Garbage & Construction Debris Still Seen on New Court Road from the Day of its Completion in 2018

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Garbage & Construction Debris Still Seen on New Court Road from the Day of its Completion in 2018. While we notice Opposition Party Leader in Mangaluru City Corporation A C Vinayaraj raising his voice against the wrong-doing of the ruling party, and other civic issues, which need to be complimented and applauded, but the same corporator of Court Ward leading adjacent to St Aloysius ITI, Mangaluru, has turned a blind eye to the pathetic and disgusting condition of the footpath, greenery, garbage littered all around, etc, from the day the road was completed in the year 2018

Mangaluru: I remember taking this dilapidated road decades ago when I did my High school and College at St Aloysius Institution – but during that time there was an option, either we could take this road or climb the 100 pus steps which still exist, if you want to reach your destination- be it to the school/college or to the Court offices. But now with the construction of the brand new court road at a cost of nearly Rs 14 crore under the Smart City project by Mangaluru Smart City Limited (MSCL), under the leadership of then MLA J R Lobo and area award corporator A C Vinayaraj, the road and footpath is in shabby condition. And going around the City, at a few prominent locations you might have noticed hoardings, boasting about the Court Road project- and with two smiling netas on it, namely the Congress MLA and Congress Corporator.

Even after nearly three years after its completion, the Court Road footpath is still seen with leftover construction debris, posing danger to the pedestrians, including the morning and evening walkers. And even though such a broad Court Road was not needed, but anyways, when there is someone else’s money, our politicians are quick in implementing such projects. Even after the road was completed, there were no street lights for a long time, until a few complaints from citizens and activists, new street lights were installed- of which a bunch of them are still not working. The whole road has been done in a shabby and unscientific way- where at many spots the drainage is incomplete and open, chances are that pedestrians could slip and fall into them. No doubt, this is yet another shabby and incomplete project of MSCL, or could be MCC, adding yet another feather to their cap?

Even though, this court road which was surrounded by many trees and had many objections from St Aloysius Institution management and students, and also other citizens/environmentalists on cutting down these trees in order to make way for road widening-and had forced the government/MCC and other local representatives to take steps to protect these and more trees by using the latest technology. And this technology was named “Soil Nailing Technology” which was approved by the State Government and Mangaluru City Corporation- and a consultant from Bengaluru was assigned to undertake this project. But anyways, after a snail pace work, the road has been completed, but unfortunately, TOTAL incomplete? (Ref: Shabby Work of the Contractor/Workers has Rs 14 Cr Court Road in Shambles?)

Earlier when the work was delayed, MCC Corporator of Court Ward, A C Vinayaraj had said that the work delay was due to the problem between the consultant as well as the contractors. But once this road is completed it will be one of the best in the City, protecting nature as well as geographical structure- and this hilly region is an aesthetic property of the City. There are plans to add e-toilets in the Court Ward, and since this Ward is urban in nature, commuters from various destinations should get the best way to attend nature’s call, had said the Corporator. Anyways, well said by the Corporator then, but if you look at the present condition of the road, what the Corporator said was like “Believe It or Not” kind of promise- No e-Toilets, instead, men urinating openly to nurture the grown wild plants? (Ref: Commuters Want to ‘Know’, Why Rs 14 Cr Court Road Work So ‘Slow’?)

The entire stretch of the footpath is covered with filth/garbage/construction materials etc- and pedestrians are using the main stretch of the road for walking. On the days when Court hours are in progress, the entire stretch of the road is occupied for parking-how nice? And a kind gesture, the Advocates Association had planted saplings sponsored by ‘Our Balcony Garden’ and saplings planted by ‘Team Vriksha’, as the sign on reads, and presently with no proper care taken of these plants, the surroundings of these plants are grown wild grass and bunch of filth. The entire stretch of the road is no doubt a non-hygienic area, posing a safety hazard to the pedestrians, and also to a group of skaters who use the stretch of Court Road for training.

So, if Corporator A C Vinayaraj wants to feel proud of this Court Ward/Road project he should immediately see the garbage/construction debris is removed, the footpath/drainage which is in shabby condition, get rectified. While urging the Corporator, along with the MCC and Antony Waste Disposal Cell to take care of this messy situation and see that the Rs 14 Crore Court Road is back to its original condition, I say “BIG Thank you in advance”!

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