Four of family arrested for attacking Karnataka paediatrician

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Four of family arrested for attacking Karnataka paediatrician

Chikkamagaluru (Karnataka): Four persons of a family were arrested for assaulting and seriously injuring a paediatrician in a town in Karnataka’s Chikkamagaluru earlier this week following a child patient’s death, police said on Thursday.

The assailants have been charged with attempt to murder under the IPC.

The doctor, identified as Deepak, 50, was grievously injured and at present, is being treated in Shivamogga.

Deepak was treating six-year-old Bhuvan for dengue in his Basaveshwara Polyclinic facility in Tarikere. “However, after some time, the child developed complications and was shifted to a hospital in Shivamogga, where he succumbed to the disease,” the police said.

The attackers from the child’s family, being from the same town, knew Deepak’s routine very well and assaulted him while he was travelling on his bicycle to reach his home during lunch hours.

Following the attack, the Karnataka Resident Doctors Association submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa, appealing to him to set up a legal cell to deal with such attacks.

“Doctors across Karnataka are putting their best to bring out the best healthcare facility possible. However, it is sad to note that there are more than 12 registered incidents of assault on healthcare workers in the past 8-10 months while the unnoticed, unregistered assaults, and also incidents of verbal abuse, threats, and hampering of duties, can amount to hundreds,” the memorandum stated.

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  1. What complications? These doctors should be more transparent. If this had happened abroad the hospital would be sued and doctors like these would have lost his license.

  2. Was it negligence or deliberate the death of child ? Vengeance is something so normal in Indian movies. But guess there are tribunals and we need to get justice from there and people uniting to support just causes

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