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By Donald D’Silva, Mira Road, Karkala

Donald D’ Silva is an Advertising Professional & Brand Strategist managing his own Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai. He writes about Current Affairs, Political Analysis, Bollywood Happenings and a variety of Social subjects.



(There are four friends who were thick and thin in their childhood. They were inseparable. Now, today they are in their 50 s and late 50s. they regularly get together and make merry as they have made their money and are well settled in their lives. It is the case of jumping early into business and tasting success. Two of them have taken VRS and settled down.)

  1. Jeevan Shetty: He is the owner of three Bar & Restaurants. One in Mangalore and two in Mumbai. A billionaire in his own right. From Karkala.
  2. Sathish Shenoy: He has a cloth store in Moodbidri. He has two veg Restaurants in Mumbai.
  3. Richard Almeida: He has one Bar & Restaurant in Mumbai.
  4. Melvin D’ Mello– He has two-night clubs in Mumbai.

Jeevan: Hello Friends, Welcome to you all! Good news that two vaccines have been discovered for COVID-19! Sadly due to the government’s Vaccine policy, they have been exported and we are having a shortage for ourselves. Now, some ten per cent of the population also must now have had the opportunity of vaccinating themselves.

Sathish: Yes! Commendable job by Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech. Still, as the second wave is on, there is a threat of the third wave.

Richard: Sad part is the poor are still gasping for breath….another new lockdown has brought down the numbers of Covid infection, but the Economy has gone for a toss. Middle-class and below population are left to begging on the streets now..

Melvin: Yes! We do not know when the remaining populace will get vaccinated…most of the countries with less population have already vaccinated their citizens.

Sathish: What happened to Lalitha Shetty and Naveen Poojari? They were planning to join us.

J: They came and went back as the second lockdown has hurt the hospitality business very hard. Now, they have to be with their stuff, as they need salaries and have to concentrate on the small margin of the take way business to tag long…so, they will be back again after some time..

But, when I met them last time, Lalithakka gave me some dope on the stories of Night clubs in Mumbai and the Orchestra Bars in Mumbai. I will today share some dope on that.

R: Dying to meet her. She knows all history about the hotel business. How it all started in the 60 s. What all pain our people have gone through to establish the hotel business in Mumbai.

J: Same she shared with me…the first Night club in Mumbai.. and the aftermath of that..

M: Me too. Dying to meet her.

S: Ok, Shetre…shoot….We are all ears now…..

J: Alright, there you go….. The first bar was opened by one old man..Mr Jagtiani was in his 70s…but, he thought he can cash in on the nightlife urge of Mumbaiites…He opened the top get way called ‘Sonia Mahal’ in Nariman point in Mumbai.

It started in the year 1972..It was located in one of the office towers in Nariman Point. Jagtiani, the Sindhi businessman had a heart problem…He used to say to all that the Dancers in the dance bar used to work as ‘pace maker’ for him. He set the trend and made millions…

Soon, the Shetty’s and Poojaris started Dance bars in every nook and corner of the city. The Gujarati, Marwari, Sindhi and other businessmen rushed to every nightspot. Mr Suresh Shetty of Ghatkopar was very clever. He went one step ahesd and started a cabaret joint called Megharaj there.

There, the bikini-clad women danced to Abba and Boney M songs…The club was always packed to the brim. Mr Shekar Shetty was also very ambitious, he started the high end ’Samundra’ dance bar in Mumbai Central. It was a big hit…forget the Cabbies and others…the Panwaalas also sold more than 500 pans in a single night..

R: I remember now, my friend’s grandfather, Balaram Shetty used to tell us when we used to gather at their house for a drink in Goregaon, that soon, there was another lavish joint called ‘Sangam’ at Prabhadevi…It was a huge hit as well with customers..

J: Yes moving on there were several at Dongri, Vile Parle, Karishma and Baywatch at Dadar, Topaz at Grant Road and several others in Mulund, Thane. The famous was Carnival at Worli..Each was doing somewhat..4 to 7 crores per year those days…as per inflation if you calculate…what could be the money now…

S: Now, since 7 years they are not-operational… the late R.R.Patil, the then NCP Home minister got them closed….due to the complaint of the businessmen’s wives…they said their husbands are not coming home on weekend’s at all.

R: Yes let’s go back to the old days. The Dance bars were popular pickup joints, the best recreational joints for the underworld goons and police alike. Police used to frequent them to get information about the Gangsters from their informers. And also to get ‘Haftas’ from the Dance bar owners…

M: Great the shady business gave an opportunity to all to earn extra bucks…

R: The waiters and the so-called Captains used to act as pimps…they used to talk to the customers and solicit deals and get a cut of the Dancer’s earnings….the dancer after the closure of the Dance Bar for the night used to go with their customers for one night….They used to charge heftily..

S: It’s a clear cut deal indeed…This way they made money and helped their families to survive…some of them became rich overnight..

J: The business flourished….There are many women who became famous….like..Tarranum of Deepa Bar in Vile Parle. She was a crorepathi earner during the 90s….Some sort of celebrity…Her eager customers and followers used to flock the Dance bar, just to have Dekho at her Dance and rejoiced…

It is the same joint where the late thug, the Stamp duty vendor & scamster, Telgi, one day blew Rs. 90 lacks and was noticed by Police and other sleuths…He was caught after that and imprisoned after a lengthy trial. He died in prison anyways!!

S: Yes, I remember reading the whole story. This crook became famous as the stamp duty kingpin…as the infamous Dalal street scamster, late Harshad Mehta..

R: Another famous Dance Bar was ‘Topaz’ at Grant Road. Over a period of time, It turned into an ‘Orchestra Bar’.

J: Most of the bars employed more than 50 people…all in all…more than 2 lakh employees were working there….Today, say since last 7 to 8 years they are all jobless, because of the ban.

S: Shetre, May I know what is an ‘Orchestra Bar’?

J: Shenoy maam, Orchestra Bar is also a sleazy joint, the only difference is there are no dances here…Only live orchestra. They provide live entertainment…legally or on the sly…

There is a group of non-singers or one can say amateur singers who croon to Bollywood numbers…they are paraded.. and they sing with good for nothing voices..with the live band playing in the background..

Here, another joke was there, very soon…people noticed…the bouncer’s and waiters will meet every customer and strike deals and collect some extra money saying it is the singer lady’s birthday that day…the deals were also stuck in the shady corners of the joint…

R: If you see on the western express highway..starting from Dahisar East..there are a number of such dance bars..later turned into orchestra bars due to the ban still sly…Vasai east.. Now, however, due to Covid…all will be shut till the Pandemic shows signs of running away.

J: Rightly said, since one and a half years they are closed…no customer will frequent them..till the decline of Covid…say another ten months later.

S: Nice info on Dance bars of the yore…now…last time we stopped at the Controversial celebs who were caught in various..scandals…shall we continue…

J: Richardbhai and Melvinbhai…now it’s your turn now….c’mon…pls shoot…We are eager to listen to the next of the rogue stars…who went berserk..

R: Okay, ready. Let’s start with the irrepressible rogue..dirty Panscholi…He got into a legal tangle when he assaulted the Night club bouncer in the year 2015. The Police fetched him, the legal trials went on for say 3 years…later the rogue star got acquitted by the Bandra Metropolitan court..

The actor had after a fierce argument assaulted the bouncer with his cell phone..He was drunk to the brim…barely could walk had lawyers who sought his bail for a surety amount of Rs. 50k then. So, he evaded arrest and police custody for a long time ..His naughty escapades with Kangana Ranaut are also famous…

He was taken to Police by Kangana and her crazy sister..Rangoli…but, Aditya was smart…through Salman or someone…he gave the Goli..He was let off…..His son was also picked up by Police for questioning for abetment of suicide in the Jiah Khan. Starlet case…He too was set scot-free…

S: Like father..like son…

R: Bipasha Basu and Shradda Kapoor both were embroiled in controversies…..Bipasha‘s phone conversation was tapped…anyone can listen to the conversation with the late minister on the YouTube channel..…about being his girlfriend regularly..One Mr Singh from UP. Her courtship with John Abraham was over because of this…also…she was photographed widely with the Portugal football star..Christiano Ronaldo…

Even, the petite Shraddha Kapoor got into a small but absurd controversy some time back…She was not ready to walk just 50 meters to the studio…in Andheri..She was in her producer’s car. The driver told that it is not possible to drive to the studio. Due to the roads being dug…and there are potholes…she threw a big tantrum..called the producer…He also said ..no Helicopter can be fetched…she had to walk to the studio…eventually she did the same. Putting her tail between her legs…

M: There is another starlet…crazy among all…always in the news for wrong reasons…

J: Who is that?

M: The pagal…Rakhi Sawant…who else?

S: What did she do?

M: The crazy girl one day was caught at a recent event for wearing a black dress with Prime Minister’s pictures printed on questionable areas. She wore the dress to a pre-Independence Day party in the US that was organised by the Federation of Indian Americans to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Indian Independence. Pictures of the dress made their way online where it eventually faced the wrath of internet trolls.

J: She is really a crazy nut.

M: When asked by the journalists, why did she do that? She replied ‘ I love our ‘Prime minister’ She went on to say that she was celebrating India’s Independence in America and that she was representing both India and the Prime Minister.

J: The nut recently was roaming round in Bandra and Goregaon on the streets. Also, in FB’s my story section she thanked Salman for helping her with her mother’s cancer operation. Her mother recovered due to Salman’s monetary help.

Also, there are many, like Mallika Sherawat…she acted in a movie called …Hissss…with Jacky Chan…In that she did not wear any clothes…..it was body double ..Later she said to the press….but, the damage was done …She acted in Murder…where she got into huge controversy…as a husband snatcher…

R: There are many slap gates by celebs…

J: Like slapping someone….

R: One is Mika Singh and another is our Chote Nawab…Saif Ali Khan…

S: Ok, go ahead..

R: Mika Singh, was booked for assaulting a doctor, an Ophthalmologist at a live concert in south West Delhi on April 11, 20I5…The police of Inderpuri police station, caught him because of the live video’s evidence..The poor victim was Dr. Shrikant who was working at Ambedkar Hospital. He suffered some internal injury in his left ear..due to Mika’s tight slap.

The incident took place at a concert organised by the Delhi Ophthalmological Society (DOS) as a part of their three-day conference being held at the Delhi Pusa Institute Mela Ground in Inderpuri.

During the concert, as is the practice. Mika while singing his popular numbers called on stage some of the audience…Shrikant passed some leud remarks reportedly. Which caught Mika’s ire…after slapping him..publicly..He handed him over to his bouncers…Then somehow…after interventions of the Sr. doctors…he was let off…The FIR was quashed.

J: What was chote Nawab’s natak?

R: Saif was in a 5-star hotel. The Taj Palace at Colaba. His movie ‘agent Vinod was about to be released. Some, industry watchers say that…He wanted publicity for his movie. It was a spy thriller and his solo film…He thought it better to gain some undue publicity. Even if it’s by becoming a notorious character.

His, wife Kareena Kapoor Khan, his co-star in the movie, his sister-in-law Karisma Kapoor, Malaika Arora Khan(she is always there where there is trouble) were with him at the dinner. According to Sif, one NRI businessman acted smart with the ladies..threw some cheap remarks!!. and Saif said He had to beat him. The NRI filed a police complaint. The case was registered by the Colaba Police. Till 2018 the case was on.

Later, no news. If the businessman did not appear for the case…or it was stage-managed just for publicity…the sad part is. after all the hullabaloo, the movie was a big dud…It laid a huge egg at the box- office….after that Saif never ventured closer to solo movies or any Spy thrillers…He left them all for Akshay..Who made money out of ‘Holiday and ‘Baby’.

J: The mild Gadha Saif….never thought he will indulge in such blows .hmmmm…..

S: Any more for today..?

M: Hmm. Yes… there are some…like Aishwarya’s chakkar with the law…and media. She acted in an Ad. for Kalyan jewellers. Reportedly partly owned by Amitabh, her pa-in-law. Which he denies of course. The actress appeared as a rich, be-jewelled, Aristocratic rich woman with an underage slave child in the background…still do not know, what message the star or the jewellers wanted to give to the world?

It became racist ad the former chairperson of the National Commission for Protection of child rights demanded the withdrawal of the Ad. ultimately, the Ad was withdrawn, but the actress got her face smeared…

J: Lagta Hai, bas…I am feeling hungry…enough for today…

R: Fine, Theek hai…only one small lafda of Radhika Apte…famous for her scenes in ‘Badlapur’ nd other movies….only she was fully clad in saree was with Rajnikant..in ’Kabali’ the great grosser.

S: Fine, last one….

R: The cyber cell of Mumbai police has registered a case against an unknown person for leaking an adult video of actress Radhika Apte, as reported in the media. The complaint was reportedly filed after director-producer Anurag Kashyap approached the Mumbai police with a complaint last week. A nude video featuring actress Radhika Apte, which was part of a 20-minute short film, was leaked over the weekend.

Anurag was very furious. This unwanted video leak means bad publicity for his heroine…Radhika was not at a move…she laughed it off… the internet has all the viral clippings…she nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders saying she is not affected by such things at all…Kashyap ran from pillar to post for punishing the culprit…the damage was done..

The culprit went scot-free or got punishment…nothing is known…Anurag Kashyap has been furious over the leak of the video which he says was shot as part of a short film meant to be viewed abroad.

J: Chalo, nice discussions over garam-pani …our evening went well….Let us do some pet pooja now….The nice food spread is ready, cooked by my two wonderful Mangalorean cooks…..The food will remind you of Hotel Mangala and Madhuvan stuff…

(All nodded in the affirmative and headed towards the dinner table)

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  1. This looks more like an article from Film Fare or Star and Style or Star Dust. Movie stars have their personal lives. I do not think that gossip about them has any real value except that they will be in the news which tickles the curiosity about them. I think it is better to just enjoy their acting prowess and entertaining ability rather than worrying about their personal business.

  2. Yes, Dronaji, anyone in Movies or TV Serials or now since 3 years..Web Series..The actresses and Actors have weird behavioral patterns. We are not rejoicing on the Scenario..Just bringing the gory details to the audience…You should not sweat in this matter…because there are millions who like it… I have been with Bollywood since 30 years! Bye for now

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