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Employers lack branding strategy, feel employees: Study

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Kolkata, June 22 (IANS) A majority of employees believe their organisations do not put in enough branding efforts to attract talent, according to a latest survey.

The survey, conducted by TimesJobs, stated that 67 percent of the employees surveyed do not think their employer has a winning employer-branding strategy in place.

“Most employees find their company’s current strategies unconvincing. Only 23 percent rated the strategies as convincing while 10 percent label their company’s strategy as poor,” TimesJobs said in a statement.

Furthermore, a whopping 64 percent of employees in start-ups and small-medium enterprises don’t feel their company’s employer-branding strategy is successful.

However, 55 percent of these start-ups and small-medium enterprises have termed their employer-branding strategy as winning.

The report further added that while 68 percent organisations use social media to connect with employees, only 56 percent employees think they are effective.

The survey was conducted across 560 organisations in India and 800 employees were interviewed.



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