Elderly Man gets Dizzy, Slams his Car into Vehicles, Injuring a Lady Pedestrian

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Elderly Man gets Dizzy, Slams his Car into Vehicles, Injuring a Lady Pedestrian near Kanara Club-Kadri

Mangaluru: If you look around the City, you can find many seniors behind the steering wheel, and how safe they are in driving the vehicles at that golden age, is something to worry about, which could put other peoples’ lives in danger. In this modern burgeoning city, the chances of a pedestrian crossing the street without being knocked down are looking progressively bleak. As for zebra crossings in Mangaluru, pedestrians using them are still likely to feel akin to that “deer in the headlights ‘. The possibility of a cow crossing safely on the same stripes seems to be much higher.

Here is an incident, where an elderly man in his late 60’s after making a few copies at Cyber Cave near Kanara Club, Kadri, Mangaluru, got into his Maruti Wagon-r, and as he drove down the road from Kanara Club road towards Kadri Market, the car started to speed up, and the driver lost control of his car, and slammed into a tempo so hard that the tempo knocked down 3-4 two-wheelers that were parked on the side of the road.

However, the Wagon driven by the man kept moving further, knocking down a young woman who was walking on the side of that road and injuring her, after which she was treated as an out-patient at a private hospital. The Wagon after hitting yet another car in front of it, came to a halt. Luckily no other pedestrians were injured in this incident. Police sources reveal that the elderly man, due to health issues, might have fallen dizzy, thus resulting in such a fateful accident. Kadri East police station personnel arrived at the spot for investigation.

In conclusion, a rash of tragic, highly publicized accidents caused by older drivers has raised fears about the risk such drivers pose to others. How great a risk do they pose compared with other drivers? It is not easy to answer these questions with empirical evidence. As per sources, One of the main reasons that older drivers are not found to be significantly riskier drivers, despite medical evidence that demonstrates that their driving skill declines with age, is that they change their driving habits to compensate for their diminished competence as drivers.

However, many older drivers give up driving entirely, because they understand that they are a risk to others and themselves. However, because older drivers are so vulnerable to fatal injuries in the event of a crash, researchers suggest that policies focusing on improving the safety of automobile travel for older drivers might save more lives and impose fewer costs than would screening older drivers.

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