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 Luster of the stars greenery of the nature malleable of the gold
whiteness of milk luminosity of the light innocent smile of child
brightness of the sun delicacy of the moon serenity of the wave
perfume of deer spectrum of rainbow natural bed laksha dweep

Beauty escalated God glorified groom adorns the bride like a jewel
fascinating beauty delightful flowers elegance innate charm rowell
brotherhood tolerance binding force heart soul spirited fraternity
Known for affiliation brotherhood tolerance candour civility morality

Island has no difference but respect no contest but communication
bridges built to unite generous philanthropic no walls of separation
Mangalore Lakshadweep knit together live harmony love manhood
Soothing discourse cultural heritage colourful dress scrumptious food 

Palizabandiya dance dancing woman with pot a feast remembering
Boiled rice, fish curry green Choora fish Pulimunchi, mouth watering
chutney, pakora masala, kilanji, Beef, mutton, chicken, routine creed
palum pala, kadalakka, kaipala, gabuli, batala appam samosa indeed

1545 – 1816 the kingship of Arakkal trade with French, English Dutch
 Queen Bibi Ayisha champion of matriarchal system empowered such
married girl lives with parents husband visits in-laws house night stays
daughter in law visits during day pays mutual respect honour to in- laws

In 1956 part of Indian territory, ninety-nine percent Muslim population
women wear kanchi and raveri dressed coloured head scarfs champion
Kudukkam vaala alikkath necklace jewellery men dress silvery white dhoti
Football, water sports, swimming boat race diving competition jayanthi

Bauble mother of pearl lustrous losing beauty bounty to hidden agenda
 Antipathy anxiety animosity poison spilled unrest grown that of candida
Friendship heavenly bliss love cementing become horror hatred spreading
 beef ban Nod to liquor restriction and persecution perverse mind thriving

Lakshadweep is Jyothi ray of hope for many who are turmoil with dilemma
A place of condolence consolation comfort compassion charity finesse alma
Let it flourish flower bloom burgeon the seed of friendship unity in divinity
Set aside the scorpion outlook uproot the poisonous plants crystal humanity

Fr Joachim D’Souza, Capuchin Priest, Presently Residing at Asha Kiran, Heroor, Brahamavar, Udupi, Practicingadvocate, Registrar of Indian Christian Marriages. Mobile: 9902774580

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