Enough is Enough! MCC Cracks Down on Vehicles Violating Lockdown-Rs 25 K Fines Collected

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Enough is Enough! MCC Cracks Down on Vehicles Violating Lockdown-Rs 25 K Fines Collected

Enough is Enough! Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) Officials, including MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar, MCC Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) P K Binoy,MCC Deputy Commissioner (Administration) Dr Santhosh Kumar, MCC Zonal Commissioner (Kadri Area) Mrs Rekha Shetty, Revenue Officers Praveen and Vijay, among others Crack Down on Vehicles Violating Lockdown-nearly 40 vehicles were stopped, and the drivers/riders were slapped with fines ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1000, and a total of Rs 25,000 in Fines was Collected on Tuesday, 8 June. Trade licences of 30 shops were cancelled for violations, including a clinic selling vegetables/fruits.

Mangaluru: In the wake of increasing Covid cases and people’s refusal to wear masks, and going for a joy ride, and shops operating business during lockdown hours, the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) had formed a task force that will visit shops, other business premises and public places to penalize and educate people on the importance of wearing masks and stop roaming from moving around with no specific reasons, in the battle against the pandemic. The city corporation had decided to launch the drive after finding people either ignoring the rule completely or wearing the mask only to cover their chin or going for a joy ride with no reasons to be out during the pandemic.

MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar speaking to Team Mangalorean said “Our intention is not to make money by slapping fines on the Covid-19 guidelines violators, the main aim of conducting drives is to create awareness among the public so that they strictly adhere to the rules, rather than face the consequences, and also when the pandemic crisis is getting from bad to worse with spike in cases daily. Our health inspectors have been creating awareness on the importance of wearing masks and also the fine that will be imposed if caught without it. Also stop vehicles which are on the streets after the allowed lockdown timings”

“I urge the citizens of Mangaluru to strictly abide by the guidelines, if not stringent action will be taken against violators. While strictly enforcing the rules, we will also ensure that the livelihood of people are not affected. There is a steady increase in the Covid-19 positive cases each day. This is a matter of concern. Unless it is of utmost importance, I urge citizens not to step out of the house and put themselves and their dear ones into risk. We can only be successful in our fight against COVID19 if we work together, Stay Home, Stay Safe!” added Commissioner Akshy Sridhar.

Apart from cracking down on vehicles violating the lockdown rules, MCC Officials also raided nearly 78 shops for operating businesses during the lockdown hours, and collected penalties of Rs 68,350, and with strict warnings too. Among these shops, MCC Officials cancelled the trade licences of 30 shops until further notice. Apart from that shops penalized for violation during earlier hours. Later MCC officials slapped penalties on 19 more shops violating the rules, and fiens of Rs 8050 were collected. A clinic in the Jeppu Market area was shut for selling vegetables/fruits, until further notice.

The drive team consisted of MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar, MCC Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) P K Binoy, MCC Zonal Commissioner (Kadri area) Mrs Rekha Shetty, MCC Deputy Commissioner (Administration) Dr Santhosh Kumar, Revenue Officers Praveen and Vijay, among others. The drive will continue and stringent action will be taken against violators. Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Away from Getting Caught? Just Simple as that, period!

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  1. People near Falnir junction are opened. Xerox shops in Arcadia complex, to bakery to shop next to it everyone is open

  2. Wow…great work…. I guess how dare these. Useless. People. Anti national s roam aroujd like. Loufers… It’s ok strick. Lockdown is going to be half century. Soon… We can. Burst. Crackers. Then . If we have. Money for that…no work. Pay .for 80 percent of people.. the other. 20;..percent. are. Politician and. Govery employees m even if then sleep. They get. Paid…..cheers….hope. They get. C*****. .. for. What. They have. Done.. getting. Misery to majority of people

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