For 3 Months Instead of COMPLETING they are Still DIGGING Light House Hill Road?

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For 3 Months Instead of COMPLETING they are Still DIGGING Light House Hill Road? A TRUE example of UNSCIENTIFIC and UNPLANNED project, which Mangaluru smart City Ltd (MSCL) is used to.

Mangaluru: Once again I am back again with my Signature Caption “DIGGING NEVER STOPS IN THE CITY? “-and this time I am once again highlighting the breaking/Digging of the brand new LIGHT HOUSE HILL Road once again- which is TOTAL NONSENSE and TOTAL UNPLANNING? While many apartments in the City have reached near to completion, surprisingly the work on this road which started nearly three months ago is far from getting completed- and in the meantime, motorists and pedestrians who are facing the brunt of the slow work are fumed and cursing the authorities and contractors behind this project.

One thing for sure, that you’ll all agree with me is that-Digging or Cutting of roads/streets/bye-lanes will never stop in Mangaluru no matter what- and we have seen it in the past and will see it in future too. Without proper planning new roads are constructed, and after a while the new roads are dug again, and when such work is going on it creates a mess, with traffic and pedestrians facing the brunt of it. Until the work is fully completed, pedestrians have to bear with all these inconveniences and also there would be traffic snarls which will be an added nightmare. Now that the work on LHH Road has started long ago, it will be a long long time before they finish the work in due time, and this has been the case in the past and we are seeing it again, and will also see it in future too?

During peak hours, chaos and traffic jams are created due to such redoing or digging/cutting of roads, and it’s a total mess out there during peak hours. You won’t even believe ever since this entire stretch was concretized, it has dug/cut numerous times, and it will never end. Similar has been with the case of many other newly concreted roads, which have been dug for UGD or laying utility cables or Gas lines. This shows how intelligent and smart our engineers are in our Smart City, who don’t even know what they are doing, even after many of them may be rank holders in their academics? We the Citizens will pay more tax because we want our Smart City and our City planners watch the show folks!

The entire stretch of LHH road is a disaster, and day by day it becomes more disastrous with digging/cutting and what not. Students of St Aloysius college have to be very cautious while walking on this unscientific and hazardous road, which lacks proper pedestrian space, thereby putting people’s lives in danger. Just look at the pictures in this report, where students and others have to walk by speeding buses and other vehicles. Very dangerous situation, which no officials from MSCL probably have ever noticed. How would they, when they sit in the comfort of the air-conditioned office and never go for field work. Bah humbug!

Businesses on that stretch of the road are fumed with the slow pace of work, and have been losing customers since no one wants to take risk moving around on that dangerous road. There are iron rods and bricks scattered here and there, which pose danger to the commuters. With the road dug at every nook and corner, parking has been a nightmare for the college students and others. And today (Friday) being a namaz day for Muslims at the Idgah/Mosque, where a large number of Muslims gather-it will be a BIG mess finding a parking space, making everyone’s lives miserable traveling on that road.

Why are they delaying in completing the work? There are only a bunch of labourers working on this project, which dont make any sense. Only if our Smart Engineers of MSCL had used their common sense, they would have put in more workers and finished the project, which would have not hurt the businesses and commuters. I guess no one gives a damn about it. The only option for the commuters and motorists who take this road daily, they will have to face the hardship and keep their fingers crossed till the work is completed.

So what is the solution for this to STOP the digging of newly constructed roads, due to the unscientific and unplanned mentality of our Smart engineers. Not just this LHH Road, if you go around the city, every nook and corner you will see roads being dug up/ or cut creating inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians. In this regard does any one from the MSCL or MCC care about all the hardships and inconveniences caused to the commuters due to their stupidity and carelessness? Probably Not. And the sad part is that when we have corrupt officials right from the top level to the bottom, chances are very less to rectify such issues. Absolutely a Shame that we name this as a Smart City.

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