English Out, Kannada In! Change Name Boards in Kannada Else Lose Licence’- MCC to Traders

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English Out, Kannada In! Change Name Boards in Kannada Else Lose Licence’- MCC to Traders

Mangaluru: In the nearest future all those who do not know a single word of Kannada will be in BIG problem, when they go shopping around in the City- for the fact , the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) has urged all the business owners in Mangaluru to replace their signs in ENGLISH to KANNADA. MCC is all set to act against shops and commercial establishments in the city that violate rules on Kannada implementation.

The corporation has decided to suspend the trade licence issued to traders and other business establishments in the city if their name/ signboards are not in Kannada. The Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments rules state that the nameboard of every establishment shall be in Kannada and wherever other languages are also used, the versions in such other languages shall be below the Kannada version. Following a government direction in this regard, the civic body has decided to take action against the violators.

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MCC commissioner Akshy Sridhar said as per an order by the state government, Kannada is mandatory in boards at all trade premises, and the city corporation has issued trade licences to business establishments under the same condition. In case of violation, trade licences will be cancelled without prior notice, the commissioner said.

“We have noticed that several local business establishments have been violating this rule by having their name/ signboards in English. Acting on complaints from organisations and individuals, MCC has taken serious cognisance of this matter,” the commissioner said, and added the civic officials will conduct drives to ensure the Kannada rule is implemented in letter and spirit.

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  1. They should have both. I have seen Malayalam boards in Manipal.
    Visit TN. It is Tamil all over.
    Visit North India. Hindi all over.
    Visit Kolkata. Amor sonar Bangla.
    So why not give due to Kannada?
    Do not remove English. Have both. Don’t feel shy you guys.
    PS: How will they name Amnesia? Marave?🤔

    • Being with fools don’t act like one. Maintain distance from vikruth buddi.
      They don’t know what is the impact of the same on tourism and emergency case when required to be followed.

  2. This is result of solutions by bunch of loosers who will make economy suffer with this small stupid act. When business will lose the identity then they will be smashed by same business owners

  3. It is against Right of Free Speech and Right of Liberty. Pls read the Constitution of India if you have a doubt.

    Pls move forward than 1500 yrs backwards.

  4. Stupidity is has always remained at it’s height. Just because some other State is doing it, we are also doing it. Does it add any commercial value to any business? Hope the State Governments do not ask the Center for Passports to be issued in the respective State language. Let the law makers refuse the Indian Passports if it’s in only English.

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