Home Article Getting the Party Started! – Some of Mangalore’s Best Entertainment Venues

Getting the Party Started! – Some of Mangalore’s Best Entertainment Venues

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Getting the Party Started! – Some of Mangalore’s Best Entertainment Venues

As one of India’s most thriving port cities and a jumping-off point for cruises along the beautiful Konkan Coast, Mangalore offers an incredible variety of things to do and places to go. With such an assortment of different attractions, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone to enjoy.

Temples Galore!

Being named after the goddess, Mangaladevi, Mangalore acted as a prominent centre for religion under both the Mysore Sultans and British Raj. This means it contains a rich and diverse selection of temples from several different centuries that always appear to be immensely popular with tourists. Review sites such as TripAdvisor have multiple interesting temples in their rankings. For instance, the Kandri Manjunath with its striking grey and gold colour scheme and Mangaladevi Temple currently holds a Traveller’s Choice award and comes highly recommended.

Kick-Off Your Sandals & Relax on the Beach

As a jewel in the crown of the Konkan Coast, it’s natural that Mangalore has scores of beautiful sandy beaches for you to relax on. Panambur Beach for instance has everything from jet-ski rides to the opportunity to see the dolphins or maybe order an ice cream whilst you sit and watch the world go by. It’s built a reputation as one of the safest and well-maintained beaches in India too. Sasihithlu Beach is pretty secluded meaning that you have all the space in the world to take long, romantic walks at sunset or mess around with your friends.

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Shop Till You Drop!

Mangalore is home to some of India’s best shopping malls that’ll be sure to provide you with an experience you won’t be forgetting any time soon. The likes of the Forum Fiza Mall feature high-reputation brands like tech-giant Apple and clothing and beauty favourite Marks and Spencer. The centre also comes complete with some great parking facilities and a food court so you can grab something to eat whilst you’re walking round. In addition, the City Centre Mall features 170 stores over seven different floors meaning you’ve got plenty to choose from.

Roll Up, Roll Up… Time to Play Some Fun Games

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When it comes to attractions and things to do, Mangalore is certainly one of the best places you can be. It’s got scores of shops, bars and shopping facilities that will be sure to keep you occupied on your trip whilst making sure you have a great time.

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