For Good or Bad, I Voted for Donald Trump, ‘Cause He’s a ‘BINDAAS PRESIDENT’?

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For Good or Bad, I Voted for Donald Trump, ‘Cause He’s a ‘BINDAAS PRESIDENT’?

  •  For Good or Bad, I Voted for Donald Trump, ‘Cause He’s a ‘BINDAAS PRESIDENT’? As a Naturalized US citizen for the last 22 years and now also holding a Dual Citizenship (OCI) here, after much consideration whom to vote this year- because in 2020 the US presidential election campaign has been the ugliest one that I have ever seen- I finally made my final decision by voting for Donald Trump by mail And even if his opponent Democratic candidate Joe Biden Wins,Trump could still be president US President – Read to know more….

Mangaluru: As a Naturalized US citizen and also holding a Dual Citizenship (OCI) here, after much consideration whom to vote this year- because this year the US presidential election campaign has been the ugliest one that I have ever seen- I made my final decision by voting Donald Trump by mail. Immigrating to the United States of America in 1990, and later becoming a U.S. citizen, I had the privilege of voting for three American Presidents of my choice- Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama. Although both Clinton and Bush tried to be good Presidents of the USA, I feel sorry to say that they both failed miserably. Under Clinton’s presidency America witnessed a shameful sex scandal, and under Bush’s tenure America landed into financial crisis. And then later I voted for Barack Obama as the 44th U.S. President, who followed through on his commitment to restore America’s greatness. Voting for Obama in 2008, and once again in 2012, I was simply overjoyed and overwhelmed that finally a change had come to America, and I looked forward to a better America under the leadership of Barack Obama. And, yes he did bring lots of changes in America!


And then came one more voting privilege to select the 45th president of US, either I had to vote for Republican Donald Trump or Democratic Hilary Clinton- however, I decided to vote for Trump- and he won, which made me still proud that all the four candidates for US President, namely Bill Clinton, George Bush Barack Obama, and Donald Trump- whom I voted- ALL WON! And now, with a tough choice to make, whether to cast my vote for Trump once again, or this time pick Joe Biden, left me in deep thinking, and finally at the last minute, I voted for Trump once again, by mail- and I am hoping that my valuable vote will be successful like the earlier ones.

Many may think that I was foolish to vote for such a crazy Trump as President of the US- but I don’t think that Trump has done worse things- he might have goofed up in some of his decision making, but I strongly support his stand on immigration policies, illegal immigrants, H1 Visas etc etc- and one should also think no elected US president is perfect no matter what-they screw up things now and then. So why not elect Donald Trump once again, was a strong decision I made- and I hope Trump Wins. And even if Joe Biden wins, Trump will still remain as the US President- and this is what I read-

Trump operatives are expected to scrutinize each and every postal ballot and challenge many. The US presidential election is possibly the most widely and closely watched electoral contest anywhere. Like the Americans, people around the world believe that the US president is the most powerful person on the planet. A good part of that notion is attributable to the authority conferred by what is generally believed to be a free and fairly won mandate. But US presidential elections are not without controversy. It is widely believed the 1960 elections that saw John F Kennedy getting elected by a plurality of less than 100,000 votes was because Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, an old-fashioned Democratic party boss, with a wide network of friends in the labour unions and organised crime, “stole” the election by ballot stuffing. A popular exhortation in the city those days was “vote early and vote again and again”.

Closer to our times, George W Bush is generally believed to have won in 2000 when a combination of voter fraud, deliberate miscounting and judicial intervention gave him the state of Florida by 537 votes. The state’s Secretary of State Kathleen Harris who was responsible for oversight of the state’s elections and certification of the results, had also served as a co-chair of the Bush campaign in Florida. Furthermore, Florida Governor Jeb Bush was George W Bush’s brother. US presidents, however, are chosen by the Electoral College, a system in which “electoral votes” are assigned to states based on their population and then awarded as a lump sum to the winner of the popular vote in that state. Currently, it takes 270 electoral votes to win. In 2016, Democrat Hillary Clinton took the popular vote by almost 2.9 million votes, with 65,844,954 (48.2%) to his 62,979,879 (46.1%), but Trump won Electoral College votes 306 t0 232

Trump has not hidden his views on postal ballots. Time and again he has described them as “very dangerous for US”, “a catastrophe” and even calling 2020 “the greatest rigged election in history.” The US has about 240 million eligible voters. As of November 1, more than 93 million Americans had already cast their ballots. Surveys have also revealed that almost 60% of Democrats prefer to vote by postal ballot, while in sharp contrast only about a quarter of Republicans were willing to do so. The likely November 3 outcome that worries observers is this scenario: the voting boxes and machines might very likely reveal an early Trump lead, but as the postal ballots keep getting counted that lead will start whittling away. This will be keenly watched in currently borderline states like Texas, Georgia and Florida, states that favoured Trump in 2016.

Trump has also tried to discredit the early voting system, saying there is a lot of fraud involved. The long processing time for the postal ballots also means that the final results of the election may not be available till days after November 3. Reports indicate that it is mostly Biden’s Democrat supporters who have voted early by post, while Trump’s Republican base is expected to turn up in person to vote on November 3. Hence, while Trump may be on top at the end of election day, Biden may emerge the final winner.

The pre-election polls indicate that an incumbent could lose the vote after 1992. But the quirks of the electoral college system mean the results are still up in the air. Also, the U.S. is not used to a victor not emerging on election day and reports suggest Trump may use this to claim victory even when the results are not final. These possibilities are what makes this story important. Trump operatives are expected to scrutinise each and every postal ballot and challenge many. It is estimated that close to 1.3% of postal ballots are rejected on various technicalities. This suggests close to 110,000 postal ballots could be rejected. This time around hundreds of Trump lawyer operatives have fanned out and the electoral process can expect to get slowed down by the sheer weight of challenges. Trump has been quite blatantly signalling to his troops to hobble the postal ballot counting.

Postal ballots will have plenty of flaws for the Trump lawyers to seize upon. For instance, if a voter gives a different address, or a different version of his name such as Joe for Joseph or Richie for Richard, or if there is a variation in signature, any one of them can become grounds for dispute. Here comes the catch. The states are required to finalise the appointment of the 538 members of the Electoral College by December 8. The Electoral College will have to formally meet by December 14 to “elect” the President.

Never has been in history, a US election campaign this time so ugliest, foulest, the dirtiest and most hate-driven in living memory. Every day I woke up and turned on the TV for the current news on the US election, there was always something negative about both the candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Being a democrat since my US citizenship in 1995, it was indeed hard for me to make a choice as whom to vote this year, because both the deeply unpopular stars seemed like a bad political reality show. It was a hard choice to make. I waited and waited and finally decided on a choice made by a coin toss- if it was heads, I will vote for Trump- if tails, I will vote for Biden. So it was Heads- I voted for Donald Trump. And will be anxiously waiting for the results to be announced.

I liked Donald Trump for his strong stand on illegal immigration, fight against terrorism/Isis, jobs for Americans, against outsourcing jobs, moving American companies overseas etc etc, but what bothered me was his tone in outlining these issues. Although he was speaking out of his heart, there was something that didn’t please the listeners. But day by day, his approach towards the people got more vulgar, more violent, more divisive and more worse. And between these two candidates, it was nothing but torture and everyone was traumatized. Americans sick of the election, want to end it already. And as the clock ticked down to Election Day (November 3) many counted the minutes until the end of what would seem like a bad political reality show, headlined by two deeply unpopular stars, Trump and Biden.

America the Land of Free, has become the Land of the Free for All. People just sneak into the US, like it’s their land and Father’s property. But if Trump Wins again, he will totally screw all the illegals entering the US, who are putting the Americans and legal immigrants’ lives into hardship. And I know it, because me as a legal immigrant who lived in the US for nearly 24 years, experienced the situation, where illegal immigrants lived happily breaking the rules, and when caught, go into asylum. Anyways, I am happy that I did my part as a Citizen of the US by voting, which is indeed a privilege. And I hope my candidate wins, for his commitment to “Make America Great Again”, and also that I like most of his plans to stop illegal immigration, fight against terrorism? (Isis), create more jobs for Americans and stop outsourcing of American jobs (which has pissed off Americans very badly) and others.

And in anticipation, if Trump becomes the President and Commander-in-Chief of the USA, I’d like to offer a prayer to keep Him strong as he leads America: May he walk in love. May he know the joy of seeing bridges built, wounds healed and war ended. May he have the peace that surpasses all understanding. May he be blessed with long suffering when faced with hate, bigotry, intolerance, violence, corruption, and the seemingly immovable. May he have the goodness to turn the other cheek, and the wisdom to act. May he act with kindness and be treated kindly in return. May he have the faithfulness to keep his promise — to the nation, to his family, to himself, to his Creator. May he continue to have a gentleness of spirit that chooses grace over pride.

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  1. If this was written in jest, a passable read, I seldom miss articles from The writer whose thoughts on social issues are food for thought. Now that the worlds biggest Joker mr. Doh Luund Tramp whose utterances since loosing the American elections have only cast him as a poor looser is no Hero, a pathetic example of a good leader. Back to the article, no person in his right mind will advocate Mr. tramp as a good leader, his utterances have divided society, a vibrant democracy like the US has beeen left in shambles by a congenital liar who only cared for his chair, his handling of the COVId was his undoing, he has death on his hands for being foolhardy, his cowboy approach to international relations had no takers, an exception may be or own Prime Moron. However we appreciate the efforts taken to caste your franchise despite being away.

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