Goliyon ka Raasleela – Ram Leela

Goliyon ka Raasleela – Ram Leela (Film Review)

The audience lapped up Ram’s over the top acting. Sanjay Leela Bhanshali has done a wonderful job in creating a rural Gujarat atmosphere(Saurashtra) where the local tribes take law into their own hands. Nobody in that area knows what is police or how does a policeman look like? Either Sanjay has bribed them nicely or has managed to keep them away by using some connections. Fire arms are being sold like cakes and mithai on the roadside. The set looks grand but the lawlessness and the enmity between two tribes is exaggerated which reminds us of Gulzar’s erstwhile classic ‘Mere Apne’. The two groups clashed every now and then. Similarly, in ‘Josh’, Mansoor Khan used the same situation where the Eagle gang and Bichoo gang clashed with each other.

The question arises is why there are no other gangs? Fine, cinematic liberty. Ram and Leela do not know each other. There are no sahelis, no introduction from any quarters, but all of a sudden a straying Ram wanders into Sancheda’s haveli and line marrows the heroine. Leela seems to be too pleased to not respond. Why? She could have thrown tantrums or could have acted pricey!!

Sanjay’s remuneration package for her must have worked wonders, it seems. She falls in love instantly.

Then the hulla balloo follows! The khabris from both sides fill the ears of their respective leaders. Abhimanyu Singh loses his life and makes the plot more murkier. The dushmani grows multi fold.

The plot thickens now. Blood is flowing on the street like colors of holi.

The principal henchman of Santokben is wandering on the streets with his British era gun and shoots to kill as he pleases.

He meets his sad demise after wasting many reels in the hand of Santokben which was as suddenly as Bhau killing Bhiku matre in erstwhile ‘ Satya’. He is an emerging talent and done justice to the role by enacting the less speaking more action, assassin’s role.

Leela is also brought up in an atmosphere of enmity, hatred and gangsta qualities. She is a dare devil woman.

Plays with guns as easily as a child with toys.

SLB hasset up a big canvasfor the film.The costumes, color and the extravagant sets depict the SLB touch.

He has done true justice to the film, but as always he wants the audience to go home mourning. The hero and heroine are either separated or dead!!

The violence in the film is grossly exaggerated to make the audience shrill. Mother cutting the daughter’s middle finger was definitely to send a shrill down the audience’s spine.

Ranveer has lived upto the cinegoer’s expectation. His screen chemistry with Deepika is greatly visible. The songs are memorable. ‘Ramji ki chaal dekho was intelligently choreographed. Ranveer has shown his superb dancing skills. Deepika also has danced her heart out in the garba song.

The movie gets the audience engrossed, but only when they leave the theatre asimplethoughts crosses their mind” why the director had to kill the lead stars, even when the Sanedas and Ranchedas were ready to bury their hatchet!! Damn the bard, in India Romeo and Juliet could be always made into a say “And they lived happily ever after film!!”

By Donald D’ Silva, Mira Road, Mumbai