End of an Era… What Next, Mumbai?

Going by the recent developments, each Mumbaikar is puzzled, confused and going on questioning around. What next? What will be the future?

Future means as we all know, it is the political future. The stability, calm and happiness of the city!

Who will reign over Mumbai? Whose doctrine, diktat would be followed in Mumbai?

The great leader of the Shiv Sena has indeed created a vacuum!

There are no feet available to fit in his shoes. Mumbaikars are cheering for Raj Thackeray. Yes, he resembles his uncle a lot. Is an excellent orator, a cartoonist in his own right?

All said and done, people have a way of dreaming, imagining things. But, even though a large exodus did take place since Chhagan Bhujbal took along with him twelve MLAs to wisely beat the anti-defection law and joined Congress during the tenure of Sharad Pawar as CM.

Many followed suit.

Sanjay Nirupam was reportedly once a close loyalist of Uddhav Thackeray. It is widely reported that he was instrumental in coining the term ?Me Mumbaiakar? for the non-Mumbaiites to get on board the Sena !

Then Shiv Sena?s first-time CM, Narayan Rane left the party. The last recognized and powerful personality to leave the party was obviously Raj. He created a new party, MNS!

Did this create a vacuum? Oh, yes indeed. It did!

So, one should ask who then resurrected the party and won the BMC elections, managed the show and despite having oratory handicap, still held together the party cadres and excelled so far.

Yes, Uddhav Thackeray! The youngest son of Balasaheb.

So, why he will not be able to manage the party affairs as Sena Supremo now onwards?

He has around many years’ experience as executive president of the Sena. One may say that, all right, so what. It was because the senior leader was alive. Anytime he could run to him and get solutions to the problems.

But, doesn?t a person get knowledge, grit and experience by dealing with the same problems if they occur repeatedly? Moreover there are the father?s staunch loyalists with him. The structure within the party needs to be re-designed! That’s all!

An average Mumbaikar is worried. But, I do not see any immediate threats to the throne. Yes, the future will depend on the reshuffling of the Congress-NCP cabinet.

Who will be the next CM of Maha?

Who will be his deputy?

What plans does Raj have up his sleeves and what are RPI leader Athawale?s future plans?

Still, there is no Skylab coming from the skies and falling on Mumbai!

The situation is cloudy, and the future gawdy! But Mumbaikars will be able to withstand, the same way they managed to hold their nerves during 26/11, 11/7 and many other stage-managed terrorism acts, untoward situations such as riots and the famous deluge!

The bravery act which Mumbaikars show during crisis situations will continue.

On a lighter side they showed it during Diwali when two great personalities of the showbiz clashed. There was a solid reason behind this!

Yash Raj Films have a habit of planning releases during a festive occasion targeting the crowd, namely, the cine-goers made mainly of womenfolk and and children, be it Dussehra holidays, Diwali holidays or Christmas. But this time, Ajay Devgan, who is not from the YRF camp, challenged this supremacy. And how?

He also announced in trade papers and throughout the media about the date of November 13 for the release of his film ‘Son of Sardar?.

Hat’s off to a great fllmmaker who is no more today – the late Yashraj Chopra!

We have great respect for his filmmaking skills, his love for Swiss locales, his itch for poetry and Urdu language, his  passionate lovey-dovey films, his ladies in white, his penchant for romantic films revolving around the rich and the poor, lost-and-found situations etc.

But, Ajay has a different story to tell. He says he holds the filmmaker in high esteem, but the sons and the YRF group should respect the other filmmakers and discontinue this monopoly of theirs!

He has Eros and Viacom partnering him, crores are at stake, also he has faith in his product!

He never wanted to take ‘no’ for an answer, but went ahead and lodged complaint at the MPCC, the producers’ guild!

Did not get any help. Still, courageous that he is, he  went ahead and took ?Jab Tak Hai Jaan? head-on.

Film-goers had ample of time in their hands. The monies this time made a big dent in their pockets. Rs 200 was the multiplexes? increased rates.

Nevertheless, the crowd rushed for both. JTHJ was no doubt the leader, raked in the moolah, But, SOS also made the cash registers ring!

As Ajay said, he knew he had a superb product, an out-and-out comedy based on two warring families of Sardars!

People lapped up both. During this time, there was a slack in business due to Balasaheb?s sad demise.

There happened another sad situation! That is of Kajol. She was the apple of Yashji?s eye.

She acted in ?Dilwaale?dulhaniya?…?, the first film directed by Aditya Chopra and Kunal Kohli?s ‘Fanaa’ with Amir.

Now, the scenario is that all leading ladies of YRF will be invited to the premiere of ?JTHJ? and how will Kajol face the situation?

Hubby at one side and the production house on the other side! Indeed a Catch-22 situation for Kajol.

As one may think, she did not turn up! Ajay gave a statement that she was not invited?

As also, Sonakshi, her dear father – the inimitable Shotgun Sinha – and many others like Sunjay Dutt.

So, is this the end of Kajol in YRF films?

What does Sunju baba have to say to YRF guys?

Next week, Ajay is going to throw a party to celebrate the success of  his ?SOS?.  Who would feature in the guest list? Has the great divide in the industry just begun?

Are we going to witness many such sour situations?


By the way, sour reminds me of Pak. It has been the troublemonger since time immemorial!

Musharraf would like to come back from his self-imposed exile in the UK and join hands with Imran Khan, the cricketer-turned-politician! His ?Tehreek?e-Insaaf? is making some noise in Pakistan.

The reason is simple. There is no Benazir nor Mush. Besides, Nawaz Sharif also has become toothless! Zardari is fighting his own Ghost of Graft and his hidden millions in ?Swiss banks?! Already this has consumed two prime ministers of his!

But, to demand to hang Sarabjit against the hanging of Kasab was in bad taste, Imran. The next time India will think twice before inviting you to any conclaves, seminars, leadership summit etc.

As you have reportedly fallen for cheap political gimmicks for trying to win a mandate in your country.


Amir Khan has been postponing ?Dhoom 3? shooting again and again to the despair of YRF. The experienced pasha of cinema is gone to another planet, so what is the future of YRF?

Not immediate though, any two or three flops in the future could then mean a sad situation for BR Chopra?s camp,!

His elder brother?s son and daughter-in-law have been advised by the high court to pay back Rs 32 crore to their debtors within 6 months, with interest of course!

Ravi Chopra saw tremendous success in the epic ?Mahabharat? and ?Baghban?, the emotional saga of an elderly couple, played by Amitabh and Hema.

Post this success, the next offering from BR Films. ‘Babul’ sank! ?Bhootnath?, another spooky and casper film, bit the dust. Amitabh in a stellar role of an old Buddha bhoot could not save the film from sinking!

Amitabh reminds me of his great admiration for Balasaheb. He was busy tweeting along the days of sadness, pouring out his reverence, respect for the patriarch of the first family of politics of Mumbai.

As, Amitabh has said many a time, his body is not supporting him during his shoots, his other activities etc. That is the sign of real old age.

Shashi Kapoor seems to be seriously ill. Unrecognizable? Where is the crooked-toothed young chap of? Deewar, Chor Machaye Shor, Kala Patthar, Trishul, Shaan and many a memorable films?

The Mumbaikar will have a tough time dealing with the losses of great personalities.

What does a common man need? He needs safety above all else apart from the daily humanitarian needs.

Post Kasab?s adieu by the government, the Pak Taliban and LeT have warned that there will be many attacks on Mumbai.

What about the state home department and Union home ministry’s preparation to this effect? What is the ATF up to?

The celebrated former crime branch chief Rakesh Maria is at the helm of affairs here. What are his plans?

How is the government machinery geared up for this new challenge from terrorists across the border?

This is what the average Mumbaikar is asking the Union government, the state government, Shiv Sena, MNS and all other parties, as to what next, Mumbai?….What is it that they are going to witness in the coming days?

Author: Donald D SIlva