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‘Drama Festival’ of 12 Plays to Mark Platinum Jubilee Celebration of Konkani Natak Sabha

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‘Drama Festival’ of 12 Plays to Mark Platinum Jubilee Celebration of Konkani Natak Sabha

Mangaluru: As part of its Platinum Jubilee Celebration Konkani Natak Sabha has organized a “Drama Festival” from 6th October until 21 October, comprising of twelve drams, where two plays will be staged each on Saturday and Sunday, at Don Bosco Hall, Mangaluru.


This drama extravaganza was inaugurated on Saturday, 6 October by lighting the lamp by chief guest- Fr Victor Vijay Lobo, Procurator of Mangaluru Diocese along with President of Mand Sobhan Louis J. Pinto, also joined by Vice President Sunil Menezes, General Secretary Judith D’Souza, Joint Secretary Jossy Theodore, Treasurer Jerry Concessao, all of Konkani Natak Sabha. But the sad part was the poor turn out by Konkani Language lovers of Kodiyal, which saw the Hall with only a “Few ????” people- but the Hall would have been full if KNS had announced that the event will be followed by sumptuous ‘Jhevan Ani Soro?’

Anyways, with lots of entertainment showing on the ‘Idiot Box’, our Konkani community get hooked on to their TV’s relaxing on their couches, with a glass of drink in hand and “Sakne” to go along with it- So they think why even waste their precious weekend to go out and watch the plays at Don Bosco Hall. And that was the situation on Saturday evening for the inaugural ceremony of this Drama Festival, and it was really embarrassing to see less than 50 people in the Hall-and more than that probably the drama artists too were embarrassed to perform in front of such a low audience, but they had no other choice than give their best performance- and both the plays on Saturday were superb. And to those Konkani lovers who sat at home doing nothing, you all missed great entertainment. Now at least, please make up your mind, and patronize the rest of the ten dramas that will follow, including two this evening (Sunday, 7 Oct at 6 pm)- and the KNS committee will appreciate your gracious presence. Thank You!

In his inaugural address Fr Victor Vijay Lobo who uploaded the service done by Konkani Natak Sabha to the culture and heritage of Konkani in past 75 years, appreciated the celebration by staging 12 dramas and giving the opportunity to the hundreds of Drama actors to a performance. Louis J. Pinto congratulated the Natak Sabha on behalf of Mandd Sobhann and remembered the achievement of Konkani Natak Sabha for giving thousands of artists in the Konkani World. The work of Konkani should be really satisfactory should be appreciated, he said. Floyd D’Mello welcomed the gathering and compered the programme.

The 1st show staged on an inaugural evening was “MORICHICA” played by Kalakul and the second show staged was “ALISHA” by Tamaso Kateel. Other ten dramas to follow are : 07.10.2018 Sunday at 6 pm- ‘NO VEG DUJE HOTEL BEHIND BAR’ by Kalapreeth, Paldane; and at 7.30 pm- ‘MAKA MAAF KAR’ by Havyasi Kalakar, Mangaluru; 13.10.2018 Saturday at 6 pm-‘CHOR SARGAR’ by Udenthi Kalakar, Rujait; and at 7.30 pm ‘MAMMI MAKA JAI’ by Panglache Kale; On 14.10.2018 Sunday at 6 pm- ‘GULIO’ by Rang Tarang, Mysore; and at 7.30 pm ‘Jashi Karni Tashi Bharni’ by Angelore actors; On 20.10.2018 Saturday at 6 pm – ‘Versak Ek Pavtim’ by Rang Antharang, and at 7.30 pm- ‘Mankdacho Paay’ by Bajpe actors; and on the final day 21.10.2018 Sunday at 6 pm- ‘Magdalaachi Mari’ by Padavu Rang Adyayan Kendr, and at 7.30 at ‘SWEET HOME’ by Ashtitva®. In the Drama Festival, dramas will be played on every Saturday and Sunday at 6 PM and 7.30 PM till 21st October 2018. Konkani Natak Sabha requests all Konkani Drama lovers to attend all shows, support and make the drama festival a success. Your presence is very much solicited- so come in large numbers, even though there is ‘No Fellowship Dinner’? after the show.

In conclusion, in my perspective, Drama, is defined as ‘a copy of real daily life’, showcased on stage / a platform,” and it served to entertain and educate people, in times when no other media existed – with culture, literature, music, knowledge and all good aspects built
in. Yet, to an extent it still holds people spellbound even today, and will continue to. The dilemma of the dramatist today was whether to provide a fare to satiate the apatite of the audience or should it serve to convey the mind and thinking of the author/dramatist? To
keep the drama alive in the local environment, perhaps the most suitable method is to introduce drama and plays at a young age to children in schools in colloquial languages, to serve all connected causes best.

It is learnt that Konkani drama in Mangaluru is perhaps about 130 years old, it all may have started with Hindu religious teachings being depicted as an entertainment after hard work or during festivities. Mostly held at night in the open air, Tuluvas and Saraswat Konkanis contributed to the first dramas here. Konkani Catholics adapted from Marathi and European plays and introduced Biblical stories. This brought about the need to have more user-specific halls and venues. Thus, Don Bosco hall came about early. Now that KNS has planned 12 dramas to mark their platinum Jubilee celebrations, it would be of great help and encouragement to the organizers and performers, if Konkani Drama lovers storm Don Bosco Hall in large numbers, and make this Drama Festival a success.

About Konkani Natak Sabha:

The KNS with its aim “Natak Dwarin Dharmik Sadan” for decades has been holding it’s dramas, plays, competitions, and music programmes and Konkani people are very sentimental and emotional about these. The hall is also used by a cross-section of its citizens for weddings, meets, ceremonies and more. Many plays and dramas, enacted here and the well-remembered dramatists, writers, musicians and so on that have moved through this historic venue in a touching emotional journey. In spite of all the many advanced entertainment systems that proliferate today…..drama continues with a section of people always coming on stage to keep the drama alive and developing progressively, into the modern era.

‘Konkani Natak Sabah’ (KNS) could be taken back to Rev George A F Pai (Albuquerque) SJ, a great Konkani mind and spirit that took the first steps for a grand success in the early 1940s; he handed over the care of this pioneer cultural organization to the Capuchin Friars; St. Ann’s Friary superiors were from earliest times the Presidents who directed this colourful ‘Sabha’. The early leaders of KNS some of whom are Rev.Cyril Andrade, Rev Philip Neri, and many a historical figure of the region who also is the architects of Don Bosco Hall and Assisi Complex, with many art loving people of Kudla in the lead. KNS was formally established Sept 19, 1943. Don Bosco Hall (DBH), was opened on Aug 19, 1951.

KNS slogan is, “Natak Dwarin Dharmik Sadan”; the word ‘Dharmik’ from the Sanskrit root “dharma” transmitting to virtue, righteousness, justice…..it has deep connections to good and roughly translates – ’Through drama achieve the good’. The values of Konkani indigenous communities (there are 42 of them) is a celebration that has been ongoing …. It is noteworthy that the landmark pioneer hall that is ‘Don Bosco Hall’ visible today in its pioneer shape, may not stand for long now due to age – a modern complex is on the cards it is unofficially known. In 1949 the KNS chose St.Don Bosco as it’s heavenly patron and on Jan 31, 1949, the feast of the great saint was celebrated at St.Anne’s Friary for the first time and this continues even till today. The promise of KNS sails on with silver wings.

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