Gold smuggling case: Swapna Suresh to reveal ‘more’ as she feels life threatened

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Gold smuggling case: Swapna Suresh to reveal ‘more’ as she feels life threatened

Kochi: Gold smuggling case accused Swapna Suresh on Monday said that she has testified before a magistrate that she fears a threat to her life and other things about the case pertaining to the unaccounted money that was recovered from her bank locker, as well of others.

“Since I have to return again on Wednesday to complete my statement before the magistrate, I will come and in the afternoon will tell everything to the media. I feel a threat to my life,” she told media persons.

It was in February after a round of fresh revelations by her, she was asked to appear before the Enforcement Directorate officials.

Though there was nothing much happening in the case, the recent release of the autobiography of the then Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, M. Sivasankar, in which he claimed that “he never did any favour to Swapna” and also that “he never knew the iPhone that was gifted to him by her was part of a bribe” drew a furious response from Swapna.

Swapna accused that it was Sivasankar “who destroyed her life” and “all what she knew, he also knew”.

She also pointed out that he had told her that he will take voluntary retirement and settle down with her in the UAE.

She said that it was with his help that she, along with her husband and children and their friend Sandip Nair, managed to sneak out of Kerala, when the gold smuggling case surfaced in July 2020, when the entire state was under massive Covid travel restrictions.

Another revelation of hers was that of the two audio clips of hers, one which came out on the day she and her family were on the run to Bengaluru and another while in custody, she said, it was all stage managed and directed by Sivasankar and others.

Meanwhile, the other central agencies — Customs and Intelligence Bureau – have also registered cases supplementary to the gold smuggling case and in all these, Swapna is an accused and now out on bail.

Now it remains to be seen what she will reveal on Tuesday.


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