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‘Follow Rules & Regulations for a Better & Smart Mangaluru’- Police Commissioner T R Suresh

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‘Follow Rules & Regulations for a Better & Smart Mangaluru’- Police Commissioner T R Suresh

‘Follow Rules & Regulations for a Better & Smart Mangaluru’- said Police Commissioner T R Suresh, during his maiden visit to Press Club/Pathrika Bhavan after he took office as Police Commissioner two years ago, for interaction with the journos, on Friday, 1 February 2019

Mangaluru: Press Club, Mangaluru and Dakshina Kannada District Working Journalists’ Union (DKDWJU) organized an interaction with Police Commissioner T R Suresh at the Pathrika Bhavan/Press Club, Urwa, Mangaluru on Friday, 1 February 2019 at 11.30 am. The Police Commissioner was also joined by DCP Law and Traffic Ms Uma Prashanth on the dais, along with a few board members of the two journo associations. On this occasion prizes were distributed to the winners in the contest with the theme “Nanna Jille, Nanna Kanasu”(My District, My dream) organized by DKDWJU) by Police Commissioner and DCP.

Addressing the media persons Police Commissioner T R Suresh said, “Even though I have been serving here as Police commissioner for the last two years, this is the First time that I have visited the Press Club, even though you all have been coming to my office all the time. Thanks for inviting me and I am happy to be with you all since you have rendered your full support and cooperation during my tenure until now. On the outset, I need to compliment you all for your initiative “Brand Mangaluru” which will bring a lot of impact on the smart City and its citizens. We all know that Mangaluru is developing, and in the same time there are many civic and communal issues. But I have done my best along with my colleagues in rectifying most of the issues”.

“Mangaluru is known for his communal sensitivity. And because of rumours and unwanted publicity by a few media it has been creating more tension and disharmony, but mostly under control. Media is quick to publish negative issues quickly, but are reluctant and slow in publishing positive and good issues. Such kind of publicity tactics need to be stopped in order to have a city with peace and harmony. ‘Brand Mangaluru’ started by you all should serve a very good purpose for the development of our City. And also if everyone follows the rules and regulations, and live in unity, we can have a better and Smart City- Mangaluru” added T R Suresh.

He further said, “Our department is doing better in cracking down on gangs, rowdies, drug dealers and troublemakers. We have introduced Police Beat groups, where earlier we had only 70 groups, but at present we have 720 Beat groups, in order to bring law and order, and also to bring down crimes in the City. The Beat group will report to us about the findings, and we will plan on solving those issues. Regarding the arrest of Underworld don Ravi Poojary, even though media has highlighted the breaking news, but officially it has not been confirmed- and once we get the confirmation, we will let you know. Poojary has nearly 30 cases in Mangaluru- of which one is about the murder of Naushad in 2009; other one is extortion case of H M Shipping company in 2008, even though he is convicted, it is in the pending split up charges. Since we had issued a red corner notice on Poojary, the law enforcement officials had taken the matter seriously”.

“Regarding traffic issues Mangaluru is facing a serious problem. Parking is a problem since the City can’t be expanded, and also due to the increase of vehicles. About parking problems near wedding halls, we can’t do much about it since it is public, but if it creates chaos to the motorists and public we will book cases. But the problem is that, the hall management will pay the fine and once again we have the same issues. We are working on a solution to rectify the problem. The phone-in-programme initiated by my predecessor Police Commissioner Chandrashekar is going on well, and we have been able to solve many problems based on the complaints made to me over the phone” added T R Suresh.

For a query by a journo as to making a joint programme between MCC and Police department in handling and rectifying the civic and traffic related issues, for which T R Suresh said that it is possible, but the timings of MCC and ours are facing few problems, but we will initially try to do the joint programme. Police Commissioner also said that a towing vehicle will be arriving today, after a demonstration by the operator, we will put it into service soon. The only problem is that social media is playing a bad role in our efforts, and we are trying to stop it. We are planning to have an awareness programme for the people to control their habits on posting unwanted comments on social media, and the consequences they could face for their wrong doing.

Regarding one more query by a journo about the inconveniences caused to the public when mega events are held at Nehru Maidan, and also due to processions taken out in heart of the city, for which T R Suresh replied saying, “The recent incident that happened that took place in Nehru Maidan, which choked the city, it was an experience for us. Police dept and District administration are mulling over imposing a cap on the number of people to be allowed at mass conventions to be organised at Nehru Maidan. If it has to be realiZed, the Deputy Commissioner will have to issue a notification on the same. We have sent a proposal to DC to allow only a maximum of 5,000 people to attend mass programmes at the Nehru Maidan They would also propose to ban on using plastic cups and plates at conventions and allowing parking on a portion of the maidan. If one ground is used for the function, the other ground should be allowed for parking”.

“Certain restrictions would have to be in line with the ones placed by the High Court of Karnataka for holding events at Palace Grounds in Bengaluru, similarly we will implement here. We have booked the organizers for bringing people in excess of what was allowed. They were also accused of not parking all buses hired for the purpose at the Gold Finch Grounds near Kottara Chowki; not arranging shuttle buses between Kottara Chowki and Nehru Maidan; holding mega procession, causing inconvenience to people; and wrongfully restraining women, children and elderly in the city. This complaint was registered under Sections 188 (disobeying the order duly promulgated by public servants), 283 (unauthorised parking), 290 (causing public nuisance) of the Indian Penal Code. But we will restrict any events that would take place at Nehru Maidan, under certain rules and conditions. Regarding processions taken from Jyothi circle to Nehru Maidan, many have agreed not to have them, but a few still want to use that route. We will find a solution for that soon” concluded T R Suresh.

After presenting mementos to the Police Commissioner and DCP, a very good and fruitful interaction ended in a positive note, hoping for the best to come out in the future development of our Smart City-Mangaluru. Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed, and hope for the BEST?

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