Good & Honest Police Commissioners DON’T Last Long Under the Power of Netas in Kudla?

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Good & Honest Police Commissioners DON’T Last Long Under the Power of Netas in Kudla?

  • Good & Honest Police Commissioners DON’T Last Long Under the Power of Netas in Kudla? Why was Police Commissioner Vikash Kumar Vikash transferred from his post in less than six months after assuming his office on 28 June 2020

Mangaluru: He Came, He Saw…but He couldn’t conquer the hearts of many more Mangalureans, for a reason- just after SIX months of posting, the State government recently transferred this Smart, Strict, Educated, Adept, Talented, Dedicated, Committed, Transparent, Knowledgeable, Positive, Proven, more Focused than his predecessors- Police Commissioner of the Mangaluru City Vikash Kumar Vikash IPS, has been posted as Deputy Inspector General of Police of Karnataka Reserve Police, and his place Shashi Kumar has been appointed, a 2007 batch IPS officer having served as Superintendent of Police, Wireless, Bengaluru, before his new post. Our new ComPol seems like a tough and strict guy, but will he complete his tenure under our present politicians? is a million-dollar question many would ask.

No doubt that good and concerned citizens of Mangaluru had full hopes in this young Police Commissioner Vikash Kumar Vikash (V K V) that he would bring a perfect law and order in the City and change in the attitude of police personnel during his tenure and that many things would be accomplished under his leadership, some which no ComPol would realistically ever be able to deliver- but all their hopes went in vain, due to the unexpected transfer of V K V.

New Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar (L) and Outgoing Compol Vikash Kumar Vikash

Couple of times that I had interacted with V K V during press meets and other police events, I found him friendly, quite knowledgeable and straight-forward in the answers he replies to journos queries, an open-minded person without hiding anything. I could figure out that he is a person that never hesitates in publicly exposing those people who are not doing justice to their jobs. And I also know that his courageous nature, dedication and honesty has been appreciated by many citizens and has made him one of the most commendable officers this City has seen, especially on his daring initiative in cracking down on builders/promoters using the building parking spots for other purposes- and also for his initiative in cracking down on illegal parking and his move in implementing No Parking Zones in certain areas.

The service done by this young commissioner during such a short period in the office will inspire us every single day and help us believe that there is good in the world. His ideas and efforts have revamped and improved Mangaluru’s image on most of the projects undertaken and supervised by him in the police department. No doubt, he did his best as much as he could, to bring a proper system in the police commissionerate, law and order in the City, systemic parking etc. – but if we all stand together, it has infinite potential to wipe out all evil- and that’s for sure. A true police commissioner is one who takes the department and City where it needs to go, not just where it wants to go. (Ref: CP Vikas Kumar Flags off ‘Cycle For Commute Rally’ to transform Mangaluru into Cycle-friendly City)

Vikash Kumar Vikash was the right choice that citizens of Mangaluru needed at the police department after decades. The job of a Police Commissioner is one that citizens look to for strength, leadership, law and order and larger-than-life personalities-and for that matter V K V had all those qualities, plus he was dedicated, strict, knowledgeable, experienced, positive, progressive and proven. Continuation of best practices of predecessors, especially a directive exempting police personnel aged above 55 from active field duty during the pandemic was always a priority for Vikash Kumar Vikash, the 10th city police chief. Succeeding fellow 2004 IPS batch mate Dr P S Harsha, Vikash who was the commander, Anti-Naxal Force prior to this posting, had said ultra-awareness about the pandemic among the public and police was the need of the hour.

During the pandemic, V K V has played a vital role saying that the priority of the whole world was to stop the spread of the pandemic. This priority was very much factored into how routine policing needs to be carried out so that the police’s primary duties do not falter, he said. At the same time, there was constant reinforcement on the need for policemen at all levels to be safe while discharging their duties, he said.

A post-graduate in economics from Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University, Vikash, a native of Bihar said, “SOPs laid down by the police top brass would be followed to the last detail to keep the force safe. With policemen, deemed front line corona warriors bearing the brunt of the pandemic and many of them getting exposed and state also recording fatalities among their ranks, we need to have the rank and file that is fit and raring to go”, he noted. Having started out as Assistant Superintendent of Police at Bhatkal in Uttara Kannada, Vikash has served as Superintendent of Police in Bengaluru Rural, Haveri, Chikkamagaluru, State Intelligence, as Deputy Commissioner of Police (North-East division), Bengaluru City police. His non-policing posting saw him also serve as the director, department of youth affairs and sports and later as commissioner, department of social welfare. (Ref: Police Commissioner Vikash Kumar Vikash Announces NO PARKING ZONES in the City)

In December 2020, Police Commissioner Vikash Kumar Vikash had issued a revised notification modifying the 30 September 2020 notification which had earmarked 61 areas in the City as no parking zones. Modifications were carried out in view of grievances and suggestions received from the general public, and about 50 commercial complexes in the City, which have utilized space allotted for parking for commercial purposes have been identified, and he was planning on taking action against them. A letter to get such illegal commercial outlets removed had been sent to the Commissioner of Mangaluru City Corporation Akshy Sridhar. Information about a drive conducted against 14 such commercial complexes has been communicated by the commissioner of the corporation. Hence, taking into consideration all these factors, a revised notification was issued by him.

On 1 November 2020 Vikas Kumar flagged off ‘Cycle For Commute Rally’ To Transform Mangaluru Into Cycle-Friendly City, along with MCC Commissioner and MD MSCL Akshy Shridhar IAS. More than 200 Cyclists including all Bicycle Clubs of Mangaluru participated in the rally to transform Mangaluru into a cycle-friendly city. It should be noted that under the leadership of Police Commissioner Vikash Kumar the Cattle Theft and Illegal Transport Detection Squad was specially formed with officers and staff of the city crime dept on 5 October 2020, where Check posts had been set up at 32 places to keep an eye on vehicles arriving and leaving the City. Sources reveal that after the inception of this special squad, nearly a dozen illegal cattle transportation cases were detected under the Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, and 35 cattle were rescued. (Ref: The NH Roads To Hell! Blame NHAI Officials for Death of Newly Wedded Couple in Accident )

Under the guidance of V K V, on 4 December the City police succeeded in arresting the culprits in connection with graffiti scribbled on two walls in the City, in support of terrorist organizations. His quick action resulted in nabbing the culprits who abducted a child from Sullia recently. On 28 October 2020, after a newly wedded couple died in a road accident near Thokkuttu, V K V visited the spot and did an inspection and held discussion with Navyug company officials and NHAI officials and directed them to take immediate safety measures, so that no more accidents take place and lives lost. The Police Commissioner also directed the Navyug officials to use service roads to make the life of commuters safer. He also visited Ullal overbridge and surveyed the road approach, after which he discussed the matter with DCP of the traffic police Nagaraj and urged him to take necessary action at the earliest. Now changes have been made for the safety of the motorists and commuters. (Ref: ‘Two Arrested Connected to Provocative Graffiti on Two Walls in the City’- Police Commissioner)

In order to bring the drug menace under control, Mangaluru City Police under the able leadership of Police Commissioner of Mangaluru Vikash Kumar had launched ANTI-DRUG DRIVE, which commenced from 15 December until 22 December 2020, as part of crime prevention month 2020. Addressing the audience, the police commissioner had said, “This is our war against drugs where it has affected the youth severely, and the drug menace is on the rise. It is the need of the hour that we should bring awareness on this issue, and try to stop the youth from getting addicted to drugs through various programmes and counselling. I want to send a strong message that those caught dealing in drugs and also with repeated offences, we will take stringent action and punish them severely”. He was instrumental in organizing many awareness programmes, including a bike rally in association with Roshni Nilaya School of Social Service, Mangaluru.

 Vikash Kumar was a speaker during the valedictory ceremony of the second edition of St Aloysius Pre-University United Model Nations (SAPMUN), an educational simulation of actual UN committees which was held virtually on 18 October 2020. Over 150 students from various High Schools and Pre-University Colleges from various parts of Country and abroad played different diplomats and ambassadors, representing different states, countries or organizations and discussed relevant national and global issues. In his message Commissioner of Mangaluru Police appreciated the efforts put in by the SAPMUN team and expressed that such events improve the diplomatic skills and develop awareness on the present world affairs. He stated that the UN is a symbol of bonding shared by humanity and simulation on the United Nations provided the right platform for students to understand global citizenship. (Ref: Valedictory Ceremony of St Aloysius Pre-University United Model Nations (SAPMUN) 2020)

These are among the many other initiatives and projects implemented by Compol V K V, which the citizens of Mangaluru should appreciate and compliment him. Probably the only people who didn’t like the systematic and disciplined way of V K V were the politicians, who were probably looking forward to transferring him out of Mangaluru at the earliest- and they did! V K V’s transfer could be for some other reason- but anyways whatever be the case, transferring a dedicated and committed Police Commissioner within a short period in the office is ridiculous and foolish. (Ref: Shatter Silence, Stop Violence! Rally by Roshni Nilaya & Mluru City Police Marks ‘Crime Prevention Month’)

It should also be noted that Mangaluru/DK had postings of excellent IAS officers as Deputy Commissioner’s in recent times, for example, Sasikanth Senthil, who worked hard sincerely for the welfare of the people, but since he couldn’t bear all the pressure from the netas, he decided to move back to his home town Chennai, to enter into politics. Senthil had played an important role during the floods in DK, and he was very helpful to the sufferings of rural poor, wherein the remote villages during floods he arranged boats to rescue people. Another young woman who made a difference in the City and worked with honesty and dedication was MCC Commissioner Ms Hephsiba Rani Korlapati, who was transferred from her post within a few months, for being honest, dedicated, and committed.

In the case of Compol Vikash Kumar, he must have accidentally stepped on the toe of Corrupt Politicians, since he was tough on COVID-19 Regulations which might have hurt business at bars, lounges and hotels. Plus he was strict with Corrupt Builders regarding the Parking Violations. So there is something fishy going on here in the transfer of V K V so soon. Political difference is different, and work ethics are different! The government should allow Deputy Commissioners, Police Commissioners, City Corporation Commissioners, and other Top Level Ranking Officials to work in a place at least for two to three years, and not kick them out in a few months.

And now that our young and energetic new Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar is already taking tough action on alcoholics rounding them up for drinking in public and on beaches, the chances are that the wine dealers may join hand-in-hand with politicians to get him transferred since they are losing business from these alcoholics? It may happen, you never know! As repeated reforms committees have suggested STOP politicians from interfering with police, and probably that was in the case of Vikash Kumar Vikash. On a final note, Mangalureans know that whichever police commissioner comes and goes, “Mangaluru” will remain as “Ma……. Ooru” for sure by looking at the present scenario.

While Police Commissioner Vikash Kumar Vikash was in constant touch with Team Mangalorean for media coverage, we wish him all success in his new post as Deputy Inspector General of Police of Karnataka Reserve Police.

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    I happened to call on Mr Vikash Kumar, the support and the interest he took to protect us was indeed touching,.. Mangalore is unique in many other ways too apart from the netas.. politicians are in power for a few years, but bureaucrats serve us for years,..There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel..let’s hope

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