Good Job! ADGP Alok Kumar Commends Hariram Shankar in Handling Praveen Murder Case

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Good Job! ADGP Alok Kumar Commends & Appreciates Hariram Shankar IPS, the present Superintendent of Police, Hassan District in Handling Praveen Nettaru’s Murder Case

Mangaluru: While he served as the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law & Order) in the Mangaluru Police Commissionerate, his service was highly appreciated and commended by the Top Cop N Shashi Kumar, and also by the citizens of Mangaluru. And he was none other than our Young, Able, Dynamic, Energetic HARIRAM SHANKAR IPS, a fun-loving, jolly, and easy-going guy, who mingled with all types of people, including the police personnel. And now that he has assumed a higher post as Superintendent of Police of Hassan District, he is already being applauded by higher police officers and citizens of Hasaan district.

During his nearly two-year tenure as DCP in Mangaluru Commissionerate, he has made quite a number of friends in the City, apart from the police department, since he is Friendly, Approachable, Courteous, and an Easy-Going Person. And his association with Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar has been so intimate and Chumley, they have been fondly represented as “Ram & Laxman” or “Koti Chennaya”, since quite often they were seen in the public together or riding on a two-wheeler in Bermuda shorts, or at any police events seated side-by-side.

A friendly, very approachable and a go-getter, Hariram Shankar was truly a people’s DCP, and for the last two-plus years, Mangaluru was at its peaceful best under his guidance, along with support from the Police Commissioner. He has played a vital role in cracking down on various illegal activities, sleuthing into criminal cases, and having been successful in solving many cases, thereby putting the criminals behind bars. As a DCP he has won the confidence of the force of Mangalore city police and made them trust his leadership.

Secondly, in the backdrop of some major law and order incidents and criminal cases, he had won the trust and confidence of the general public that the performance of the police department was also a priority area. Then again as usual keeping the Commissionerate limits plentiful with good public order, prevention and detection of cases; and efforts made for improving the public perception of police was yet another priority.

He was not your typical policeman. He might have been tough when needed but was also modest and ever-smiling. And many times his sense of humour, subtle most of the time, is infectious. Talking about his heroics and quick action in cracking down criminals, and other law and order incidents he modestly replied: “I don’t think we can call them achievements. We are just doing our duty. That’s what we are paid for.”

Known as an upright and no-nonsense officer, Hariram was termed a sincere and professional policeman by many in the force and the public. By his transfer, the Mangaluru Police commissioner lost an able officer who was down to earth and ready to help the citizens with his friendly policing. And looking at his credentials and experiences in handling criminal cases, Hariram Shanker was deputed to DK/Bellare/Sullia to sleuth into the murder of BJP activist Praveen Nettaru, and under his able leadership, a bunch of persons accused in that killing were caught, and put behind bars, waiting to be prosecuted.

For his outstanding work in handling Praveen Nettaru’s murder case, and also maintaining law and order in that tension-filled area, ADGP Alok Kumar in his Letter of Appreciation has said, “Your exemplary contribution is highly appreciated and placed on record. I hope and wish that you will continue to maintain the same professional standard in future too”.

Even recently during his visit to Mangaluru during a press meet ADGP Alok Kumar had said “The investigation team under SP Rishikesh Sonawane has cracked the case. A suitable reward will be given to the team. Even Hassan SP Hariram Shankar had done a superb job in handling the case and bringing the situation under control, and also other officials helped in probing the case”.

A JOB WELL DONE, SIR! TEAM MANGALOREAN is PROUD OF YOU in this achievement and for being our Beloved and Ardent Fan of Congrats Galore, Sir!

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