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By Donald D’ Silva, Mira Road, Karkala

Donald D’ Silva is an Advertising Professional & Brand Strategist managing his own Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai. He writes about Current Affairs, Political Analysis, Bollywood Happenings and a variety of Social subjects.



(There are four friends who were thick and thin in their childhood. They were inseparable. Now, today they are in their 50 s and late 50s. they regularly get together and make merry as they have made their money and are well settled in their lives. It is the case of jumping early into business and tasting success. Two of them have taken VRS and settled down.)

  1.   Jeevan Shetty: He is the owner of three Bar & Restaurants. One in Mangalore and two in Mumbai. A billionaire in his own right. From Karkala.
  2.   Sathish Shenoy: He has a cloth store in Moodbidri. He has two veg Restaurants in Mumbai.
  3.   Richard Almeida: He has one Bar & Restaurant in Mumbai.
  4.   Melvin D’ Mello– He has two-night clubs in Mumbai.

Jeevan: Hello Friends, Welcome to you all! Good news that a vaccine has been discovered for COVID-19 and in production. Soon distribution will happen!

Sathish: Yes! Some success and next year onwards things will become normal!

Richard: It will take some time to reach us.

Melvin: But, there is now hope! Everything will be fine soon!!

J: But, the economy is in shambles! It will take some time for it to recover!

S: Still, the nightmare is over and people will start breathing easily!

M: When are Lalita Shetty and Naveen Poojary are coming?

J: They are stuck with their appointment of the second rung of management and briefing them. Soon they will land here.

R: Ok. Let me begin with the queries you asked. The biggest successful celebs in politics are as under:

First is Govinda. Later he withdrew himself. His film journey started in the 80s with Love 86 and was then followed by Hatya, which his late brother Kirti Kumar directed. He was chosen to stand against the great Ram Naik. He won the Mumbai North seat in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections with a 50 k margin and stepped foot into politics. He was also supported by Vasai-Virar’s strong man, Hitendra Thakur, as he was his classmate.

Govinda, Sunil Dutt, Paresh Rawal

So, Govinda began his political journey. But, because of his usual late comings and not caring for his constituency as He had promised, he became unpopular. Soon, he realized that politics was not his cup of tea. He did not contest the next election. He lost the political battle and there were no films as well. Both his careers ended very badly. Due to Salman, he got ‘Partner’ which was a tremendous success, followed by’Bagambaag’ and then there were no takers.

M: Then, there is Rajesh Khanna. He was the first phenomenon of Bollywood. A great superstar with back to back hits of 13 super hit films. Then, when Amitabh became the angry young man, he lost his mantle to him. Soon, he thought of taking a plunge into politics. He contested the Lok Sabha seat through Congress in 1991. He lost to Advani from Gandhi Nagar constituency, which was Advani’s stronghold. Again he was pitted against Shotgun Sinha and won in 1992. But, he too could not continue after five years, as he realized, politics was not his cup of tea.

Rajesh Khanna, Raj Babbar, Vinod Khanna

J: What about others like, Vinod Khanna, Hema Malini, and Sunil Dutt?

R: I am coming to that. Sunil Dutt was the most successful celeb politician of all. He started his political journey in 1984, after the sad demise of the prime minister, the Late Smt. Indira Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi inducted him into politics. He won five times continuously as an MP. He has done remarkably well and served his constituency well. His youngest daughter, Priya Dutt was his regular companion.

M: Then, Hema Malini contested from Dharavi Constituency and won, because of the Tamil population. She is still an MP now. Vinod Khanna contested from Gurdaspur in Punjab and won successfully. He exclaimed, that He will turn Gurdaspur into Paris. After two stints, He met with a sad demise due to cancer.

Jaya Prada, Hema Malini , Smriti Irani

Moon Moon Sen Popular Bollywood actor Moon Moon Sen joined the TMC in 2014, contested from Bankura, and won. This year she has been making the headlines for her inane statements on West Bengal politics and her ignorance of major issues. She contested the Asansol seat for the TMC by taking on Babul Supriyo of BJP.

Urmila Matondkar

Urmila Matondkar contested from the same constituency as Govinda on a Congress ticket, but lost heavily to BJP candidate, sitting MP, Mr. Gopal Shetty.

M: Mimi Chakraborty is a well-known model and actor from West Bengal. She joined politics this year and is a candidate from Jadavpur fighting Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya of CPI(M) and Anupam Hazra of BJP.

R: Nusrat Jahan the popular Bengali TV actress from West Bengal, TMC party won from Basirhat constituency with a great margin of 3,50, 369 votes against a BJP candidate.

Mimi Chakraborty, Nusrat Jahan

S: What about Jayaprada, Jaya Bacchan?

M: Yes, they both were invited by Late Amar Singh of Samajwadi party then. Mulayam was the Chief Minister and head honcho of the party. They both won with a great lead. Still, Jaya Bachchan is the MP now, but with Rajya Sabha, the upper house. Raj Babbar also won through the same party. Now he is in Congress, after a tiff with Mulayam and his son. He was three times LS MP and two times RS MP.

A successful stint in politics. Now, He is cooling his heels as President of Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee. Then there is Smriti Irani. Smriti Zubin Irani is an Indian politician, former model, television actress, and producer. Irani is a Member of Parliament, being elected to the Rajya Sabha from the state of Gujarat. She is Ex-Information and Broadcasting and present Textiles Minister in the Government of India.

Diya Spandana

R: Divya Spandana, one of the youngest Indian MPs at 30 years of age joined Congress in 2011. The Golden girl of the Kannada film industry plunged into Indian politics in 2013 and won the LS seat after defeating her rival, JD(S) candidate C S Puttaraju, in a by-poll of Mandya seat.

M: Roja Selvamani, once a leading actress in the Telugu, Tamil industry, entered into politics when she joined the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and served as the Woman Wing President of the Telugu Mahila Party.

She quit TDP of Chandra Babu Naidu in 2009 and joined the Congress Party. She left the latter too and is now part of YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s YSR Congress.

Roja Selvamani

Interestingly, Roja had contested from Nagari on a TDP ticket in 2004 and had lost the battle. During the 2009 state elections, she contested from Chandragiri and was defeated in that election too. A sorry state of affairs! Same way Nagma, the yesteryear Bollywood Star and Namita, the Tamil, Telugu star tried their hand in politics, but today nowhere to be seen. Nayantara, the Tamil, Telugu star also tried her hand in politics, but to no avail.No takers!!


Vindhya is another Star from Tamil Industry who rose to fame with some Blockbusters but is a spent force now. She tried her luck with the AIADMK party and was not given a ticket. She tried hard by campaigning for the party in the 2011 Assembly elections. Now, nowhere to be seen!


R: Ok, please don’t think I am deviating from the topic. We can continue. But, last time I forgot to ask. Regarding second marriages we were discussing. Sorry, to ask. It’s just curiosity. I have heard, Lord Shiva also had two marriages. Sathish Maam, Can you enlighten me on this….Then we shall continue…

S: Excellent curiosity. Well, I don’t want to disappoint you. I will enlighten you guys!

Lord Shiva, is the greatest and he also suffered this ignominy! Daksha was Lord Shiva’s first wife’s father. Sati Devi was his first wife. Daksha, always hated lord shiva for reasons best known to him. Daksha performed a great Yagna. Sati was present there. Lord Shiva had told her not to attend it. Daksha did not invite Lord Shiva.

Sati Devi decides to shed her form as his daughter and immolates herself in the fire. Back in Kailasa, she repents for the wilful conduct that made her disobey Siva’s advice when he had dissuaded her from attending Daksha’s Yagna. She is born as the daughter of Himavan and is filled with Siva Bhakti.

Daksha Yagna. Sati Devi Immolation

She does austere penance in the Himalayas to gain Siva once again. After Sati departs from Kailasa, Siva too goes to a remote place in Kailasa and begins the most severe penance.

M: But, Lord Shiva is the lord of the universe. He has a third eye also. So, Why He had to go through this problem? He could have burnt Daksha, there and then!

R: Rightly said, but it all happened because of Brahma dev’s boon to Taraka Asura. He had obtained a boon from him as only Lord Shiva’s son can kill him. Now, devatas, led by Indra, their leader wanted Shiva to remarry. So the story unfolds. Only Sathish maam can tell us further…..Over to you Sathish maam.

S: Yes, I will continue.

Taraka, armed with a boon and thinking Lord Shiva will not be able to marry at all, and no question of a son born to him, begins to indulge in atrocities, and the celestial beings, unable to bear all this, seek Brahma and Vishnu for help. It is decided that somehow Siva has to come out of his penance to bring about the union with Parvati Devi.

Lord Shiva killing Manmata. Muruga Killing Taraka Asura

They entrust Manmatha with the task of distracting Siva by aiming his arrows of love on Him. Siva is angered by the disturbance and, noticing Manmatha as the cause, opens his third eye which burns him to ashes. Then, all the devatas surround Lord Shiva and ask him to marry Goddess Parvati. He ultimately agrees and thus Muruga was born.

He kills Taraka in a fierce battle and brings relief to the world. This is the story of Lord shiva’s second marriage. It is said that the same Sati Devi was reborn as Goddess Parvati! So, guys, you got enough knowledge now?

Shiva Parvati

All Three: Yes!! Great Sathish maam, thank you very much!!

R: There are still some remaining, I think we can continue next time. As I can see, we all are hungry. (All rushed to the dinner table)

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