Find out can I play online Casino in India?

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Can I play Online Casino in India?

Playing at online casinos is hugely popular across the world. However, some places have different rules in place. India is one of those places that is a bit of a legal grey area. Because it’s not completely allowed, but also at the same time not completely banned, it means that players might sometimes not be completely aware of what they’re allowed to do. We’ve taken a closer look at what is possible within the realms of India.

Playing at Online Casinos

When it comes down to playing for real money in India, a lot of it depends on where you are based. For example, if you are based in Maharashtra, then you’re not able to legally play at online casinos as they are restricted.

However, areas such as Sikkim, and Goa gives players the opportunity to play at both online and offline casinos. Here gamblers can legally play online casinos without any worry of reprisals. The reason for this mixed level of legality is a complicated one.

Firstly, there are a number of people within parliament, and who have influence in public life, that want online gambling banned. This is in contrast to others who want gambling to be legal but regulated. This means that there isn’t a consensus position. So, the decision on whether gambling is legal or not is left down to individual states. This is why we have such contrasting positions from state to state, in a similar manner to some of the states within the USA.

What is likely, is that states, where gambling is illegal, will likely change its legal status when they see the tax revenue that gambling is able to bring in. This has happened within the US, with the majority of states having legal gambling in place in some shape or form.

Of course, there are states within India that do allow some kinds of gambling, but this doesn’t always translate into online gambling being legal. It does mean that players who want to experience gambling in real life, tend to visit Sikkim and Goa, in order to play at the brick-and-mortar casinos that are located here. It’s not the case that online players have to do this though.


What many players understand, is that there are some loopholes available when it comes to playing at online casinos. So, players who are located in states that don’t allow online gambling, don’t have to go out of state in order to play. The main loophole is through offshore casinos.

These sites are not located within India, and they offer online casino services to players within the country. This is the case within states where gambling is explicitly illegal as well. The reason that players take the risk and try to play at these sites, is due to the way the laws are structured.

Players don’t tend to be prosecuted when playing at an online casino, it’s only the operators. So, when playing at an offshore online casino, the player won’t get in trouble for it, even though it’s technically against the law.

There are some details that players have to keep a close eye on when playing at offshore casinos. The first is how trustworthy the site is. Because the sites are located offshore, not all of them behave in a fair manner. This is why players should always look into the regulation of the site.

If a site is regulated, then it’s likely that the site is a trustworthy one. This is because the site has to abide by a number of different regulations in order to retain its license. If it is found to be behaving in an unfair manner to other jurisdictions, then this could impact them keeping their license.

For this reason, it’s always important to find a site that is regulated fully when choosing to play. Even if the regulatory license is located in other geographies, it will still provide a level of protection to players that an unregulated site wouldn’t have in place.

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