For Road Widening 6K Sq Feet Commercial Complex Shifted Using Jacks for Love of Swamiji!

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In the Wake of the Road Widening of National Highway169 in Karkala-Kulasekhara near Kaikamba, Gurupur, a 6000 Square Feet Commercial Complex is being Shifted Using Jacks without demolishing, for the Love of Shri Sudhindra Theertha Swamiji who had inaugurated the building in 1999

Mangaluru: When the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) acquired land to facilitate the widening of NH-169 at Gurupura-Kaikamba, the owner of a building decided not to demolish a portion of his 6,000 Sq ft commercial complex. Instead, he hired a Haryana-based company to shift the entire building 130ft away from its present location. Using hydraulic jacks, the building has been in the lifting process for about one foot, and it will be moved to the new location using rail tracks laid beneath it. Owner G Rajesh Pai said that the work that began a month ago, is likely to be completed in a few months.

Looking at the amazing work which is being done, with building walls standing on jacks, people passing by who have not seen such a kind of work, stop for a moment on the road and look at what amazing work is going on there. No doubt this is an amazing work done with love for Swamiji! A 25-year-old building was to be destroyed by this widening of the highway, however, owner Rajesh Pai started a new effort without letting this building get destroyed since the building was inaugurated by Shri Sudhindra Theertha in 1999, and Rajesh Pai who has a deep devotion to Swamiji wanted to save this building.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Rajesh Pai said, “The NHAI earmarked a portion of the building for demolition, as they have been widening the national highway. I did not want to demolish the building that was built in 1999. Hence, I started exploring the possibilities of moving it from its present location. I visited many places to study the technology of shifting buildings. Finally, Haryana-based HSBL Building Solutions Pvt Ltd has been given the contract of carrying out the task of shifting the whole building to the new location. It may require approximately Rs 50 lakh to shift the building.”

“Initially, the area near the foundation of the building will be dug up, and nearly 500 jacks will be placed. Later, the building will be lifted by about one foot, before it is moved slowly on the railway tracks. Once the building reaches the new location, a new foundation will be built underneath it. The company has signed an agreement that gives us a guarantee of 30 years for the shifted building. They have also given a guarantee that two more floors can be built on the shifted building,” added Pai.

On the reason for deciding to shift the building, Pai said that he has an emotional connection to the building. “The building was inaugurated by Sri Sudheendra Thirtha Swami, whom I revere. Moreover, if the portion of the building was demolished as per NHAI’s acquisition measurement, then there will be no parking space left,” he added. ” If I go for a new building, nearly One crore rupees may be required to construct one, but here I am saving half the cost.. We have so many memories in the building. since Swamiji inaugurated it, therefore we are shifting the building to keep that memory alive,” added Pai.

Due to the recent rains, the work is a little hampered. The unique work of the entire building is a matter of curiosity for the locals.

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