Efforts by Dr Padmanabh Kamath CAD Project ‘Punarjeevan’ Launched at Madanthyar Church

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Efforts by Dr Padmanabh Kamath- Renowned Cardiologist at KMC Hospital, Mangaluru CAD Project ‘Punarjeevan’ Launched at Sacred Heart Church-Madanthyar. “My wish is to see that CAD Project ‘Punarjeevan’ is launched in all the 112 Parish churches of Mangaluru Diocese”- Dr Padmanabh Kamath

Mangaluru: Dr. Padmanabh Kamath is an Interventional Cardiologist and currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Cardiology at KMC Hospital (Dr Ambedkar Circle), where he has been teaching since June 2006. He also consults at Balmatta Diagnostic and Research Centre. Earlier, Dr. Kamath taught in the Department of Cardiology at Kasturba Hospital, Manipal, for two years as Assistant Professor and about three months as Associate Professor, just prior to joining KMC.

Dr. Kamath holds MBBS (1995) and MD (1999) degrees, and also successfully completed the DM post-doctoral superspeciality degree course in Cardiology from Christian Medical College, Vellore (2001-2004). Dr. Kamath has been involved in several research studies and has quite a few publications to his credit. He has attended a large number of national and international conferences, and delivered many lectures and presentations.

Dr Padmanabh Kamath seen with Bishop of Mangaluru Rev Dr Peter Paul Saldanha

Dr Kamath has reported more than 2000 ECG’s since the inception of CAD JAI JAWAN group in March 2020. He has been the founder member of CAD JJ and has saved many lives in this life saving mission called Cardiology at Doorsteps Jai Jawan. Dr Kamath shared a recent story of a person who died of a massive heart attack. “Bonavancher D’mello, aged 67 of Ballamanja near Belthangady suffered a massive heart attack at home at 6 am. He calls his doctor desperately seeking help. Doctor from Mangaluru suggests he get an ECG and seek local medical attention immediately. Due to weekend lockdown no public transportation was available. The nearest ecg facility was at Belthangady/ Ujire which is 30 kms away. D’mello frantically searches for a vehicle and also gets some help from friends and well wishers . Time was running out for Bonavancher.

“After 30 minute he manages to get a private auto-rickshaw and travels towards Belthangady. Unfortunately on his way D’mello breathed his last. Moved by this story CAD FOUNDATION decided to install an ECG machine at the Social Service Centre of Sacred Heart Church- Madanthyar under the flagship Punarjeevan project. I place on record my heartfelt gratitude to social activist couple, Vivek and Ms Vivette of Madanthyar. I am happy to inform you that this is the Country’s FIRST project launched at Sacred Heart Church, to have its own telemedicine unit, Ambulance and day care centre, which was executed within 48 hours of planning. Social Care Centre features: Fully equipped telemedicine facility with ECG.; Daycare facility and Information centre; 24 Hour Ambulance facility, . Since every Holy Church has a Healing Touch, My wish is to see this happen in all the 112 Parish churches of Mangaluru Diocese. Praise the Lord” added Dr Kamath.

Dr Kamath shared yet another story -“A strange thing happened on 2 September in my outpatient department . A visibly anxious middle aged lady comes for consultation. She has undergone a battery of tests ( A battery of tests is a set of tests that is used to assess a number of different aspects of something, such as your health), including echo and stress tests from our side. After scrutiny I told her all reports are normal and to practice pranayama,meditation and to relax. As I was about to leave at the end of OPD she reappears and says, “Doctor, Thank You. I am happy today. You have cleared all my doubts. I want to donate my organs and body. Wow, I am flabbergasted at this lady’s pledge”

CAD Project Punarjeevan – ECG dedication done at Sacred Heart Church Madanthyar, and the occasion being blessed by Rev Fr Basil Vas,parish priest in presence of church members. Fr Basil Vas compared the swiftness of. CAD Project Punarjeevan to Presidential Assent. It was cleared within 48 hours with a stroke of a single signature.

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