‘Excited & Thrilled about Mluru Dasara’- CM after Visiting Kudroli Temple & Offering Prayers to Deity

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‘Excited & Thrilled about Mangaluru Dasara’- Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai after Visiting Kudroli Temple & Offering Prayers to the Deity, on Wednesday 13 October evening.

Mangaluru: The auspicious Navratri Utsav and Mangaluru Dasara started at Shree Gokarnanatha Kshetra Kudroli on 7 October and will culminate on 16 October 2021. On 7 October, the Nahanavami Utsava started at 9 am, followed by Nava Durga and sharada Prathistapana. On Wednesday, 13 October Chief minister Basavaraj Bommai visited Kudroli temple and offered prayers to the deity, following which the CM had a glimpse of the idols of Goddess Sharada Devi and other nine avatars of Goddess Durga, inside the Temple hall, as part of Mangaluru Dasara Mahostav. The CM also performed ‘Arati’ to the idol of goddess Sharada. The CM also met senior congress leader Janardhana Poojary, and took blessings from him.

Speaking to the media, CM Bommai said, “It was a pleasure to meet one of the senior congress leaders Janardhan Poojary, who is a sincere, true and committed politician of all times. Poojary being close to my father, I have great respect towards him ,and I am overwhelmed that he blessed me before the deity. Poojary has concern for the poor and downtrodden and has earned good respect and love from the community. After showering his blessings on me, he advised me to keep up the good work for the development of the people of the state. I offered prayers to the deity in the temple, and especially prayed for the welfare, peace and prosperity of the state and public”.

To a query from a reporter onchanging CRZ guidelines, the CM said, ” A proposal has been sent to the union government urging to change CRZ norms on the model of Goa and Kerala. We are making efforts to change the CRZ norms on Goa and Kerala models. If the CRZ norms change in a few days, this will boost tourism in the region and provide plenty of opportunities. In the next few days I will chair a maritime board meeting regarding the development of fisheries in the state. Prominent decisions will be taken concerning the fisheries port and commercial development during that meeting.. A DPR will be sent to the union government in which we will also include the extension of Mangaluru New Port and Karwar port,”.

Speaking on moral policing, CM said , “There should be morality in the society, for which “everyone shares the responsibility. We all should take responsibility in society. There are certain feelings in the society, why one should not hurt. When these feelings are hurt, there will be actions and reactions in the society. We should know that moral policing is a sensitive issue. So it becomes our duty to maintain harmony. We need everyone’s cooperation in this. The youth will have to ensure that they don’t hurt the feelings of the society. There should be morality in society. Without morality, we cannot live, and everyone should take responsibility in this regard.

Kannada and Culture and Energy minister V Sunil Kumar, Social and Backward Classes Welfare Department Minister Kota Srinivas Poojary, MLAs Vedvyas Kamath, Dr Bharath Shetty and Umanath Kotian, MCC Mayor Premananda Shetty, DK Deputy Commissioner Dr KV Rajendra, Police commissioner N Shashi Kumar, DCP Hariram Shanker, MUDA chairman Ravishankar Mijar, among others were present.

On 14 October at Kudroli Temple, there will be Saraswathi Durga Homa, Shatha Siyalabhisheka, Shiva Pooja, Annasantharpane, Bhajan Programme and Shree Devi Pushpalankara Mahapooja Utsava.

On 15 October, there will be Vageshwari Durga Homa, Shiva Pooja, Shree Devi Pushpalankara Mahapooja Utsava, Pooja Bali, Mantapa Bali, Mantapa Pooja, followed by Shree Sharada Visarjane and Avabratha Snana.

On 16 October, there will be Bhajana programme from 7 pm till 8 pm, and also Guru Pooja starting at 7.30 pm

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