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Film by Karisma’s daughter screened at children’s fest

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Hyderabad, Nov 15 (IANS) At the age of 10, Samaira has become the fifth generation of Bollywood’s most famous Kapoor family to step into the film industry.

“Be happy”, a short film by Samaira, was on Sunday screened at the 19th International Children’s Film Festival of India (ICFFI) currently underway here.

In the film, selected for the festival under the ‘Little directors’ category, Samaira showed her acting skills as well as played a key role as cinematographer.

She was also involved in scripting and editing.

Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim and Shekhar Kapur’s daughter Kaveri Kapur are also part of the creative team of the film made two years ago.

Karisma Kapoor and her sister Kareena Kapoor along with Samaira watched the movie at Prasad Imax.

Karisma was delighted. “It’s great opportunity for young children and I am happy Samaira is part of something like this,” she said.

The actress said more than filmmaking or anything, it was the moral of the story which was beautiful. “The moral is be happy with what you have,” she said.

It is the story of a girl who is out shopping, and begins to feel jealous of other children who buy expensive items that she cannot afford.

Later, when a child tries to snatch her jacket, she realises that someone else was feeling jealous of her as well.

Asked what she would like her daughter to become, Karisma said they would support her in becoming whatever she chooses.

Kareena said she was happy to see the young talent.

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