‘Estu Helidaru Janarige Bashe Ella’? MCC Officials Collect Rs 38,300 on Thur & Fri in Fines

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‘Estu Helidaru Janarige Bashe Ella’? MCC Officials Collect Rs 38,300 on Thur & Fri in Fines

  • ‘Estu Helidaru Janarige Bashe Ella’? MCC Covid-19 Enforcement Team Collect Rs 38,300 in Fines from shops on Thursday and Friday for violating Covid-19. On 8 June police collected Rs 78,050 fines from 487 people for not wearing masks and Rs 47,900 from 79 IMV cases. On 9 June, police collected Rs 77,850 in fines from 491 people for not wearing masks and Rs 56,000 from 102 IMV cases. On 10 June, Rs 21,800 was collected in fines from shop owners for violations.

Mangaluru: In order to contain the rise in Covid-19 cases and also to bring awareness among the public about the Virus, the special Covid-19 enforcement Team of Mangaluru City Corporation continued their drive. As per the directions from Deputy Commissioner Dr K V Rajendra, the MCC officials cracked down on shops that were doing business past lockdown timings, and penalized them- and also slapped fines on motorists who were roaming around in the City for no reasons. Those shop keepers violating the Covid-19 guidelines were penalized, a few shops’ trade licenses were cancelled until further notice. Restaurants serving food inside their premises were slapped with fines ranging from Rs 5000-Rs 10K.

Trade licenses of seven shops and business establishments were temporarily suspended. It should be noted that on Tuesday, MCC officials raided 78 shops for remaining open past lockdown timings, and trade licenses of 30 shops were temporarily suspended, under further notice- a fine of Rs 68,350 was collected on that day. The officials are acting against those who violate rules relating to the sale of essentials only in the morning, dispensing of parcels only by the hotels, sticking to social distance, wearing of marks and other rules. The MCC Covid-19 enforcement team included Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) Officials, including MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar, MCC Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) P K Binoy, MCC Deputy Commissioner (Administration) Dr Santhosh Kumar, MCC Zonal Commissioner (Kadri Area) Mrs Rekha Shetty, Senior Health Inspector Shivalinga K, Revenue Officers Praveen and Vijay, among others.

The police also with city corporation officials conducted joint operations in certain major city points. Police and MCC officials took strict action against violators at the check posts on the major roads and interior roads. Even the City Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar, joined by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law & Order) Hariram Shankar, Assistant Commissioner of Police (traffic) Nataraj and other senior officers were busy with the checking work.

MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “It’s unfortunate to note that even after warnings, action by penalizing people for not following the Covid guidelines, still they are out on streets for no reasons. While continuing our drive, our main aim is to create awareness among the public so that they strictly adhere to the rules, rather than face the consequences, and also when the pandemic crisis is getting from bad to worse with a spike in cases daily. Our health inspectors have been creating awareness on the importance of wearing masks and also the fine that will be imposed if caught without it “

“I urge the citizens of Mangaluru to strictly abide by the guidelines, if not stringent action will be taken against violators. While strictly enforcing the rules, we will also ensure that the livelihood of people will not be affected. There is a steady increase in the Covid-19 positive cases each day. This is a matter of concern. Unless it is of utmost importance, I urge citizens not to step out of the house and put themselves and their dear ones at risk. We can only be successful in our fight against COVID-19 if we work together”, added Commissioner Akshy Sridhar.

These are the cases as per police on 10 and 11 June- On 10 June police collected Rs 71,100 fines from 435 people for not wearing masks and Rs 39,200 from 77 IMV cases. NDMA cases – 4 and Epidemic cases – 2, total vehicles seized-131, of which 119 were two-wheelers and 12 are four-wheelers. On 11 June, police collected Rs 65,300 in fines from 428 people for not wearing masks and Rs 51,300 from 97 IMV cases. Total vehicles seized-93, of which 88 are two-wheelers and five four-wheelers.

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  1. Educated medical Dr tried to defy the directive. What about the lesser mortals?
    Bhashe ella gottuntu Swamy. Àcting maatra mast maaduttare namma jana.

  2. Heights of stupidity coupled with an “ I care a damn attitude “ fortunately I’ve noticed the catastrophic 2nd wave caused fear of hospitalisation which in most cases means you come back in a body bag and people were careful, that said, majority feel they are immune to the virus for reasons best known to themselves, resulting in trauma for others around them ..

  3. Great report. Here is a video that perfectly explains this mindset (not abiding the rules) using ‘shopping cart theory’.

    It’s really unfortunate that our lackluster attitude has cost us hundreds of thousands of lives in India. Quite honestly this is a moral failure on our side. Take a look at societies like Japan, Singapore or most of western countries. The orderly nature of those societies are the main contributors to their success and prosperity. India can be a true global superpower when we can change this culture at individual level.

  4. The video is a tangential attack on India likely posted by anti Hindu guy to tarnish our image. Having said that, it is true that dirty habits are in plenty and Swach Bharat movement needs to go on for many more years. Corruption thrives on those who support it. Honest officers are few and honest politicians are fewer. No wonder our people refuse to relocate to India even from another developing country or even an African country for that matter.
    We have a long way to go and we are unlikely to see much progress in a short span of time

    • It’s the mindset we have that has stunted our progress….. The video shows and exposes our laid back mentality, there is nothing wrong with accepting our shortcomings and improve on them. Unfortunately we Indians love to be praised but cannot accept criticism, similarly even our Supreme Leader doesn’t have the grace to admit mistakes, but goes all out to criticise and find fault with those who are not on his wavelength…. therefore, let’s accept that India has a long long way to go before we can even “ THINK” of being a Super Power …

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