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Drought study tour of BJP leaders is a farce: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

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Drought study tour of BJP leaders is a farce: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru: The new drought study tour by Karnataka BJP leaders is a farce. While the ones who should provide drought relief are seated in Delhi, these state BJP leaders are undertaking a drought study tour instead of appealing to their bosses at the Centre, charged Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

“Dear BJP leaders your own party’s government has sent a team of experts from Delhi to study the drought situation in Karnataka. But now, you are undertaking a tour for the same purpose. Don’t you trust your own government’s drought study team?” the CM questioned.

“According to our government’s study, the estimated loss due to the drought is around Rs 33,770 crore. We have requested Rs 17,901 crore relief from the Union government. Unfortunately, we have not received even a single paisa.

“Dear BJP leaders, if you genuinely care about the farmers of the state, first demand relief for them from your government. How many BJP MPs have written a letter to the Prime Minister demanding the relief funds for Karnataka?” the CM stated.

“You fooled the innocent people of Karnataka by claiming that if the ‘double engine’ government comes to power, the state would witness unprecedented development, and managed to win 25 seats in the last Lok Sabha elections.

“What are these MPs doing? Why are they sitting idle? Have they ever raised their voice against the injustice done to the state by the Union government?” he questioned.

“Dear BJP leaders, you should be touring Delhi, not the state. Take your 25 Lok Sabha members to Delhi, meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi, question him if needed, and ask for relief funds. If you don’t have the courage to talk to him, at least arrange an appointment for me with the Prime Minister,” Siddaramaiah taunted.

After causing injustice to Karnataka on the issues of land, water and language, do BJP leaders have any shame left, he asked,

“Drought-affected people don’t need your empty words of consolation; they need relief. How can the people accept you when you’re using the drought situation for petty political gains?” Siddaramaiah stated.

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