Duo Fishermen Bring Mortal Remains of Young Woman found Floating in Netravati River to Shore

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Duo Fishermen namely Prem Prakash D’souza and Anil Monteiro Bring the Mortal Remains of a Young Woman found Floating in Netravati River to Hoige Bazaar Shore, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: In yet another incident where in the past few days mortal remains of young men and women have been found floating in rivers, this Sunday 12 September morning, two fishermen brought the body of a young woman found floating in river Netravati to the shore of Hoige Bazaar. If these two fishermen of Ullal had not rescued the mortal remains of the woman, it would have washed away into the sea.

As per the police the mortal remains found are that of a woman aged between 30 to 35 years, and she was wearing jeans trousers and a t-shirt. Police are investigating whether the death is due to suicide or due to other reasons.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean over the phone, one of the fishermen Prem Prakash D’Souza said, “This Sunday morning (12 September) around 7:30 am when fishermen where returning after fishing in the deep sea, we received a call from them that they saw a floating body on the left side of the river near Mangaluru fishing port. Since it was hard for them to do the rescue due to their heavy boats, they informed Ullal Uliya residents who were doing traditional fishing in small boats. Immediately me and Anil Monteiro used our fishing boats and quickly rushed to the spot where the body was floating and brought it to shore at Hoige Bazaar”.

“The woman should be around the age of 30 to 35 years, and she was wearing blue jeans pants and a black top. If we had not rushed to the spot where the body was floating, it would have washed away into the sea and would have been hard to trace later. Until further investigation by police or any missing reports filed, the case of the death could be determined, whether it was a suicide or death due to accident,” added Prem D’Souza. Pandeshwar police visited the spot and undertook investigation.

Anil Monteiro

Prem Prakash D’Souza

It should be also noted that Prem Prakash D’Souza and Anil Monteiro were two among the five fishermen who had rescued a drowning fisherman who was accidentally thrown from a fishing boat into an estuary in Ullal on Saturday, 28 August 2021. The rescued fisherman was identified as Nawaz, aged 35 from Bengre, Mangaluru.

Nawaz was rescued by the five-member team, namely- Prem Prakash D’Souza, Anil Monteiro, Surya Prakash D’Souza, Rithesh D’Souza and Ajith, hailing from in and around Permannur and belonging to Ullal Hoige Kingstar Seva Samithi, who were on board the boat ‘Ocean Breeze’. Indeed a happy ending for Nawaz, due to these five Good Samaritans! (Read more about this story by clicking on this link: Five Member Team Rescuing a Drowning Fisherman from Estuary in Ullal has gone Viral)

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