Goans Celebrate CHRISTMAS -cum-Farewell

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Goans Celebrate CHRISTMAS -cum-Farewell

Kuwait: Smiles, fun and cheer – a Goan party in Kuwait after almost 2 years. A number of popular, friendly faces got together at Salmiya on 10th Dec 2021 to celebrate Christmas festivity and extend a warm farewell to one of the most cherished Goans in Kuwait.

The event was organized by GCC – Goan Cultural Centre under the leadership of its president Shri Carmo Santos.

A unique ambience, created by various club jerseys hanging out from the ceiling, signified the mood.

The event also served as a farewell to a popular Goan couple shortly.

GCC showered their love and affection to Jessie & Bosco Leitao, preparing to leave Kuwait for good.

The couple were honoured with a special memento for their priceless contribution, especially that of Mr Bosco, in sports & culture.

The memento was presented by GCC President Carmo Santos.


Dignitaries that attended the party included KIFF president Derick Gomindes (Goa Maroons), Fidelis Fernandes (Ex-KIFF President/Kuwait Goan Association), Tony Dias (Santos FC), Rabin Gonsalves, Avelino Dias & Norman Noronha (Navelim), Agnelo D’Cunha (UG), Amaldo Fernandes (Curtorcares United), Luis Cardozo, Vosky Leitao & Nestor of CRC Chinchinim, Glen D’Souza & Vincy Pereira (AVC), Cajetan Pinheiro (Goan Cultural Centre), Nazy Azavedo (SFX), etc.

The guests were accompanied by their families and friends.

A specially decorated cake was cut to commemorate the occasion.

Carmo Santos, in his speech, highlighted the significance of this Christmas in everyone’s life, after the aftermath of a horrendous pandemic that led to uncertainty in life.

“This function is to bring all families and friends together in friendship and cheer, and celebrate life,” the president stated.


Speaking about Bosco Leitao and his contribution to the community in Kuwait over the years, Mr Santos said, “We have seen Bosco with a smile and supporting everything that is Goan over the years; we wish him well for the rest of his life in Goa.”

On his part, Bosco & Jessie thanked GCC for giving them a ‘surprise’ with so many welcoming guests and friends in attendance.

Fidelis Fernandes and Derick Gomindes also spoke on the occasion.

Gasper Crasto, the host for the day, sang a specially dedicated Konkani song to honour Carmo Santos, Agnello Fernandes and Bosco Leitao – three iconic personalities in Kuwait.

Lorraine de Melo and Carie Santos sang ‘A prayer for you’ hymn for the couple.


A number of exciting activities, that included games & quizzes with loads of prizes, kept the people engaged in the true spirit of the joyful season.

A live band led by legendary musician Succor de Melo (guitar) energized the proceedings.

Succor was accompanied by son Fredrico de Melo (key & vocals), daughter Effie de Melo (vocals), Johnny Fernandes (guitar & vocals), Menino de Ribandar (percussions), and Gulf Voice of Goa award-winning singer Romeo Braganza.

Mohd Rafi, Upasana & Shalby also belted out some Hindi numbers.

Arlette Fernandes, Monica de Melo, and Carie Santos performed a spectacular, synchronized dance that was well applauded by everyone.


A group of young singers comprising Amber Fernandes, Tyla Fernandes, Arlette Fernandes, Paavlo de Melo, Jesniya de Melo, Monica de Melo, Luiza, Cynthia D’Souza, Lorraine de Melo and Carrie Santos sang sweet Christmas carols which brought much cheer and wellbeing in the house.

Aldrin Menezes and the group ‘Estrelas de Goa’ also entertained the crowd with lively music and carols. Members of the troupe consisted of Edwin Nazareth, Aldrin Meneses, Faustino Menezes, Cynthia Nazareth, John Noronha, Daisy Alphonso and Karmen Meneses.

Lorraine D’Melo conducted a game for kids and later recited a marvellous prayer.

GCC member Cajetan Pinheiro proposed the vote of thanks, he thanked everyone for gracing the occasion.

Images of the function were captured on camera by Kuwait’s top photographer Rivon Jose Gomes.

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