Getting Married! Grooms can now RENT SUITS for FREE from MNG Foundation

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Getting Married! Grooms can now RENT SUITS for FREE from MNG Foundation, Mangaluru, irrespective of CASTE and RELIGION!

Mangaluru: Just like the bridal lehengas, groom’s wear too costs a huge fortune these days. In fact, with the millennial grooms not shying away from experimenting with bold choices, it is impossible to cut down on these expenses. Be it sherwani or Indo-western wear, the price tags are sure to cause a hole in your pocket. Although, with the influence of having a sustainable and economic wedding, men are now open to renting groom’s wear. We are sure this is the first question that pops up in your mind when it comes to renting clothes. Most certainly there are various brands that have stunning offers on grooms wear to ensure that you dont overspend. But these days wedding outfits are quite expensive! Furthermore, with changing fashion and trends, an outfit you shop now might become grossly outdated in a couple of years.

Plus, something as heavily embellished as a groom’s wear might not be relevant for later use. You cannot casually wear a sherwani to someone else’s wedding without being worried if you are overdressed. This is where the idea to rent an outfit comes in. Rent the trending wedding outfits without breaking your bank account with these grooms wear which a NGO offers for free for use on your wedding day and later return it back. This is not only an affordable option but also frees you from the burden of having a heavy outfit sitting in your wardrobe that you cannot reuse again.

To make such bridegrooms’ dreams a reality, a city-based charity organisation named MNG FOUNDATION has been lending them a helping hand. Those grooms who are not able to afford the cost of wedding suits need not worry, and you can still look gorgeous in your suit attire on your wedding day- all you have to do is make a call to a member of the NGO and you can go to their office and pick up the suit of your choice-on RENT and for FREE!

  The MNG Foundation in association with the Talent research foundation has been helping poor bride grooms make their weddings a very special occasion by lending them wedding suits. It should be noted that the MNG Foundation,started by builder Mohammed Ilyas, has a wide range of wedding suits of various sizes, which will be lent to the needy without any rent. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Mohammed Ilyas said, “The MNG foundation has been serving the needy by providing medical aid, support for the construction of houses, and education of poor children without considering caste and religion. The suits are also rented for free irrespective of caste and religion, where any groom from Christian, Muslim or Hindu community can approach us”.

He further said, ” The idea of lending suits for the bridegroom for free popped up and we went ahead and did the needful. There are many bride grooms from poor and middle-class families who spend a huge amount purchasing wedding suits just to wear them for one day. This initiative was launched to help bride grooms-in-need by lending wedding suits. We have in stock a large variety of suits donated to us by our friends and well-wishers, who had bought the wedding suits for their wedding, some costing around Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000. We dry clean and keep wedding suits in our office in the city to help the needy”.

” Many of the grooms hire wedding suits when they are not able to afford the cost of brand-new ones. However, we are lending suits for free with the condition that they should be returned soon after the wedding. At the MNG foundation we now have nearly 100 wedding suits of various sizes. In addition, the foundation also has a wide range of bridal collections, which are also lent to brides from poor families, In fact, we started lending wedding dresses to brides six years ago. Charity works of the MNG Foundation began eight years ago and it was officially registered three years ago,” added Ilyas.

So all you Bride Grooms looking to be smart and handsome on your Wedding Day attired in a expensive suit, now you can rent them for FREE by calling the following numbers of members associated with MNG Foundation :

NAKASH ( MNG) : 9591412400

MANSOOR ( MNG) : 9481505331

MUSTAFA -IMAD) : 9741993688

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