FMCI says Thank You & Goodbye to the Most Loved & Jovial Administrator Fr Rudolph Ravi D’sa

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Father Muller charitable Institutions (FMCI) says Thank You & Goodbye to the Most Loved & Jovial Administrator Fr Rudolph Ravi D’sa

Mangaluru : Yes, change is inevitable. It is a fact of life that individuals, organizations and nations alike have no choice but to deal with. Those who are able to acknowledge this fact and cope with change will survive. Those who are able to seek out change and actively embrace it will thrive. And yes, change is constant in the sense that it is always present. CHANGE-we need to Embrace it! Changes trigger progress. Things move forward and develop because of them. Each change is a turning page. It is about closing one chapter and opening another one. Changes bring new beginnings and excitement to life.

And remember—if there were no change, there would be no butterflies! And at Father Muller Charitable Institutions (FMCI), there’s going to be a change in the Administrator of Father Muller Medical College, since Fr Rudolph Ravi D’sa who was currently holding the post of Administrator of FMMC, and having served in FMCI for 14 years in various capacities will be transferred effective 16 May 2022, and will take up the designation as Parish Priest of Our Lady of Pompei Church in Gurpur.

The Father Muller Charitable Institutions has seen many individuals come and go. Their work span is etched on plaques or in sheets for prosperity. Every individual is valued for their contribution in the growth of the institutions, as they did their part in times of need and thereby glorified God’s mission of healing through the institutions. This time was the turn of Fr Rudolph Ravi D’Sa to bid adieu to this institution as the incumbent Administrator of the Father Muller Medical College Hospital. His impeccable service of 14 years in various capacities in FMCI not only brought him the love and respect of his peers but also the admiration of his workforce.

A closed yet beautiful programme to bid farewell and felicitate the Administrator was held on 13 May 2022 at the behest of the Director FMCI Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho. A warm welcome was braced by Rev. Ajith B Menezes, who also briefed on the service of Rev. Fr Rudolph in the Institutions. The honorary citation was read by the Medical Superintendent FMMCH Dr Udaykumar which encompassed the works of the administrator. It read as follows,

 “A job well done indicates a person’s efforts, loyalty, commitment and dedication and is always a source of inspiration”

Fr Rudolph Ravi D’Sa- A person whose contributions and generosity needs no preamble. Under his able leadership, the Institution realized its motto of “Heal & Comfort”. From Assistant Administrator in the Father Muller Medical College Hospital to Administrator of the Father Muller Charitable Institutions, Father Muller Hospital Thumbay, Father Muller Medical College, Associate Professor, Course Coordinator of Masters in Hospital Administration, and as Administrator of the 1250 bed Father Muller Medical College Hospital – he strove to raise the profile of our Institution by sheer dint of hard work and determination. His efforts and commitment will forever be etched in the minds and hearts of patients, pupils, peers, faculty, staff and his countless admirers.

Fr Rudolph by his determination, strength of character, honesty, humility and seemingly endless energy was a major factor in our success. A person who pursued his dreams and embarked on a journey, in which his determination and resolve, proved to be an antidote to the afflictions of many. He made it through our hearts this way, setting an example of dedication and treading steadfastly with a calm demeanour to steer the crisis in the various offices designated, proving to be a leader beyond compare. In his chair, he groomed new leaders among the faculty, staff and students to head various positions, and guided the post graduates in the art of Hospital Administration.

Fr Rudolph  has held the banner of the Institution high. The sleepless nights and shuttling between state and national capitals through his tenure in the Father Muller Medical College kept our might and students together. In Father Muller Hospital Thumbay, his expert touch and perception turned it into one of the largest rural hospitals, growing beyond expectations. The tireless efforts put in by him during the U.G., P.G. seat enhancement, NAAC, NABL, NABH Accreditations, empanelment’s’, MOUs’, out-of-the box ideas for state of-the-art facilities in the Hospital, ergonomics and innovative ideas in face-lifting the Hospital  are true testaments of his knowledge, wisdom and foresight.

His words of assurance and wisdom given to us are immeasurable. He has helped the hospital sail through rough weather, helmed the stern bringing it to calmer seas especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. By his well-planned strategies, improvising, adaptation and formulations, vaccination and personal protective equipment, he helped us break records in patient care and patient satisfaction.

Today we are gathered here to express our appreciation, affection and esteem for this great person. A man who deserves every honour for his achievements. To many he symbolizes all that is optimal in a Cleric and an Administrator. To our students and patients he represents the epitome of philanthropy and perfection. To everyone here, he is an Icon. For heralding these numerous triumphs, for soaring where others merely strode and for being a beacon of inspiration for people everywhere we salute and hail his glorious contribution”.

 Fr Rudolph aka Fr Rudy served FMCI as Assistant Administrator, Father Muller Medical College Hospital –  2008  – 2009; Administrator, Father Muller Charitable Institutions- 2011 – 2013; MHA Course Coordinator  & Associate Professor –  2013 – 2022; Administrator, Father Muller Hospital, Thumbay- 2013  – 2015; Administrator, Father Muller Medical College- 2013  -2017; Administrator, Father Muller Medical College Hospital-2017 –  2022

The traditional felicitation programme was bestowed under the ceremonial umbrella on Fr Rudolph by the members of the Management Committee. He was also felicitated with traditional vegetables as to remember every hospital staff anytime he eats his meals. In his response Fr Rudolph thanked everyone who touched his life in making him an able Administrator. He thanked the workforce of the institutions in always instilling confidence in him and being a cohesive group in carrying out the mundane works. (Listen to more of his speech on the video below)

Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho in his presidential address congratulated Fr Rudy on being appointed as the Parish Priest of Pompei Church and wished him best in his priestly vocation. He quipped that it was Fr Rudy’s innate capacity to lighten and brighten moods when situations seemed tough, that shows how Fr Rudy’s love was for his brethren and the people around him. The ways of Fr Rudy was enunciated with quotes and phrases, which underlined his work ethics, work relations and commitment.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Jyothi, HR Manager and the vent was comperedby Dr Kelvin Peter Pais, Liaison Officer FMCI. The prayer song was sung by the Father college of Nursing Staff and the farewell song sung by the Nursing Department.

While it will be good news for the Parishioners of Pompei Church to welcome their new Parish Priest, but for everyone at FMCI it is kind of sad news that they will be missing one of their most loved, smiling and jovial Administrator Fr Rudolph Ravi D’sa, who in his various capacities has served in FMCI for 14 years. Mullerians can’t thank Fr D’sa enough, but wish him every success at Pompei Church as Parish Priest. During his tenure as Adminsitrator of FMMC, it  has achieved a lot under his strong and energetic leadership.

Father Rudolph, you are leaving FMCI knowing that your job is done. You can be proud of what you have achieved as Administrator. You take with you everyone’s heartfelt thanks, love and prayers.

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