Get Ready For Yet Another LOCKDOWN as People Still Flout Covid Rules

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Get Ready For Yet Another LOCKDOWN as People Still Flout Covid Rules

  •  Countdown Begins! Get Ready For Yet Another LOCKDOWN as PeopleStill DELIBERATELY Flout Covid Rules? The way Many PEOPLE, or call them “COVIDIOTS”are flouting the Covid-19 guidelines, as if Coronavirus has disappeared, there are very good chances that CM Yediyurappa may announce yet another Stringent Lockdown soon- and it won’t be a surprise? Coronavirus has not gone away, and as per researchers it will last for one or two more years before it’s totally gone. Just recently CM Yediyurappa had said “Follow Covid-19 precautions or be prepared for lockdown”- and if people don’t straighten up, there is 100% of yet another LOCKDOWN on its way … the countdown begins ?

Mangaluru: Couple of days ago during a programme in Doddaballapur in Bengaluru District Karnataka chief minister (CM) B S Yediyurappa, called upon the people not to lose sight of the prowling danger of Covid19. “Always wear masks, maintain social distance. Cooperate with the government. If you fail to follow the rules, after 15 days, we will be forced to impose a lockdown as before,” he warned. “I appeal to you not to roam around freely just because the lockdown has been eased. Be careful in your dealings, wear masks, and maintain social distance. If you fail to comply, we may have to re-impose the lockdown and go back to the conditions prevailing in the past,” he said.

The CM apparently is worried about the people moving around without masks and without observing social distance after the lockdown conditions were relaxed. Because of this, the corona positivity rate had gone up a little on the next day of the current unlock process. But people are still careless about following the Covid-19 guidelines, like wearing masks and maintaining social distance. Just look at the people in Mangaluru roaming around for no reason at all, and that too flouting Covid guidelines. City buses are jam-packed, and even restaurants are seen crowded with customers, sitting close to each other. Market road in the City is crowded with street vendors, including out of town street vendors selling used clothes, but not following the Covid guidelines.

While many experts say another lockdown may not be a solution to rising Covid numbers, instead once again destroy livelihoods and squeeze the economy. Instead, they say, the government must double down on genomic sequencing to spot new variants, the pace of vaccination must pick up, and Covid-19 precautions must continue pace. Many migrant workers who had gone back to their homes due to fear, distress and anxiety in the earlier weeks of the lockdown, have not returned back, putting many businesses in hardships with lack of manpower, especially in construction and hotel industry. Meanwhile, even though the positive cases of Covid are down, there have been more deaths, which is the major concern- and people are still careless and have no fear of the virus.

Is another lockdown the answer, or is it somehow getting individuals, communities, businesses and administrators to behave with Covid-19 precautions? When Covid-19 cases began to fall in early 2021, people began to feel like the pandemic was behind us, and with greater mobility and mingling, people gave the virus an additional chance to surge through. But with people not taking the virus seriously allowed Covid cases to grow, and that’s what is happening once again now, after the relaxation of the lockdown. We urgently need deeper dives into the data on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations, deaths, and genome sequencing data, to understand why there’s a spike in Covid cases, and just by imposing lockdown may not serve the purpose.

The solution to the rising numbers will not be an easy or quick one. There are two schools of thought, one that thinks a lockdown may be useful because it can protect lives, and another that thinks that a lockdown would destroy livelihoods and thus lives. With the recent lockdown many businesses in the City faced huge losses, and with the ignorance of Covidiots flouting Covid rules, and if one more lockdown is imposed soon, businesses will still suffer more. However, after the first central government-imposed lockdown in March 2020 and its harsh fallouts, including its impact on the economy and stress on people’s finances, another lockdown may not be the way forward. The only way the spread of Covid can be controlled, if people strictly adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines and take utmost precautions against the spread of the Virus.


But sadly, that’s not happening when we look at the people on streets, malls, markets, shopping places etc in the City, and it is kind of scary to think and look forward to yet another lockdown soon. Public transport should also be staggered, in the sense of limiting the number of people who can crowd on a city bus , while increasing the number of public transport options available. Ventilation is key, and people should not drop their masks. Religious gatherings, political events and other similar mass gatherings should also be regulated. Guests at weddings is also increasing, which is not a good sign. Above all, vaccination must be sped up, because it is the surest clinical way to protect people from Covid-19, especially because changing people’s daily behaviour is quite hard and Covid-19 appropriate behaviour is not really being practised”.

With new variants of Covid-19 haunting us, we still don’t know to what extent they are playing a role in the surge in cases, unless we do more extensive genomic testing. And until this can take off at a substantial pace, we will have to keep up with social distancing and mask-wearing. And if people don’t follow the Covid-19 guidelines, this means a higher number of cases at the peak of the epidemic, a greater risk of the health system becoming overwhelmed, and ultimately more deaths. People need to take CM Yediyurappa’s warning seriously, otherwise we will be looking forward to yet another lockdown soon! COUNTDOWN BEGINS NOW…..?

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  1. What the government should do is reduce the rents for establishments that have been affected by lockdown. Greedy landlords have not reduced rents despite businesses having no income caused by lockdown.

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