Eluru: Andhra Mob Strips, Kicks Body of Alleged Child Rapist

Eluru, Andhra Pradesh (NDTV): A young child’s sexually assaulted dead body was found in an iron trunk in Andhra Pradesh in the home of a shopkeeper. The suspect, Suresh, 30, had gone missing hours earlier.

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That was yesterday. This morning, the police spotted Suresh at a railway station in Eluru, about five kilometres from his home and village, in West Godavari district. The seven-year-old girl had disappeared on Tuesday after she visited his shop to buy eggs.

When the police tried to catch him, Suresh allegedly jumped off a bridge.

The police team reportedly tried to remove his body, but angry bystanders, who discovered that the dead man was wanted for sexually assaulting a child, then kicked the corpse for at least 10 minutes. The violence was captured on cellphones by witnesses and also by local media camera crews.

“He died from the fall… the Sub Inspector has reported that the mob was angry over the incident, but the crowd was controlled,” West Godavari police officer Bhaskar Bhushan told NDTV.

A post-mortem is being conducted to determine whether the shopkeeper died before or after the attack by the angry mob.

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Original R.Pai

Very disturbing!! We need to address this irrational, emotional response by our folks. As much as one despises and fears child molestation, stripping and kicking around a dead body doesn’t go very well in a civilized society. This reminds me of countless number of other mob-delivered instant justice incidents in our society.


Very disturbing!! We need to address this irrational, emotional response by our folks. – Origi Rampu Well said, ya Rampu. The invasion of Iraqa and Afghanistana are prime examples of “irrational, emotional response(s)” by your beloved folks, who prior to 9/11 couldn’t even locate those 2 countries on a globe . And look at the unholy mess Iraq is in now. In India, well, you very well know the most notorious instance of “mob-delivered” justice – Godhra. The only difference is that the holier-than-thou establishment was responsible for letting loose the “mobs” and then further turning a blind eye to… Read more »

Original R.Pai

Joker Praveena,
Don’t expect me to defend Doddanna’s every action and policy on this forum. Doddanna has done many great things that includes a decision to reject your visa while granting the same to Pradhaaana Sevaka. However, the international policies especially in tribal region is a huge mess!

I agree with you that Godhra was one of the most notorious mob-delivered instant justice incidents where a few dozen kara sevakas were burnt alive by a mob at the local railway station.


Origi Rampu, will you be doing Shoonya Namaskara tomorrow morning? After all, the minions have to answer their masters calling. What about our Dronu Sugama and Mangu mania?

Tell me something ya RampaNNA, with a waist of 56 inches, is it possible for the 56 Inch man to tie himself in knots like that multi billionaire called Baba Ramdeva, and then get disentangled?