Govt Allows Marriage Functions Within Homes

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Govt Allows Marriage Functions Within Homes

Mangaluru: Yet another order has come from our Karnataka government related to marriage ceremonies. Earlier in the government order, it was stated that marriages which were scheduled could take place during the lockdown, but after 15 May no marriage functions should be held whatsoever. But on Saturday, the government has once again made changes to the earlier order, saying that all the marriage ceremonies scheduled after 15 May, could be held within homes with the participation of 40 persons including family members, relatives, among others.

In its order the government has stated that the marriages cannot be performed in marriage halls or other auditoriums, and this revised order was issued by Manjunath Prasad, the Principal Secretary in the Revenue Department. The order stated that within Bruhat Bangalore Municipal corporation limits, permission has to be obtained from the joint commission, and in other districts, from the tahsildars. Permissions can be sought by enclosing invitations along with applications. Passes will be issued on the basis of the applications, and only those holding the passes will be allowed to participate in the marriage ceremonies, the order said.

 But a Smart Person with common sense would ask what difference does it make if the marriage with 50 people is held in a hall or auditoriums, coronavirus can strike anywhere. So why this new rule, that marriages can be allowed to take place ONLy within the homes and nowhere else. Seems like as per government officials’ decision coronavirus doesn’t strike at marriage function at home, and only at halls or auditoriums. Yes, we all know that marriage is a one time affair in one’s life and can’t be done whenever we want to get married. But when the present situation of Covid-19 is getting out of control, no matter where the marriage is held, Covid-19 can affect people, either at a hall or home. However, having marriage functions at home with 40 people is not a good idea during the present crisis. For that matter holding any programs is not advisable in the first place.

No matter what, if a marriage ceremony has 50 or 500 guests, Coronavirsu can strike irrespective of how small or large the crowd is. Few days ago a Hindu marriage took place at T V Ramana pai hall in Kodialbail, Mangaluru, soon after the function the bridegroom’s father was tested positive for Covid-19, and a day later a couple of family members were also tested positive for the virus. Therefore, allowing a marriage function within homes doesn’t make any difference- coronavirus can strike anywhere, at halls, auditoriums and even homes. The best way to contain the virus is to cancel any functions, including marriage, just to eb on the safer side during the present crisis.

By allowing marriages to take place at homes, it will be just another way of holding super spreader events and spreading corona. However holding marriage functions at home with 40 guests is ridiculous and foolish to do it, and under the present Corona pandemic situation, holding any programs is not advisable in the first place. Last year during the pandemic no marriages were held, so what is the hurry to have marriages during this second wave- can’t the marriages wait to be on the safer side? Because during the recent marriages many people who had attended the functions were affected by the virus.

All ceremonies/functions where people gather should be banned for a while, and a function in a house with space constraints, there will be a very high risk of spreading the deadly virus. Why even take the risk by the bride and bridegroom during this pandemic, just because the government has given the permission to celebrate their wedlock at home. It is not the government who will suffer, but the newly wedded couple or family members or relatives or guests. So think twice before you take a further step in having the marriage party, while there is the pandemic crisis.

No wedding after May 15, is with a reason: Deputy Commissioner Dr K V Rajendra, agreed that weddings and big gatherings have become super spreaders. “The reason why district administration has decided not to allow wedding post May 15 is for the same reason. Weddings can be postponed and it is not done for any sadistic pleasure but with a purpose. It is also not right to celebrate when there is mourning around. However, we will take a call on the same after a few days,” he added.

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  1. Crazy permission from crazy leaders. Recently people held communion in star hotels in mangalore. Total 12 people got covid itseems. Some are still in serious condition. Allowing parties for 10 people at home also a super spreaders. I dont know why govt is playing with peoples life. Very sad. If anyone wants to marry let them marry at register office with 2 witness and go home. Parties can be conducted at later stage also.

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