Govt should Stop Operating as Hand Puppets of Private Hospitals in State’- ACSA-DK

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Govt should Stop Operating as Hand Puppets of Private Hospitals in State’- ACSA-DK

Government should stop operating as hand puppets of private hospitals in the state, private hospital management tortures people mentally, people are in panic -Allegation bySTUDENT TASK FORCE of ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (R) DAKSHINA KANNADA ;

Mangaluru : All College Students Association®️ Dakshina Kannada (ACSA) has established Student Task Force, this force works 24/7 and responds to covid related issues around the state! This task force helps in allocating resources such as beds, oxygen cylinders, blood plasma and other leads.

The Student Task Force has already dealt with 1000’s of call assistance. Task Force has also found Beds are not getting allotted to the needy even if the official government websites are showing availability. When you call BBMP asking for bed allotment they say wait for a day or two, after request from the patient party they suggest going to private hospitals if it’s an emergency.

Tanush M Shetty – (Coordinator of Student task force) states that; “Here in private hospitals, they keep patients for 3 to 4 weeks and charge them around 10,00,000. And when the bed gets allotted in BBMP and the patient party requests the doctors to discharge, the doctor states that “we won’t let the patient go without the complete bill is paid”, and then they threaten the patient party that they will stop the supply of oxygen to the patient! our question is how can a common man pay lacks that to in this pandemic situation! Some private hospitals also threaten patients in the name of MLA.”

Our question to the government is Who is responsible for the lives of the patient! Hospitals? Or Government?

Aboobakker Siddiq,(Coordinator for student task force states that )-The Government of Karnataka is a fatal failure in facilitating financially backward people and failure to take control over private hospitals administration which also tortures and harasses people. ‘’Many are dying out there due to covid but more than that people are dying due to lack of facilities and negligence of the government and at the end of the day the government blames the Covid virus! Wake up Government, before it’s too late.”

As a student or task force warrior we come across lots of patients. Condition is getting worse as many of them are financially unstable . The poor or middle class are not able to afford the bills charged by these hospitals. so it’s high time and the government needs to act right now . The government should provide some facility for the poor. If they are providing its without reaching the poor .They got to stop the scam which is happening in private hospitals. lives are at stake here so they need to take action against this as soon as possible, says dhanya Hegde, (MBBS student & member student task force warrior )

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  1. At last student Association woke up at this difficult time. They are only give right medicine to these corrupted leaders if their task force work unitedly.

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