Father Muller Celebrates Republic Day with Pride and Gusto

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Father Muller Celebrates Republic Day with Pride and Gusto

Mangaluru: The Father Muller Charitable Institutions Celebrated with pride and gusto the 74th Republic Day in the early hours of 26 January 2023. No moment seemed as auspicious and serene to see the whole Mullerian Family descend on the Hospital Grounds headed by their Director Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, assembled in orderly rows.

The patriotic songs and hymns to the Indian Republic were sung beautifully by the students of the Father Muller College of Allied Health Sciences which echoed throughout the campus bringing in onlookers to honour the nation. A prayer hymn was rendered by the Father Muller School and College of Nursing creating a spiritual connection and reminding us of the democracy received and upheld by our forefathers.

The chief guest Dr Supriya Hegde Aroor, Professor and Head Psychiatry, FMMC felt it an honour to unfurl the National Flag and thanked for being given this privilege. The unfurling of the flag was met with the resounding voices of the gathered rendering the National Anthem. The sight was breathtaking to see even those who had come for their medical needs stand and salute the Nation.

Dr Hedge’s address “Ladies and gentlemen, let me start by wishing you all a very happy 74th Republic Day. We have observed Republic Day as a national holiday since we were very young, however, we truly understand its significance when we are older. Gantantra Diwas was first celebrated on January 26 1950, when the Indian Constitution came into effect. It was on this day we became a sovereign republic. Sovereign, as in our state has its own government and is not ruled by a foreign rule. Republic we elect our leaders and they run our country. When I look outside of my country and see my immediate neighbours grappling with political instability, economic crisis and health care confusion, I feel blessed and safe to be an Indian”.

It is not easy to govern a democracy of 141 crore people !! But our great constitution has laid the foundation on which governance can occur.
Our constitution delineates our responsibilities and our rights. We know what we can do. We also know what we should do. We are not perfect but we are ‘An excellent example of “Unity in Diversity”. Mind u… We have 234 mother tongues and 22 official languages. our citizens practise Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Judaism. 4 out of these, 7 religions have originated in our country. We should be so proud that we are secular. For Centuries we have been tolerant accommodative and flexible….hence the progress of our civilisation.

On this Republic Day, I feel proud to be an Indian and have unfurled the national flag at our great institution. This day is forever etched in my memory. Today In New Delhi, the nation’s capital, there will be a military parade starting at Rashtrapati Bhavan along the Kartavya path to India gate. The defence forces will showcase their grandeur and power.

On this day, medals and awards for bravery will be bestowed to both members of the armed forces and the general public. The main attraction for me is the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar conferred on children with exceptional abilities and outstanding achievement in the fields of bravery, art & culture, sports, innovation and social service. Eleven winning children, in jeeps, will be driven down Kartavya Path.

The Tallest trees have the strongest roots. A strong democracy needs a strong constitution. We should be grateful that we have one. Let’s celebrate wholeheartedly this Unity in diversity. Warm wishes to one and all on this Republic Day. Jai Hind”

Dr Harish Gowda Professor and Head of Forensic Medicine, at Father Muller Medical College welcomed the gathering. Pearl Fernandes, intern BPT compered the programme. The Security Staff presented the march-past.

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