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Food Safety at Home

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Wash hands often Proper hand washing may eliminate nearly half of all cases of food-borne illness and significantly reduce the spread of the common cold and flu.

When you wash: 

  • Hands should be washed in warm, soapy water before preparing foods and after handling raw meat, poultry and seafood.

  • Always wash your hands front and back up to your wrists, between fingers and under fingernails. 

  • Never forget to wash your hands after switching tasks, such as handling raw meat and then cutting vegetables. 

  • Dry hands with disposable paper towels, clean cloth towels or air dry. 

  • Sing two choruses of “Happy Birthday” while you lather upcleaning your hands for 20 seconds. And don’t forget surfaces ? 

  • Keep kitchen surfaces such as appliances, countertops, cutting boards and utensils clean with hot, soapy water. 

  • A smelly dishcloth, towel or sponge is a sure sign that unsafe bacterial growth is lurking nearby. Bacteria live and grow in damp conditions. 

  • Wash dishcloths and towels often in the hot cycle of your washing machine.

  • Disinfect sponges in a chlorine bleach solution. 

  • Replace worn sponges frequently.


Author: Helen Miranda

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