Follow Laws & Stay Legally- We Will Ensure You Safety’- Top Cop tells Foreign Nationals

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Follow Laws & Stay Legally- We Will Ensure You Safety’- Top Cop N Shashi Kumar tells Foreign Nationals, including Students during an interaction programme held at Roshni Nilaya School of Social Work Hall, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: Recently on 28 June 2022, addressing the Higher Police Officers on Mangaluru Police Commissionerater during an interaction with them, Home minister Araga Jnanendra urged the Dakshina Kannada (DK) district police and the Mangaluru city police, to conduct station-level surveys of foreign nationals, who have overstayed their visas, and foreigners who have intruded, and are staying in the district without any valid documents. And those found without valid documents should be arrested, and a survey report should be submitted at the earliest.

Following on Home Minister’s direction, Mangaluru Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar within no time arranged an interaction with the Foreign Nationals, including Students (those for education or employment) and those NRIs from Canada, the USA and other countries with Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) status held at Roshni Nilaya School of Social Work, Mangaluru.

Speaking on the occasion, Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar said, “It was the duty of the police to ensure safety and honour of foreigners staying in Mangaluru just as the safety of Indians staying abroad was being ensured by respective governments. Foreign Nationals staying in Mangaluru may contact jurisdictional police officers directly in cases of emergency. At present, there are 336 foreign nationals in Mangaluru and it is good to note that none of them are involved in any unlawful activity, unlike in bigger cities like Bengaluru”.

“These foreigners staying in Mangalore Include 82 people from Afghanistan, 11 from Bangladesh, 25 from Ethiopia, 20 from Yemen, 13 from Malaysia, 18 from the USA, and 17 from the Philippines among others from over 50 countries. You should all follow the immigration rules, stay legally, and not get into any illegal or unwanted activities. You need to possess relevant documents, to be on the safer side. You are all like our people here, and ensuring your safety while you are here is our concern and utmost priority. Please call 112- the emergency response system, and within a span of 15 minutes, the police officials will reach your location with help,” added the police commissioner.

Deputy Central Intelligence Officer Hemachandra speaking on the occasion said that foreign nationals staying in Mangaluru on different categories of Visas should compulsorily register with the Commissionerate. Students were prohibited from participating in political activities. “Foreign nationals arriving in Mangaluru should register their names with the Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) in Bengaluru and they cannot change College orv subjects that they are pursuing their academics without approval by authorities concerned” added Hemachandra.

Ms Florine and her husband John Hislop sharing their experience said that they were staying in Mangaluru since 2004 and felt India was a great country, after visiting over 60 countries. All foreigners were safe here, but should possess necessary documents, they said. Florine further said, “One must keep the right documents and never abuse the immigration laws, and unnecessarily get into trouble. Don’t be involved in illegal or unwanted activities, instead, be honest, thereby you can remain here safe”.

“Being a born Indian I am proud to be Indian, even though I am married to a Britisher, and as an Indian citizen, I enjoy the cultures and diversity of my home country. We must live happily and responsibly. We must not indulge in any controversial happenings and as far as possible try to be on good terms with the police as they are ever ready to serve us,” added Florine.

L-R: Ms Farkhunda Akbari (President, Afghan students Association, Mangaluru; Joe D’Souza-NRI/Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Cardholder; Ms Ummy Shohana (from Bangladesh, pursuing MBA; and Ms Ashvini Raveendiran, (doing Masters) respectively at Mangalore University

Joe D’Souza, an NRI from USA and OCI card holder after working in the USA for over 44 years, now residing in Kadri, Mangaluru said, “I agree with everyone who spoke about India’s culture and diversity, which I too very much appreciate and feel proud of it. Even though I enjoyed over 40 years in the US, the bond and friendship between people in the US is nothing compared to the kind hospitality, gestures and true friendship shown in my home country, India. The only sad part is that we are ruled by corrupt politicians who don’t allow us to live in peace and harmony. Driving in Mangaluru is very hectic compared to the US, where everyone drives with caution and responsibility, while here it is just the opposite. There are traffic rules here, but hardly followed by motorists, and traffic cops take it easy. There is a need for a BIG change in our system and policies for a better living in Mangaluru and India”.

While a student from Tanzania Godfrey Joseph who is pursuing his PhD at Mangalore University urged the police to improve and streamline vehicular movement in the city, an Iranian student asked the police to facilitate foreign students to own vehicles just as in Bengaluru. “But my only concern is when I need to rush while crossing roads as the drivers are speeding and are not quite bothered about the lives of the pedestrians and walkers. I request you to kindly address this issue. I need to thank the police who are very helpful”, he added. Farkudin from Afghanistan said he became familiar with the culture and practices of India while studying for the last three years; he has also learned Hindi. He was feeling at Home in Mangaluru. A Lankan couple said they have learned to speak Kannada and Tulu.

Speaking on the occasion, Principal School of social work Roshini Nilaya Dr Juliet CJ said, “I express my sincere gratitude to the police department for rendering selfless service. It is uncommon to witness a diverse community of people as is gathered here today. If we all abide by the laws and obligations, Mangaluru can become a harmonious city with peace-loving inhabitants. We need to stay away from illegal activities and creating trouble”

Sayed Anwar Hussaini- President of the World Youth Organization speaking on the occasion said, “In my view World is a family and today we are witness of this, students from 50 countries under one roof are a good example of that. As international students under ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) scheme, we are here to learn and exchange culture and thoughts, as we celebrate Holi, Diwali and Raksha Bandhan etc, we learn diversity. From an Afghan perspective, India gives us the love which we lost in our homeland, India gives us freedom which we don’t have in our homeland, the reason is India’s police who paved the way for us to live and study peacefully”.

” I feel quite pleased to see your bright and shining faces along with the knowledge in your heart that you have acquired in the past few years in India and aiming to utilize it for the betterment and welfare of your respective countries. I would like to thank the government of India and the Mangaluru police Commissionerate and their supportive lead and members, who welcomed us to today’s event with a warm heart and made today a memorial day. I would request each one of you to stay safe, stay blessed, be dedicated and live to serve the purpose,” added Sayed.

The new Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law & Order) Anshu Kumar and DCP (Crime & Traffic) Dinesh Kumar, Roshni Nilaya School of Social Work Principal Juliet C J, Sayed Anwar Hussaini- President of World Youth Organization, Mangaluru; Deputy Central Intelligence Officer Hemachandra, and Ms Farkhunda Akbari- President of Afghan Students Association, Mangaluru were present on the dais. The programme was compered by Police sub Inspector of Mulki PS Maruthi P.

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