Gap Left in between while laying Interlocks Posing Danger to Two-Wheeler Riders

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Gap Left in between while laying Interlocks on the Road stretch from Froth on Top/Bharath Petrol Bunk till Balmatta Circle/Collectors Gate Posing Danger to Two-Wheeler Riders

Mangaluru: Mangaluru is plagued with pathetic/dilapidated/pothole-ridden streets, which have resulted in many accidents, some resulting in severe injuries but never reported or highlighted by the media. It’s getting worse out there as days go by, with the pothole menace at every nook and corner of the City. We all agree that when the monsoon starts, Mangaluru is famous for Potholes, year by year, and nothing has been done to stop it. And this year, apart from potholes, roads, mainly the new ones, have been dug either by GAIL Pipeline Gas Co or the Jalasiri 24X7 water project.

Just look at the roads in the City, they look like dirt tracks or could be called “Gutters”, and it is a shame that we call this a SMART CITY, having such pathetic and dilapidated roads, putting the lives of commuters and motorists in RISK. Mounds of earth, broken bricks, pits and rubble lead the way to many destinations in the City, especially on the stretch of Jyothi Circle to Balmatta Circle/Collectors Gate; Balmatta New Road leading from Jyothi towards Falnir; Balmatta Road from Jyothi till Don Bosco Hall/Liquid Lounge; Kambla Road; Bunder road; among many others.


After the work was completed by the workers of 24X7 Jalasiri Water Project, along the road stretch from Froth-n-Top/Bharath Petrol Bunk till Balmatta Circle/Collectors Gate, the dug-up road was not restored back to its origin. But after Team Mangalorean had highlighted the issue in, and others made it viral on social media, the agency did shabby work by restoring the dug-up area with interlocks.

Unfortunately, the patchwork was not done up to the standard, because while laying the interlocks, gaps were left, and many two-wheeler riders are losing balance while riding through these gaps, and falling on the road. And this is the situation daily, and two-wheeler riders are facing hardship commuting through this road stretch.


At certain road construction sites, a narrow path is prepared just to give enough space for a two-wheeler to reach the destination. Broken interlock bricks and some of which have sunk under the pressure put people’s lives in jeopardy. Motorists halt and look around for help wondering “Can I actually ride along?” The onlookers seem to respond “At your own risk”.

Even though the accidents have not been serious due to this shabby interlock work done by the labourers, there are chances a rider may lose balance while navigating through this interlocked road with gaps and come under a speeding city bus. Many two-wheeler riders have been injured- but there is no record of these accidents because the injured persons don’t complain nor file a case. Pinning responsibility on engineers and contractors for road accidents, it seems, is as difficult as imagining the city without potholes.

So, who is to blame for the pitiable condition of the said stretch of the road, which could injure or cause death? Well, it just seems to be a case of passing the buck. It’s only after an accident that you’ll notice MCC or MSCL officials will take action. Oh well, at least for a while till a proper plan is chalked out, why can’t the concerned officials do some good patchwork in filling this interlocked portion of the road with numerous gaps in between, so that motorists won’t be harmed?

Forget about the weather, the present bad conditions of the said road is due to the negligence, carelessness and shabby work of this civic agency (Jalasiri) who undertake their work unscientifically, and no one from MSCL nor MCC raises a word about their shabby work, since one project (Jalasiri) belongs to Karnataka government, and MCC is governed by the same political party.

Sadly it seems like no civic agency concerned is responsible for accidents caused by the poor condition of roads. Considering the increasing number of incidents, civic agencies should have a huge responsibility. There is zero regard for human life. Post every mishap no one seems accountable. The way out could be to identify the contractors responsible for such accidents/deaths and fine/ban them from bidding for government contracts. Also, the concerned government engineer/superior should be suspended pending investigation, and booked under sections relevant for causing such accidents due to negligence.

Finally, before I make my humble request on behalf of the motorists, especially two-wheeler riders, I once again ask the concerned authorities, including the MCC Commissioner, MCC Mayor, MSCL Chairman/General Managers/Engineers to spot inspect this interlocked road with gaps in between and fix it immediately-before someone gets injured or loses his life-just because of someone else’s negligence. Thanking the concerned authorities in anticipation!

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