaya Book Release

Prof. Ku. Shi. Haridasa Bhatta Releasing Award winning Book Beera

With Peter J Claus Who released Onji Kope Kathekulu

With George Fernandes, Ex-Defence Minister

With Oscar Fernandes, Union Minister


A. Books Published:
1. Talamela, 1975 – An Anthology of Kannada Poetry
2. Olepataki, 1980 – An Antoholgy of Riddles in Tulu and Kannada
3. Tuluvere Kusalu Kuselu, 1987 – A collection of papers on Tulu Folkloristic
4. Singadana, 1987 – A collection of research articles on Tulu Folkloristic
5. Tulutu Pani kate, 1988 – A collection of Tulu Anecdotes
6. Onji Kope Katekulu, 1988 – A collection of Tulu Folk Stories
7. Janapada Sutta Mutta, 1992 – A collection of Column articles on Folkloristic
8. Pattanga, 1992 – A collection of articles
9. Beera, 1992 – Volume of Tulu Poems
10. Sir James George Frazer, 1997 – Life and Work
11. Kidigediya Keetale, 1997 – Tulu Folk Stories
12. Koti Chennaya, 1997 – Story for Children (Tulu)
13. Koti Chennaya, 2001 – Folkloristic Study – Doctoral Thesis
14. Koti Chennaya, 2004 – Story for Children (Kannada)
15. Janapada Samskruthi Roopisuva Baduku – Kelavu Chinthanegalu, 2006
16. Smaraneeya Mahaneeyaru(Kannada), 2007 – Published by 74th Kannada Sahithya Sammelana
17. Tulunaadda Janangode-A Tulu Study, 2007 – Published by Dravida University, Kuppam
18. Yenku Panamboorige Hoda Haage(Based on A Saying), 2007 – Published by Hemanshu Prakashana
19. Tulu Bhasha Sahithyada Ranna D. K. Chowta, 2008 – Published by Naadige Namaskaara Male, Kanthavara Kannada Trust
20. K. B. Bhandari – Madepperaavandi Tuluver, 2008 – Published by Karnataka Tulu Sahithya Academy

B. Books Edited:

1. Nambike, 1988 – A collection of essays
2. Keekana Abhinandana, 1989 – A Feliciation Volume
3. Tulu Sahiti Kalavidere Mahithi – Volume of bio data of Tulu writers & Artists
4. Mangalorc Parisara Samskrithika Tanagalu 1997, Mangalore
5. Mangalore Visitors Handbook, 2002
6. Who is an Ideal Citizen?( An analytical study of the life and career of Palli Jayarama Shetty), 2003 (With Mr. I. M. Panchical)
7. Ajji Thaankina Pulli – A Tulu Drama by Machchendranatha Pandeshwara, 2004
8. Nettheraa Neera – A Tulu Drama by Machchendranatha Pandeshwara, 2004
9. Tulu Saahithya Charithre – Big Volume, 2007
10. Tulu Janapada Aacharanegalu(Bannanje Babu Amin), 2007 – Published by Dravida University, Kuppam
11. Thammale Aruvatthe Katt(Bola Chittharanjan Das Shetty), 2008 – Published by Dravida University, Kuppam
12. Naaga Bermer(Palthadi Ramakrishna Achar), 2008 – Published by Dravida University, Kuppam
13. Tuluvere Atal Aragane(Indira Hegde), 2008 – Published by Dravida University, Kuppam
14. Ondaanemaale Parampareya Kudpi Vasudeva Shenoy(In memorium of Chi. Srinivasa Raju Akshara Lokadada Ananyaru Pusthaka Maalike), 2008

C. Association Memberships:

1. Chief Secretary, Sahithya Sanga, Kotekar, 1975-80
2. Chief Secretary, Kannda Sahitya Parishattu, D.K.1981-1988
3. Assistant Scholar: Tulu Lexicon Project, Ra. Kavi. Govinda Pai Research Centre, M.G.M.College, Udupi, D.K.
4. Research Fellowship Scholar: In the Regional Resources Centre for Folk Performing Arts, M.G.M. College, Udupi, D.K.
5. Individual Research Project: “Twins in the Ritualistic Theatre of Tulu”: A conceptual Study 1990-92.
6. Guest Lecturer – Kannada Department: Mangalore University, 1994-2002
7. As Research Guide: Guided on M.Ed. Dissertation, 1995 – 1996.
8. Member: Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy, 1995-2001
9. Guide: IGNOU, St Aloysius College, Mangalore, 1998-2000
10. Programme Co-Ordinator: NSS, St Annes Teacher’s Training College, Mangalore, 1990-2002
11. President: Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy, 2001-2004
12. President: Lohith Nagar Residents’ Association, Derebail, 1999-2000 & 2007 till date.
13. Principal: Sahyadri Teacher’s Training College, 2004-2006

D. Participations in the National Seminars on Folkloristic:

1. Kumara in Siri Cult: Trivandram, 1988. Folklore Society of South Indian Languages
2. Enku Panamburug Poyileko A Study of a Proverb: Udupi, 1989, All India Congress Conference on Dravidian Languages
3. Koti Chennaya: A Tulu Folk Epic Text and Performance : Mangalore University, 1990 National Seminar on Folk Epics and Oral Peotry
4. The Origin of A Popular Proverb: Hyderabad, 1991 All India Conference on Folklore at Telugu University
5. National Inegrity in Moharam Celebrations: Hyderabad, 1995
6. Janapada Kala ParsodhanaVedike: Hyderabad, 500 025
7. Koti Chennaya Folk Epic & Culture Identity: Comparative Seminar on ‘Theyyam and Bhutha’ Centre for Folklore studies, University Calicut and Department of Kannada, Mangalore University at Regional Agricultural Research Station, Pilikode, 2000
8. Participated in the Four International Workshops in Folkloristic: Organised by the Regional Resources Centre for Performing Arts, Udup from April 24th 1988 to June 1989, at Udupi, Mysore, Dharwar

E. Participations in the Karnataka State level seminar on Folkloristic

1. Janapada Siddhantagalu Pradarshana Siddahanta (Performance Theory: At B.R. Project, 1991 Conducted by Kuvempu University
2. Vasati Janapada: Karavaliya Vasada Manegalu: At Dharwad. 1992 Conducted by Karnataka University
3. Aradhana Ranga Mathu Yakshagana: At Mumbai 1993 Padaveedhara Yakshanga Samithi, Mumbai
4. Karavali Karnatakada Udugegalu : At Dharwad, 1994 Conducted by Karnataka University, Dharwad
5. Bhutaradane Ondu Chintane: At Subrahmanya, 1990
6. Dashakada Kavyadalli Hennina Chitrana : At Puttur, 1990 Conducted by Karavaliya Lekhakiyara Vachakiyara Sangha
7. Aradhaneyalii Hennu: At Mulki, 1994 Conducted by Janapada Sangha, Vijaya College, Mulki.
8. Tulu Sahithya Swathantriya Purva Charitrikate: At Bantwala, 1994 Conducted by Rani Abbakka Adhyayana Kendra, Bantwal
9. Tuluvina Janapada Puranagalu: At Mysore, 1995 Conducted by Akila Karnataka Samskrithika Chintana Kuta
10. Samskrithika Veeraru Koti Chemiayaru : At Mumdeshwara, 1995 Conducted by Karnataka Janapada Mattu Yakshagana Academy
11. Janapada Mahakavyagala Adhyanana Sameekshe: At B.R. Project, 1996 Conducted by Kuvemu University
12. Filed work in Folklore Study and Documentation: Karnataka Janapada Sammelana held at Sindagi, Bijapur: Conducted by Karnataka University, Dharwad, 2001.
13. Karnataka Krithigalli Tulu Samskrithiya Chirhrana at Mumbai: Conducted by Sadananda Suvarana Samskrithika Prathisthana Mumbai

F. Papers sent to National Seminars:

1. Performance Aspects of Cock Fighting in Tulunadu with special Reference to Bhuta cult: At Calcutta, 1989, Conducted by Folklore Congress of India
2. Chouka-Bara: A Study of a Folk Game: At Patiala, 1990 Conducted by Folklore Congress of India
G. Video Cassette Work (Documentation):
1. Around the Krishna Temple: Group Field work R.R.C. Documentation, 1989.
2. Legend of Koti Chennaya: Group Field Work, R.R.C. Documentation, 1992.

H. Personal Collections of Field Materials, Books:

1. Audio Cassettes: About 250 cassettes containing Folk Epics, Paddanas, Folk rituals and performances etc.
2. Films and Photos: About 25 Film rolls and 500 photos.
3. Books: About 2000 Books on different subjects
4. Field Notes: On various Folk Events

I. Research Articles Published on Folkloristic:

About 20 research articles published on Folkloristic in Felicitation volumes, Periodicals, Special issues Journals etc.

J. Talks Broadcasted:

Nearly 15 talks and 5 features on Tulu Folkloristic and 75 poems both in Tulu and Kannada broadcasted through Mangalore Akashavani.

K. As Editor Publisher:

1. Assistant Editor – Navabharatha Daily Newspaper, 1972
2. Correspondent: Karantaka Folklore News Letter
3. In the Editorial Board: Rashi, A monthly Folklore Journal
4. Founder: Hemnashu Prakashana – 63 Tulu and Kannada books published so far

L. Field Experience:

1. 1976 to 1996 Mangalore, Bantwal, Puttur, Karkala, Udupi, Kundapura, Belthangadi, Sullia, Kasargod Taluk for Radio talks, Seminar papers, Journal articles, Lexicon Project, Ph.D., dissertation

2. 1987 to 1988 with Dr. Peter J. Claus at Mulki, Mangalore Taluk, Bantwal Taluk, Puttur Taluk, Belthangadi Taluk at Kasargod Taluk to collect legend and Paddana

3. 1988 – 89, during International Seminar on Folkloristic at Dharwar, Udupi for the Study of Folk games and Folk life.

M. In Organisations:

1. Duditha Dina Janapada Utsava: Hon. President: 2 days Folk Festival was conducted at Mangalore in March 1996.
2. Collage: Member: A Cultural Organisaton of Dakshina Kannada District

N. Academy Membership:

Member of Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy and Editor of ‘Madipu’, a quarterly magazine 1995-2001

O. Heritage Project:

Project Officer: Pilikula Heritage Village, Pilikula, Mangalore.

Sandesha Prashasthi 2005

With Bishop Of Managalore At Sandesha Prashasthi 2005

Honarary Fellowship To Prof. Peter J Claus

Dr. D.Veerendra Heggade Felicitates

Karnataka Tulu Sahithya Academy Gaurava Prashasthi 2006

P. Awards Received

1. For ‘Singadana’ A collection of Research articles by the Kannada and Cultural Department of Karnataka Government for the year 1989

2. For ‘Beera’ (Collection of Tulu Poems) by Karnataka Sahitya Academy for the year 1992.

3. For ‘Tuluvere Kusalu Kuselu’ A collection of articles, by Central Institute of Indian Languages (CILL) for the year 1992.

4. For Janapada Suttamuta (Research articles) by Kannada and Cultural Departments of Karnataka Government for the year 1992.

5. Baidashree Award for ‘Koti Chennaya’ Folkloristic Study Shree Brahma Baidarkala Samskrithka Adyanana Kendra, Adi Udupi,1999

6. For ‘Koti Chennaya’ Folkloristic Study (Doctoral Thesis) Pustaka Sogasu Award: Kannda Pustaka Pradhikara, Bangalore, 2001

7. For ‘Koti Chennaya’ Folkloristic Study Best Book of the year award Jil Kannda Shaitya Sammelana 2001, Mudabidre

8. For ‘Koti Chennaya’ Folkloristic Study M. M. Academy, Kolkata Award, 2001

9. Hridayavahini Saahithya Prashasti, 2003

10. For ‘Koti Chennaya’ Story for Children – Children’s Sahithya Rathna Award by Vijaya Prakashana, Muddebihala, 2005

11. Sandesha Tulu Sahithya Prashasti, 2005

12. Netaji Seva Prashasti(Literature), 2005

13. For ‘Koti Chennaya’ Folkloristic Study, Karavali Samskruthika Prathishtana, Kasargod – Kerala State Award, 2006

14. For ‘Koti Chennaya’ Folkloristic Study, ‘APPA’ Award by Bekala Santha Nayaka Prathishtana, 2006

15. Karnataka Tulu Sahithya Academy Honorary Award, 2006

16. Maruthi Yuvaka Mandala Kannada-Tulu Folklore Vidwaamsa Award, 2007

17. Janapada Belli Deeparadhane – Janapada Prakashana Honavar, Honoured for Achievement in Folklore, 2007

Mangalorean.com wishes Dr. Vamana Nandavara all the best in his future life!

By: Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi



Purushottam Shetty, India:
Happy to read the profile and feel proud for the achievements. As we are residing out of Karnataka since childhood, access to kannada books has been very much restricted as they are not freely available. I would like to read the Tulu History, particularly regarding tuluva rulers, tulu warriors like Koti Chennaya, Siri, Abbage Daarage, Kantabre, Boodabare, Agoli Manjanna, tulu deities, daivas, etc. Can you suggest any books in this regard. Thanks and with regards,

Sandhya Vishwanath Madivala, India:
Sir erena profile thoodu bari khushi aand. Athande erena mirs madam enk masth ista. yan arena student adithe. arena photo thud kushi thadeyare apuji. En kan sahithya odude. “nikleg irvergla manasdinjina solmelu”

Rashmi Ammembala,Tumkur, India:
Mastre,Bhari edde kelasa manthdar. udaldinji solmelu.

gp kusum mumbai, India:
Sir, nimma profile nodide.
you are great.
mobile 9029077136 Email Id gpkusum 470@gmail.com

Dr. vishwanatha badikana, Mangalore, India:
Sir, nimma profile nodi tumba santhoshavayitu. Nimage atyunnata kannada prashasti barali endu nanna haraike.

D. Keshav, India:
Hi Dr Vamana Nandavara, I really salute you for your contributions to tulu language and culture. Unfortunately we do not have many genius who dedicated their life time for the development of the great tulu language. I was so impressed with your contributions that I could not resist myself without writing these lines. The subject you chose for research “Koti Chennaya” is really apt and you richly deserve accolade. The incidence narrating how you saved yourself from drowning in the river by holding the buffalo’s tail and beating your legs and hands is quite interesting. That itself shows you are not the person who will be out or give up so easily. Hats off to you, please continue your good work.

Dr Indira Hegde, India:
Very good.

Well done Dr. Vmana Nandavera. I am proud of you.

Muddu Moodubelle, Mlore, India:
I feel proud to read the Article on my senior friend, fellow, great folklorist and Writer Dr. Vamana Nandavara. Thank You. mmoodubelle@rediffmail.com

Anidev Hanamsagar, India:

Sri Vamana Nandavara was our Kannada Teacher during 1973 to 1975 – at Channenahalli. Although there is no mention of this, I am sure, HE is the one referred here. My Greetings to him.

Classmate of PY Rajendrappa.

Dr.Harisha Delanthabettu, MD., Bhadravathi. Head, Dept. of Psychiatry, KVG Medical

college, Sullia,D.K,Karnataka., India:
Well done Sir. We are proud of you. Kindly acknowledge our best wishes.

With Regards,

Santosh C Salian , Mumbai :, India :
It is great pleasure to be nephew of Mr Vaman Nandavara. It was a nice feeling to see the snaps which have been put on this site. Such achievements are a remarkable. It is very rare in our life to come across such an exceptional human being. It is great…………

All the very best to (Uncle and Aunty).

From Salian’s & Fly
(Chandappa, Lalitha, Preeti, Neeta, Santosh and Mitul)

Clara Fernandes( Ex. Co- Teacher from St. Ann’s ) , Canada:
Congratulations! Nandavar Mastre. I am very proud and thrilled to see your achievements. Keep it up. You look young. Any recipe?!

Rakesh Shetty, UAE:
Congratulations! A great achievement. We need a outstanding personality like you in our Tulunadu. I congratulate the website ‘Mangalorean’ for bestowing the title’Mangalorean Star’ on Dr. Vamana. I expect you to start a ‘Secular Forum for Communal Harmony’ which is the need of the hour. I will support you if you take the lead. To counter/defeat the communal and fascist organisations, we need a strong forum. Think over it my friend! All the best.

Bhaskar R Poojary, Neermarga, Mangalore, India:
Thanks to the great and valuable job! Dr. Vamana Nandavara is defenitely a role model not only just for Tulu people but younger generation. You deserve all the recognition and accolades Mangalorean.com has showered on you and wish you all the best for your future endeavor’s.Thanks to Rajanikanth Shenoy for giving us an opportunity to read about this great personality!

Mohan Salian, UAE:
Actually to start with I would say I didn’t knew about Dr.Vamana Nandavara, but after reading about your noteable achievments, I feel some souls are very different, i.e to say inspite of all the odds, they make it. Awards are not important, but your work getting noticed and treasured will move down to few generation to come as this era passes off. May god give you all the strength to keep the things going.

Abdul Lathif, India:
Congratulations. A life well spent.

Soumya B K, UAE, India:
Dear sir,

congratulation I am very happy to see that your achievements.i was your student in sahyadri D.Ed college 1st batch. wish you all the best in your future and also good health.

jacintha castelino, USA:
Dear Sir,
Congratulations on your great success in life .. I was your student in St Anns High School . It feels great to read your achievements .

Ravi Shetty, Doha Qatar, Qatar:
Dear Sri Vaman Nandavar,

It was very impressive to go through your achievements; especially the effort you have put in into the research of Tulu culture and literature was really inspiring. I am sure Tulu culture and heritage has become richer with the promotion of the same by highly committed personalities like you. You deserve all the recognition and accolades Mangalorean.com has showered on you and wish you all the best for your future endeavor’s.

Ravi Shetty
Tulu Koota,Qatar

Lakshmi Mareddy, USA:
Dr. Vaman was a familiar figure when we studied at St. Ann’s High School. I am really impressed with his achievements and here is wishing him very well in his future endeavours. His contribution is truly humbling!

Vishwanath Salian, India:
very great person who done good work for tuluvas.
I am very happy to see that this great man is here in mangalorean website for good work in tulu.

Nandavara maastre…eereg yaan kai mugith sandaave solmelu.

sampoornananda balkur, India:
a good interview. its usefull. nice introduction of star of mangaloore

Dear Mr. Vaman Nandavar,

Erna bagge odude baari kushi aand. Erna kavithelen yaan masth odude. Devere eregla bokka erna poora samsarogula edde malpad. Eredth tule baashe nanala dhumbhu barad, nammanchina tuluvereg samajod baari stanammana thikked. I WISH YOU FOR BEING A MANGALOREAN STAR.. YOU DESERVE IT SIR…..

Manoranjan Rao, UAE:
I remember seeing the Koti Chennaya Moovie & Pagetha Pugena etc.(Black & white!) in my child hood days in Tent Talkies (Sangam, Suratkal). I am impresed by the Old Tulu Movies and the songs, which I still murmur whenever I get Nostalgic.

I would like to show the new generation a look at our roots & what we grew up with.

I thank Dr. Nandavara for taking efforts to make these culture avaible, prosper and recreate the rich heritage back again.

I would request Dr. Nandavara to make these old movies available in DVDs for sale in Heritage Village, so that we can show our kids the Tulunada Treasure.

Bert Naik, Australia:
I was very impressed reading Vamana’s contribution to Tulu language and culture. It is rather sad that a language and culture in India thrive only when recognised as ‘state’ languages. So, despite the odds, Vamana’s contribution to Tulu is noteworthy.

What is his secret of looking so young?

Truly a star.

Kevin Rodrigues, India:
Interesting personality highlighted here showcasing his huge storehouse of knowledge and wisdom by Team Mangalorean. Great person indeed. Looking out for more presentations on worthy scholars.

karanam ramesh, India:
Thanks to the great and valuable job! Dr. Vamana Nandavara is defenitely a role model not only just for Tulu people but younger generation. Really he and his works are just incomparable. I knew a little about Dr. Nadavara from his daughter, Mrs Hemashree, (we worked together for couple of months) but not complete biography. Thanks to Rajanikanth.

Sarvotham Shetty – Abu Dhabi, UAE:
I had read about Dr.Vamana Nandavara only in news papers. Although I don’t know Dr.Nandavara personally, after having read this inspiring article, he has become dearest to me. Very glad to read Dr.Nandavara’s profile and interview by Mr.Rajanikanth Shenoy of M.Com, especially to see the photos and list of awards which he has received. I am sure Dr.Nandavara is a role model for young Tuluvas and Kannadigas.

Onbehalf of UAE Kannadigas, I wish him good health, harmony and many more jewels on his crown. Congratulations to his wife Chandrakala, daughter Hemashree and son Sudamshu for supporting him in his journey along various time and tide.

Sham Bhat(Bantwal), USA: 
I am very happy to see one of my favourite writers being honored with Mangalorean Star Award. I have read Dr. Vaman Nandavar’s books and I am very much inspired by his style of writing that has the smell of fresh mud within!

A hearty wish for the health and success of a great person! Thanks to mangalorean.com our own Mangalorean website with a wide range of articles and pictures!

Hemashree, USA:
it was a nice feeling, reading about my appa and his achievements. a nostalgic feel going through some of the photos.
thank you mr.rajanikanth shenoy and the team for the aricle and the interview.
thanks to all those who have sent in their wishes.

– hemashree

Sumana Chandragiri, USA:
Vaman sir was my Kannada teacher in high school. He is such a simple person. ‘Tumbhida koda thulukuvudilla’, this saying is so very apt for him. I always remember him as a serene, knowlegable and soft personality. An ideal teacher he is. Thankx Hema for sending the link. It was great reading about Vaman Sir.

sowmya alva, UAE:
congrats dear sir for being the mangalore star. you deserve to be one. i am extremely proud of being ur student at st ann’s high school. wish u all the best in ur future assignments& also good health.

Shekar Ajekar, India:
ondu poornapramanada baraha

Mangalorean ge mattu shenoy avarige ee ondu poorna pramanada barahakkagi abhinandane.

kaleda kela varshagalinda naanu balla vamana nandavara avara samajika kalakali bagge avara sadane bagge nange ondistu gottittu.

idu odida mele mattu chitragalannu nodida mele bahala khushiyaythu.

ee vishayavannu sakaaldalli tilhisida hemashreege dhannyavadagalu

shekar ajekar

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi, India:
Thanks to all of you who have expressed your valuable expressions for this article.

Mr. Pai and Mr. Bhandary, I must confess that Dr. Nandavar is such a simple natured, well refined person that he made my job simple by providing all the pics and updates! He spent at least five sessions, 2Hrs each to make this thing possible, inspite of his busy schedule.

My job was to put pieces together and present it in the way it should be acceptable. That’s all.

There are a few discrepancies, though not quite evident and I hope, Dr. Nandavar will kindly excuse me if I have erred unintentionally! His achievement is so huge, that I need at least a full year to compile a better presentation!

J Bhandary, USA:
A great selection for Mangalorean Star award. Mr.Vamana Nandavara personifies attributes that are very special. Scholarly accomplishments listed in the article are numerous and wonderful. In his current position in Pilikula Heritage Village, Mr. Nandavara is in a great place to apply and advance his interests and continue to do valuable work by preserving and promoting a great heritage.

A special thanks to Rajanikanth Shenoy and team Mangalorean for this thoughtful interview. I liked the question and the reply about “a memorable event in life” – In my Tulu, “Thodudu murkunaga, erutha beela jeeva orithend” – (while sinking in the farm canal, tail of the water buffalo saved my life” – and the lesson learned from it).

R.Pai, USA:

On the side note, kudos to Rajanikanth Shenoy – you know how to collect all the information and do your homework before publishing an article. Keep it up. 🙂

Vasanth Pai, India:
It is a matter of pride to Kannadigas that such a personality as Dr nandavara is doing yeoman service to literature in his chosen field of Kannada and Tulu poetry and classics. We need more such people lest our heritage gets lost inthe present day globalised world and fast erosion of our traditional values.

A good article and engrossing one.

Shenoy, India:
I had the privilege of reading some articles of Dr Nandawara published in Sudha and such weeklies. He always wrote serious mature articles. The articles had some message for the readers. I still remember him mentioning about the problems in the job market where he discussed about Vitamin I and M [Influence and money]

Austin Prabhu, USA:
Congratulations to Dr. Vamana Nandavara on being selected as the Mangalorean Star for the month of July, 2008. I just said ‘wow’ when I read about this great scholar. What an inspiration in life to achieve so many things! Some of us still think that we have ‘no time!’

Thanks to Rajanikanth Shenoy for giving us an opportunity to read about this great personality!

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