Dubai: KSCC Celebrates Independence Day Kids Online Summer Camp-2021

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Dubai: KSCC Celebrates Independence Day Kids Online Summer Camp-2021

Dubai: Karnataka Sports and Cultural Club (KSCC), an entity that is registered with Community Development Authority, UAE, and Government of Dubai, UAE, successfully organized its first-ever month-long Online Kids summer camp-2021 from 24/07/2021 to 15/08/2021.

The event organizers announced the program through social media e.g., WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter etc. Overwarming responses were received and over 100 kids of various age groups participated online.

The primary purpose of camps was education, to gain confidence, take responsibility, develop creative skills, build independence and strengthen the bond in expat-Indian kids residing in the UAE. All these skills are necessary steps on a child’s path to a healthy, productive life.

On August 15th topic was on the India Tour that involved the question, Why are we proud of India, our home country?

Speaker Sumayya Shabbir Shaik clearly explained about Indian culture. Kids went through the historic timeline explaining about our ancestors and ancient civilizations from the past. A fascinating conversation was held about the tradition and heritage of our country. Children were active participants in the event and frequently asked doubts regarding the topic. The magnificent monuments of India were displayed, and excellent information was explained. Numerous interesting discoveries, inventions and creations were mentioned. The next session included art and craft activities such as mind mapping about their tradition in their respective states, sketching a freedom fighter, drawing the Indian flag, etc. The children had a pleasant time attending the event and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Winners of various categories of events on the topic were announced and
attractive prizes will be given to the winners.

1st session on 24th July 2021

Topic: Personality development.
Speakers for grade 3-6 Younus Khan and for grade 7-10 Shabbir Ali

Grade 3- 6 Winners:
1st Place: B-35 Marwan Mohamed
2nd Place B-90 Rimsa Fazeen

Grade 7- 10 Winners:
1st Place: A-9 Shazneen Fathima
2nd Place A-6 Akshara Mahesh Kumar

2nd session on 31st July 2021

Topic: Artificial Intelligence
Speakers for Grade 3-6 Mujeeb and for grade 7-10 Yasar Arafat

Grade 3- 6 Winners:
1st Place: B-17 Fatimah Rizeen
2nd Place B-84 Shehrin Valapra

Grade 7- 10 Winners:
1st Place: A-4 Mohammed Sufiyaan
2nd Place A-11 Bilal Mohammad Sulaiman

3rd session on 7th August 2021

Topic: Social Responsibility
Speakers for grade 3-6 Wasim and for grade 7-10 Shafi

Grade 3- 6 Winners:
1st Place: B-67 Hani Hajirah
2nd Place B-98 Noura

Grade 7- 10 Winners:
1st Place: A-40 Shayan Valapra
2nd Place A-26 Fathima Aakifah

Chief Guest for the event was Adv. Bindu Suresh Chettur, Lawyer, Indian Business & Professional Council (BPC), Founder & MD Chanakyatse Consultancy, Dubai. She appreciated the various social works conducted by KSCC and on this occasion, she said that this camp offered the unique opportunity to understand the Indian Culture and heritage to overseas Indian kids and motivated kids with the importance of the Independence Day celebration.

Mr Abdul Ghafoor thanks all guests, event speakers, members of different task teams, Sponsors for their support, the judges, volunteers and all who participated and helped to make the event a grand success. Club Manager Mr Mohammad Shafi gave due credit to those who contributed to making the day a memorable one.

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