Exhibition of Abstract Art by 12 Artists at Kodial Guthu Center for Art and Culture-Ballal Bagh

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Exhibition of Abstract Art by 12 Artists at Kodial Guthu Center for Art and Culture-Ballal Bagh

  • Exhibition of Abstract Art by 12 Artists at Kodial Guthu Center for Art and Culture-Ballal Bagh, Mangaluru going on from 30 January until 6 February 2021, between 11 am till 7 pm- the exhibition is organized by Art Kanara Trust in association with S-Cube Art Gallery

Mangaluru: Art Kanara Trust in association with S-Cube Art Gallery has organized an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by a group of 12 artists at Kodial Guthu Center for Art and Culture, Ballal Bagh, Mangalore from January 30 to February 6, 2021. The participating artists are Anil Devadiga, Deepak Guddadakeri, Kuppanna Kandgal, Rajendra Kedige, Shridhar Kulkarni, Sampath Kumar, Basavaraj Kutni, Sharath Palimar, Praveen Punchithaya, Santhosh Rathod, Ramakrishna Nayak and Nemiraj Shetty.

The exhibition was formally inaugurated on Saturday, January 30, 2021, at 5 pm in the honourable presence of Capt. Pradeep Shetty (Retd.) Former Group Captain, Indian Air Force and Dr Ravishankar Rao, Professor of English, Former Director of N. G. Pavanje Chair in Fine Arts, Mangalore University. The exhibition showcases a broad range of experimentation by 12 artists who are from Mangaluru, Udupi, Bengaluru, Gadag, Kasaragod, Hyderabad and Mumbai. There are canvases, stone carving, wood and terracotta works included in the exhibition.

Speaking on the occasion, Capt Pradeep Shetty said, “I compliment Art Kanara Trust and S-Cube Art Gallery for organizing this unique exhibition of unique Abstract Art, which will be enjoyed by everyone who visits this exhibition. We need to promote the unique art of all these artists and support them by buying their creations so that it will encourage them to carry on with their journey in the art world. I am happy to be part of this programme”.

The chief guest Dr Ravishankar Rao complimented the organizers’ Art Kanara Trust and S-Cube Art Gallery for exposing new forms of Art to the art-loving people of Mangalore. The present exhibition of abstract paintings had been beautifully curated. By definition, the abstract art painting had its origins in such movements as impressionism, cubism and expressionism. It was a challenge to the viewer to go beyond the traditional representational forms of art. One had to go close to the work of art to discover the line, texture, shape, colour and form that made up the Abstract, which represented the flow of life transcending boundaries. Such an initiative really needs to be supported by the people as well as by the press, so that an art culture is built up in this part of the country.

Briefing of the Art and also about the Art Centre was done by Subhaschandra Basu- Head of INTAC-Mangaluru Chapter, and the vote of thanks was proposed by Nemiraj Shetty, member of Art Kanara Trust. Rajendra Kedige, of S Cube Art Gallery, also interacted with the visitors to the exhibition, briefing them on the uniqueness of Abstract Art.

Narrating Abstract Art, which Ms Nikita G. Coutinho says, “It could be about absolutely nothing”, the Art can be perceived as a looking glass through which history unfolds itself. It can be seen as a medium that depicts the progression of the human race. Starting from the carvings on cave walls, to marble figures that explored the human body, to large canvases that dawned over plain walls, all of them portray the triumph of human endeavours”.

“Art has come a long way and thus consist of movements and isms that have their own stylistic and ideological differences. Each of them rises from the fall of the other. One such movement/ism was brought to life, when artists who dared to break away from the usual representational depictions, absorbed the world rather differently. They made thought-provoking works of art through an intensely personal approach that helped enrich the viewer’s experience”.

“Thus signalled the start of an era, previously unknown to the art world and now known as Abstract art. It could be about absolutely nothing and yet could mean so much more. It is an attempt to not represent actual depiction of visual reality. Instead, it is a culmination of shapes, colours, gestures and forms, that are constructed and reconstructed as per the artist’s visual process. While it is known to leave viewers bewildered, its beauty and purpose lie in the fact that it allows freedom of expression, exploration and invention. It also has the power to encourage reflection, if one truly allows oneself to not question but listen.

“The works on display follow the same principles of abstraction, simplifying to its very core. Like a symphony, these works of art record the choreographed movements of each brushstroke, of every layer of paint, applied and overlapped on the canvas. It truly encapsulates the relationship between the art and the artist, the purity in vulnerability; where thoughts and emotions are put on display”.

Nikita G. Coutinho

A writer and a member of T M Collective, she previously ventured into advertising as a copywriter. Apart from being an avid art enthusiast, she dabbles in writing poetry as well. She’s an alumnus of Nitte Institute of Communication, Mangalore, and St. Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai.


Art Kanara Trust is a registered non-profit organisation founded to impart arts and cultural activities and educational programs in and around the erstwhile South Canara districts – Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Kasaragod. It promotes self-directed, small-scale research projects through documentation of the local arts and heritage that explore people, places, histories and practices within these regions. The Trust focuses on art education through innovative methodologies of teaching arts and design to support through capacity building and the applicability of the subject for multiple learning outcomes.

Based in Mangaluru, Art Kanara Trust in collaboration with INTACH Mangaluru Chapter works closely with arts practitioners, young arts enthusiasts, students, cultural organizations, as well as public and private institutions locally and globally; and reaches out to the public through curatorial projects, exhibitions and publications. The Trust is a collective thought by a group of artists and architects with the motto that art plays an essential role in the forming of future generations.

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