‘Embrace the Challenge & be the Change’- Eco Week observed at St Aloysius PU College

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‘Embrace the Challenge & be the Change’- Eco Week observed at St Aloysius PU College

Mangaluru: The Centre for Environmental Concern (CEC) at St Aloysius PU College, Mangaluru, is a dedicated organization committed to promoting environmental awareness and conservation efforts whose mission is to inspire individuals to take action and protect our planet for future generations. With a range of initiatives, events, and educational programs, the CEC strives to create a positive impact on the environment and foster a sustainable world.

The Centre for Environmental Concern organized a series of theme-based events and competitions during Eco Week to foster an appreciation for nature and encourage students to contribute to environmental conservation. The overarching motto for the week was “Embrace the challenge and be the change.” Here is a summary of the activities conducted:

Day one of Eco Week commenced with the theme, ‘Every individual matters’. Participants took a pledge to avoid plastic and promote a plastic-free environment. The Principal, Fr. Clifford Sequeira SJ, along with the vice principals, deans, coordinators, and members of CEC, inaugurated a nature-inspired photo booth.

CEC also organized a reel-making competition titled “My No Plastic Story.” Participants were required to create a video clip of up to 2 minutes, highlighting the importance of plastic reduction. The mesmerizing video clips were posted on CEC’s official Instagram page, inspiring viewers and promoting eco-sensitivity.

On the second day, the CEC members, divided into five teams, visited first-year classes to conduct demonstrations and raise awareness about waste segregation. They explained the significance and benefits of waste segregation, followed by practical demonstrations of different types of bins and the proper disposal of waste materials. The bins included the Blue bin for plastics, metals, and glass, the Red bin for medical waste, batteries, and E-waste, and the Green bin for decomposable substances. Students gained essential knowledge about waste segregation and its importance.

On the third day talked on the topic ‘Me and Environment’ organised in association with MRPL (Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited). Ranjan Bellarpady, the main speaker, shared valuable insights into the environmental challenges we face in our daily lives through real-life experiences. The Chief Guest was Steven Pinto, HR Manager of MRPL, and the Vice Principal of Commerce and Arts, Ms Vilma Fernandes, along with the CEC coordinator, Ms Pramila Patrao, who shared the stage with the distinguished guests.

The day also featured a stone painting competition with the theme “Fantastic Fauna.” Numerous talented and creative artists participated, celebrating the incredible world of fauna and recognizing their importance in our ecosystem.

On the fourth day of the Eco week, an “Entomology Exhibition” was organized, showcasing a spectacular display of various beautiful insects. The exhibition also featured pictures of birds found on our campus, with a total of 120 photographs presented. Kiran Vati, an entomologist pursuing a PhD in zoology, took these photographs.

On the fifth day, a group discussion competition was held for both first and second-year PU students, focusing on the topic “Water Scarcity in Mangaluru – Our Solution.” Under the guidance of their lecturers, seven groups participated, presenting innovative ideas to address the water shortage issues in the city. The competition was a resounding success, thanks to the participants’ competitive spirit and extensive research.

Throughout Eco Week, the CEC members formed a proactive group called the “Wasteless Party Planners.” This group aims to help people reduce waste and replace non-biodegradable materials with biodegradable alternatives. They have pledged to continue their efforts throughout the year.

The members of the Centre for Environmental Concern believe that collective action can make a positive impact on our planet. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where nature thrives, and future generations can enjoy a healthy and vibrant planet.

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