Free bus travel scheme launched, women in Karnataka celebrate

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Free bus travel scheme launched, women in Karnataka celebrate

  • Women in Karnataka celebrated the launch of the free bus travel scheme for them from Sunday.

Bengaluru: Women in Karnataka celebrated the launch of the free bus travel scheme for them from Sunday.

The scheme has been inaugurated in all district headquarters and women are being issued pink free tickets.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah handed free tickets to woman commuters to inaugurate the scheme. He, with Deputy Chief Minister K. Shivakumar, gave free tickets to female passengers in a BMTC bus between Vidhana Soudha and Majestic. The women on the first trip were also given roses and sweets along with the tickets.

“Student bus pass for each semester would cost Rs. 1,500. Now as this is made free for girls, Rs. 3,000 will be saved. I can buy something useful for my family,” said Sanjana, a student of the Maharani College.

She was happy to travel with the Chief Minister after he launched “Shakti”, the free bus travel for women, one of the 5 guarantee schemes of the new Congress government.

Sanjana feels that this would ease the burden on her parents, who are construction labourers.

Similarly, Sarala, a domestic help, who travels to Hebbal from Ganganagar everyday for work, said that she will save Rs 20 per day and she feels she can buy something needed for her home. Ganga Gauri, another domestic help, was all smiles, saying that the free travel scheme makes her happy.

Shashikala, studying in Malleshwaram Girls PU College, has lost her father. Her mother is working as a construction worker to make both ends meet. This free travel facility will help to buy something that supports her education, she feels.

Ambika, who does a small job near Mysore Bank Circle, said that she will be able to save Rs 40 a day. She feels this savings will help her spend more on grocery, veggies and other items.

Nandini, Conductor of the bus, in which Chief Minister Siddaramaiah travelled, was proud to have this opportunity to issue the first ticket. Suitable modifications have been made in ETM to facilitate free travel for women and there is no confusion about it, she said.

After the grand function at Vidhana Soudha, the Chief Minister travelled in the BMTC bus to Kempegowda Bus Station, where he launched the Shakti scheme for KSRTC, NWKRTC, and NEKRTC buses. Later he returned in the same bus to Vidhana Soudha and conducted a press conference.

“If the government favours the poor and the middle class, the BJP creates confusion through lies. The media should not join hands with the BJP to create more confusion. As per the recommendation of the previous BJP government, the electricity tariff has been increased earlier. However, the BJP is spreading lies Athat we have increased the electricity rates,” Siddaramaiah said.

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  1. There should be no ‘free’ schemes in India. Once you give such freebies, that will be permanenet. No one will be able to stop those things. Also, when things are given free, people won’t value the services. They will unknowingly abuse it without themselves realizing it. Instead of giving ‘free’, there should be subisdy/discount. In that case people will use it when it is required only.
    Frrebie schemes can also bring many situations that can work against the beneficiaries. Think about this situation: When the school starts, girls will be going to college. If 50% seats are reserved for men, If there are more women than the remaining seats, how will those excess women travel. Conductor may refuse to take them in. This is especially true with long trip buses.

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