‘Golden Notes in Surgery’ a Book by Dr K Jayarama Shenoy of KMC Mluru Launched

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‘Golden Notes in Surgery’ a Book by Dr K Jayarama Shenoy of KMC Mluru Launched

To Quote Aristotle; ” Those who know, do; Those who understand, teach.” And thus, KMC Mangaluru was fortunate to launch the Book “GOLDEN NOTES IN SURGERY ”written by Dr Jayarama Shenoy – Ex HOD & Professor, Department of Surgery, KMC Mangaluru, and the book will help numerous students going forward & impart immense knowledge.

The programme began with a prayer by Dr Akash from KMC, followed by a welcome address by the Dean of KMC, Mangaluru Dr B Unnikrishnan. The programme was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by Chief Guest -Lieutenant General Dr M D Venkatesh (Vice Chancellor MAHE Manipal), along with Guests of honour- Dr M S Moodithaiya, Vice Chancellor NITTE Mangaluru; Dr Dilip G Naik, Pro Vice-Chancellor MAHE Mangaluru Campus; Dr B Unnikrishnan, Dean KMC Mangaluru; Author-Dr Jayarama Shenoy; and Dr Ashfaque Mohammed- Professor HoD Dept of General Surgery, KMC, Mangaluru.

The introduction of the author was done by Dr Rajesh Ballal, Professor, Department of Surgery, KMC, Mangaluru, following which the author Dr Jayarama Shenoy presenting the overview of the book said, ” This Book is not a substitute for textbooks-it only guides the medical students in learning the concepts of surgery, as a boost to their preparation for National Exit Examinations(NEXT) /Final Examination in surgery. It consists of 30 broad competencies as mandated by NMC in CBME Syllabus. Briefly outlined are the topics under surgical specialities and subjects like surgical ethics, audit, legal aspects of surgery and hospital waste management”

Dr Shenoy further said,” The book is also expected to help the junior medical residents in Surgery (MS/DNB)to learn the basic concepts, which they can apply in their academics and clinical practice of surgery. This book presents the lecture notes. I have compiled during my teaching career in surgery since 1984. and reasonably updated to contemporary levels, with the help of literature available in the public domain, including, but not limited to, the textbooks and manuals enlisted in the bibliography, WHO monograms, various journals and online resources like Medscape and drjosephtm.blogspot.com. I have avoided any plagiarism and violation of copyright to the best of my belief. I hope the book serves the purpose of strengthening the knowledge-based professional learning”

Speaking about his association with Dr K Jayaram Shenoy, Professor and Head of the Department of Urology, KMC Mangaluru, Dr Laxman GG Prabhu said, ” When Dr K Jayaram Shenoy called me to tell me that he has written a book entitled Golden Notes of Surgery based on the competency-based curriculum of the National Medical Council I could not believe my ears! My first reaction was how can a maverick like him create a structured curriculum-based work. I have known him as a non-conformist free individual who was always in pursuit of finer aspects of learning be it in life or profession”.

“Having said this, I had no doubts about his erudition and scholarship. And later when I learnt more about the work, I was pleased that an incredible book will be available to medical graduates which will most certainly help in building the best doctors. I thank him for this effort and congratulate him for thinking of such work. I hope the book will be well received and see many editions in the years ahead” added Dr Prabhu.

Dr. M S Moodithaiya, Vice Chancellor NITTE Mangauru and Lieutenant General Dr. M D Venkatesh (Vice Chancellor MAHE Manipal) speaking on the occasion complimented the efforts put in by Dr Jayaram Shenoy in bringing out this book, which will benefit the medical students while preparing for their final examinations. to say a few words. The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr Ashfaque Mohammed, and the programme was meticulously and eloquently compered by Dr Venkat Tarun-Resident of the Dept of Senior Surgery.


K Jayarama Shenoy- Professor and Former Head of Surgery at Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Mangaluru, Karnataka, India. He has trained hundreds of his postgraduate students who have scaled great heights in India and abroad in their respective specialities of surgery and also as famous teachers and authors. He is a practising Surgeon at Mangaluru, with a focus on the digestive tract, surgical oncology and terminology.

“Golden Notes in Surgery presents the Lecture Notes for MBBS students in compliance with the CBME syllabus with 30 core competencies. It is a guide to boost the preparation of students for the MBBS or NExT examination. It contains 191 tables, 620 questions and 125 handwritten diagrams/photos (clinical and operative). Focus on concepts of disease and rationale for management of surgical conditions. It is helpful for Junior Residents in surgery (MS/DNB) to learn the basic concepts and apply their knowledge. Inspires Junior Faculty (Assistant Professors) in streamlining teaching sessions like theory classes, small group learning or self-directed learning (SDL).”

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