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By Donald D’Silva, Mira Road, Karkala

Donald D’ Silva is an Advertising Professional & Brand Strategist managing his own Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai. He writes about Current Affairs, Political Analysis, Bollywood Happenings and a variety of Social subjects.



(There are four friends who were thick and thin in their childhood. They were inseparable. Now, today they are in their 50 s and late 50s. they regularly get together and make merry as they have made their money and are well settled in their lives. It is the case of jumping early into business and tasting success. Two of them have taken VRS and settled down.)

  1. Jeevan Shetty: He is the owner of three Bar & Restaurants. One in Mangalore and two in Mumbai. A billionaire in his own right. From Karkala.
  2. Sathish Shenoy: He has a cloth store in Moodbidri. He has two veg Restaurants in Mumbai.
  3. Richard Almeida: He has one Bar & Restaurant in Mumbai.
  4. Melvin D’ Mello– He has two-night clubs in Mumbai.

Jeevan: Hello Friends, Welcome to you all! As we have all taken first jab of Covishield as well as our staff. One tension is over…Our twin districts populace also should do this act fast!

Sathish: The US has done a great job…more than 50% of their citizens have taken the jab….as well as Russia, UK and other countries….

Richard: Yes! Indeed, now Indian authorities need to gear up! Serum Inst. Has proclaimed that they will gear up production to the tune of 10 crore vaccines per month…Adar is in the UK…he is producing vaccines for some 5 countries…But, in private hospitals…it is not Rs 250…but increased to Rs 850 to Rs 1250 per jab now….!

Melvin: Yes! But, still, you don’t have to stand in the queue. You fix an appointment and you go there and get it! Job done….One should not think of money, but cure or prevention…

J: What about the underprivileged?

S: That is debatable…Sad part because of the cost…..Well, let me be politically correct….When our population is very high say…135 crores…who benefitted? The cell phone companies…the talk time providers etc.. Say VIVO, OPPO, Samsung. Xiaomi and other cell phone manufacturers…And service providers like JIO, Airtel, Vodafone and others….

J: Rightly said.. The government should bring a rule, that all the service providers should get their data bank vaccinated…it sounds absurd…but, then only the poor and underprivileged will get vaccinated…

The serpentine queues at Govt. hospitals will take at least 2 years to complete vaccination for them!

M: The Govt. officials are in jitters! They do not know how to tackle this situation….It is a very tough situation…

R: Our twin districts population is suffering because of carelessness…..Not wearing masks and not keeping Social distance at all…!! Now, all are suffering due to lockdown…No business…no money to eat…no jobs…The DC and other officials have no go but to implement strict rules..!

J: Ok, Let’s hope…and wish that all of them get the vaccine jabs a fast as possible….

Now, let’s get on with our regular dope on Bollywood…what to do…we need to live…..and also need to live and see that our staff…like cumulatively they are with four of us….say around..175 odd permanent workers…with us since…..about 20 years or so….not to forget the regular vendors etc…

S: Shetre….you are right… once Pandemic slows down…loses its steam gradually…..we will be back to business…for that we need to be steady…healthy and fit…mentally and physically….Our regular parleys in the evenings have given our living under the Pandemic shadow a huge boost…

Well, what is today’s subject?

J: I was with some friends from Mumbai and Bangalore last week…We were discussing Bollywood and the new entrants…the challengers. The topic crop up like who is going o be the next Madhuri…Biscuit..sorry Dixit..!

M: It is going to be Disha Pathani!

S: Wow! Great, why is it so? Please enlighten on what is glamour…about Madhuri and her so-called…..successor Disha Pathani.

R: Definitely, Myself and Melvin will enlighten you on that…to start with what is glamour…

Glamour is an unreal charm, appeal and beauty associated with a person or even an object. The film’s stars worldwide are called glamorous.  They are well-groomed, they have a good personality and present themselves well. The sportspersons who have good personalities and carry themselves well are also called glamorous and presentable.

The Industrialists or entrepreneurs who are very presentable and carry themselves well in public life are called glamorous. The same goes for Government officers, Ministers and people associated with high offices.

Women love to be called glamorous and sexy. They love when someone calls them beautiful.

Women from all walks of life dress well and present themselves well in society. They are charm personified.

No woman in the world would like to be ugly looking. All the top Indian film actresses are beautiful and glamorous. Among them, Madhuri Dixit is very charming and beautiful.

M: Her beauty, does not discount any other actresses, but, she has a kind of aura in her personality.  Incidentally, she acted in her first movie called “Abodh”, which was a non-glamorous role. It was a very young and nubile Madhuri and was not taken well by the audience.

Then after some films of hers, came the blockbuster and entertaining gangster movie ‘ Tezaab’! It catapulted her to great heights.

She never looked back from here! The ‘Ek Do Teen Girl, as She was known after the hit song and Hit movie, she oozed glamour and even though she had a skinny frame, through her eyes and dancing, she stole the audiences’ attention. She was crowned as a glamorous Diva by the media.

R: She had also a smile which was termed a 100 watts smile by the media. The smile also became a sign of glamour. She bagged many movies with established heroes and through her ‘Dhak Dhak’ dance moves that became the darling of the masses.

She went ahead and dethroned another Glamorous actress Sridevi and became number one.

She never got an opportunity to act with Amitabh Bachchan, the superstar. However, to make amends She appeared in a song (Mere Pyaar ka ras Zara Chakna….O Makna..) with him in a movie called” Chote Miyan, Bade Miyan”. This movie also starred Govinda.

This song was a hit as well as the bakwas movie….When asked by the media, Amitabh said that the movie is such, one should keep his brains at home and go to the theatre and watch the movie..!

R: Madhuri Dixit is the youngest among all the siblings. She was head over heels in love with Sunjay Dutt. She had to beat a hasty retreat, though, As Sunju baba was put behind bars for possession of illegal weapons.

The political situation was tense in the year 1993. Madhuri sent a message to Sanjay, that it’s all over between them, through her elder sister Bharati who is a Doctor in the US.

Today the glamorous Diva is happily married to Dr Sriram Nene, a Cardio surgeon from the US. But, since five years, they have settled in India for good. She has two sons.

Now, she is acting in Movies in India in a variety of roles and also producing Marathi films. She became popular when she judged a dance competition show on television recently.

M: Life has come a full circle for Madhuri and today she is basking in her own glory. She judges dance shows, produces TV serials through her production house, most of them do not know…also…..Dr Nene is practicing in a Hospital at BKC, Mumbai. She may produce movies or web series tomorrow.

She acted in some movies‘ last was ‘Total Dhamaal’ and some movies like “Dhed Ishquiya” were flops..!

The Madhuri Dixit is a star who has lived life on her own terms and is enjoying her successful stint in movies, TV production and as an Anchor. There are many media speculated successors for her…..One of them, like Jeevannana, just now mentioned….yes…the beautiful Disha Pathani…!

J: let’s have some dope on her..!

S: I have seen her movies like…Baaghi 2, Bharat and many others..unable to recollect…am eager to know about her…we have to Bollywood encyclopedia…Richardbhai & Melvinbhai…C’mon…both you guys …shoot..

R: Thanks, Satishmaam, Disha Pathani is a new entrant to Bollywood. She has become very famous due to her screen presence and personality. She acted opposite Sushant Singh Rajput in MS Dhoni’s biography in “MS Dhoni- The untold story”.

She has very few scenes in that movie. But, due to her screen presence and a great 200 watts’ smile, she made an impact and stole the audience’ heart!

She got a chance to star opposite Salman Khan in his successful movie” Bharat” this year.

She has come a long way since being a First runner up in the Femina Miss India pageant in 2013.

Because of a striking personality, she hogged the limelight in the Advertising World.

She is very successful in her advertising commercials. A sought after name.  Her Cadbury Dairy milk ad was very popular.

R: Right, She bagged a Telugu film in the year 2015 named “Loafer”. Then she got an opportunity to star in Dhoni’s biopic. Disha Pathani is a graduate in Computer Science from Amity University, Lucknow. She wanted to be in the limelight since her college days. Her tall and beautiful personality always attracted people. She nursed ambitions of becoming an Air Force pilot earlier.

Disha Pathani’s father Mr Jagdish Singh Pathani is a police officer. She was born in Bareli, UP, in the year 1992 on 13 June. She is a 25-year-old girl who is raring to go into the film industry. She has an elder sister named Khushboo Pathani and a younger brother Suryansh Pathani.

M: Disha has learnt classical dance and is a well-versed dancer. She is into yoga and one can see her images on Instagram, where she indulges in exercise at the gym. She is a health freak. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 50kg.

J: She has some chakker going on with Jaggu Dada’s son I heard……

M: Right, She is head over heels in love with Jackie Shroff’s son, Tiger Shroff. She also acted with him in “Baazi 2”. The movie was a hit!

Tiger and she have been seen many times in the city going out together. Tiger is very tight-lipped about their affair. Disha will get more opportunities because of her talent and personality.

Awards won by her are many so early in her career…..!!

Most entertaining debut actor- female – Big Zee entertainment

Best acting debut (female) – Stardust award

Beat female debut award – – M S Dhoni – The untold story – IIFA Award

Her favourite Actors are   Akshay Kumar, Ranbir Kapoor and Allu Arjun. In Hollywood, Leonardo Di Caprio and Jim Carrey.

She is a great fan of Priyanka Chopra. Other actresses, she likes are Katrina Kaif and Madhuri Dixit.

S: What are Disha Pathani’s upcoming Movies?

Disha had three releases last year 2020. She also starred opposite Aditya Roy Kapoor in Mohit Suri’s film called “Malang”! It was a very challenging role. Anil Kapoor also acted in it. Was a hit!

She starred as a  female lead to Salman Khan in his just-released movie “Radhe” on Eid, May 13 this year!

This movie is slated for an Eid 2020 release. In her first movie with Salman Khan “ Bharat”, she became very popular as Radha. Her screen name. She danced extremely well in the ‘Slow-motion song with Saman.

Her fans were very thrilled and enjoyed it a lot. This helped her in bagging a second movie, with the Bollywood Superstar ‘Salman Khan’. Now, in 2021, her career is going to go skywards and there will be no stopping her. Even, though Radhe is a bullshit movie. Similar on the lines of ‘ Wanted’ Sallu’s once upon a time hit movie..Still, she got recognition and mass adulation…

R: Madhuri, too had acted with Sallu in some 4 movies initially lie starting from..” Hum AApke Hain Kaun’ and others….she was catapulted to stardom instantly…

Same, history repeating itself….even though Disha is very young….many younger heroes will be dying to work with her and producers’ queuing up to sign her….co-starring with Salman has its great advantages…..!

A small-town girl from Bareilly has come a long way. She is definitely going to be the next sensation in Bollywood.

R: Ekta Kapoor, or better known as Kekta..for her ‘K’ alphabet fixation, the TV czarina also has signed her for “KTwinkle” a new offering from the Balaji Stable. She is playing a role of a small-town girl, who is Superstitious.

Disha will be playing a comic role and the comedy film will showcase her comic timing as well. The variety of characters she plays will make her a topmost as in demand soon.

Not much is heard so far due to the Pandemic’s onslaught. Still, she has many takers..!!

M: This actress is very cool though. Her cool and calm demeanour and non-controversial lifestyle have made her a very popular actress among her producers and directors. She is an alter ego to Tiger’s personality. In spite of being so successful, tiger calm and composed and also is not on an ego trip.

He acted in” War” an action thriller with Greek God, Hrithik Roshan, whom he idolizes. But, even though he was on par with action and dancing with the superstar, he still is very humble. He has praised Hrithik as the best action Hero in the film. This was a semi-hit!

J: Similarly, Disha also is very down to earth, I heard..

M: Yes! She also plays down her popularity and success and never walks around with a stiff nose! She says, she is extremely grateful for all the roles which came her way and is very happy to be hogging the limelight. She is grateful to her Producers, Directors, Co-Stars with whom she has worked and also those with whom she will be working. She has become a great Salman Khan fan, after working with him. She came across his very caring nature during her shoot.

S: After, long time we heard and discussed about two non-controversial Bollywood stars…Am happy and thrilled….will have to down two pegs extra today..

J: Yes! Me too…too much regaled…I will give you company Satish maam, my favourite ‘ Dimple’ Scotch is there…will also down two extra pegs tonight…

R: Why we should be left behind…??

M: We both will join as well in the downing glory…this time it is ‘Dimple’  Scotch…

S: Incidentally, Dimple Kapadia’s father, Chunnibhai Kapadia also used to drink ’Dimple’ Scotch always….he loved the beautiful shape of the bottle and notwithstanding the content inside…. named his eldest Daughter…Dimple…!

J: Then, what about naming her sister.’Simple Kapadia’…he started drinking Arrack or ‘Elaichi. Home-made country liquor from  Khardanda…?? He! He!

M: Arre, let’s forget about them yaar, mine last one is going on…Lets. Get on to the dinner table…

R: Yes, today we have’ Mutton Paya’. Dabba Ghosht  ….reminds me of ‘Shalimar Hotel…Mohammed Ali Road…Mumbai..

J: Guys…my mouth started watering. Carry your glasses, let’s jump onto the dinner table…..

(All rose in unison and moved towards the dinner table)

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