Essence of ‘Kantara’ Movie by Mangalore Dance Troupe To Enthrall Sydney During PM Modi  

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Essence of ‘Kantara’ Movie by Mangalore Dance Troupe To Enthrall Sydney During PM Modi Visit on 23 May 2023- Performers are originally from Mangaluru and Udupi namely- Dance Guru Pallavi Bhagavath, Ashwika Rao, Vadiraj Rao, Gautham and Anisha Poorary; and others from various parts of India are- Arushi Badle, Menuka Pradhan, Rhea Sreekanth, Anusree Usharajan, Anisha Poojary, Nayana Sridhar Atreyas. Anita Reily, and Abhijith Bhuvanendran Nair, who are settled/working in Sydney, Australia

Mangaluru: While preparations are afoot for a grand welcome of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Sydney on 23 May 2023, with great enthusiasm and open arms as he addresses the Indian diaspora, it will be a privilege for Mangaluru based dance troupe of Natyokthi Dance School led by dance guru Pallavi Bhagavath to perform at the cultural extravaganza on Tuesday. The Indian Australian Diaspora Foundation (IADF) has meticulously orchestrated a colossal cultural festival to coincide with Modi’s visit. This momentous event is expected to draw an astounding crowd of 20,000 attendees, including esteemed members of the international media.

To ensure seamless transportation for the eager participants, specially chartered flights known as the Modi Express will whisk numerous passengers from different parts of Australia directly to the vibrant city of Sydney. This remarkable initiative aims to provide convenient access to this extraordinary gathering. The illustrious Vidhushi Pallavi Bhagavath, founder of the renowned Natyokthi Dance School, will grace the stage, along with her talented students, as they epitomize the rich heritage of Karnataka through their mesmerizing dance drama inspired by the sensational hit movie “Kantara.”

Dance Guru Pallavi Bhagavath from Mangaluru

A mangaluru-based dance troupe of Natyokthi Dance School

Originating from the culturally vibrant city of Mangalore, Pallavi exemplifies a remarkable balance between her flourishing career as an IT professional and her unwavering dedication to the art of dance. Her journey from Bangalore to Sydney has witnessed her untiring commitment to nurturing her passion for dance. Joining her on this extraordinary occasion, her students, who hail from diverse backgrounds including Mangalore, Udupi, and various parts of India and Nepal, will display their exceptional talents on the grand stage.

This captivating performance promises to showcase the resplendent beauty of Karnataka’s rustic villages, artfully depicted through graceful movements, accompanied by the enchanting melodies of the iconic Tulu song “Va playa.” Subsequently, the narrative will unfold, as the enthralling dance sequences unveil the captivating story of “Kantara” through the evocative portrayal of “Varaha Roopam.”

This spectacle not only serves as a testament to the artistic brilliance of Pallavi and her students but also symbolizes the harmonious fusion of diverse cultures, united in their celebration of the mesmerizing art of dance. The Indian Australian Diaspora Foundation’s commendable efforts, coupled with the collective enthusiasm of the participants, are set to create an indelible mark on the cultural landscape, further strengthening the bond between India and Australia. Artists from Udupi will also perform Yakshagana during the cultural programme.

PM Narendra Modi during his visit to Sydney in Australia, will hold a bilateral meeting with Australian prime minister Anthony Albanese thereafter a community reception will be held.

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