Gretta Pinto Elected President of DCCW

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Gretta Pinto Elected President of DCCW

Mangaluru: The Core Committee members meeting of the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (DCCW) was held at the Bishop’s House Kodialbail here, on April 6.

The meeting began with an invocation. Outgoing president Terry Pais welcomed the members.

Addressing the members Terry Pais said, “I have completed my tenure as president for three years. During my tenure all the committee members and the spiritual director Fr Francis D’Souza have supported me a lot and I would like to thank them. In the past, it was very difficult for us to communicate with every member of DCCW. We were personally going to various parishes to invite the members to the meeting as well as for the programmes. But now through WhatsApp, it is very easy to communicate with every member. With the hard work of all our previous presidents namely Olinda Pereira, Leena Fernandes and Lilly Pereira DCCW has become very strong. I suggested some members to DCCW and the Bishop has recognized their service and given them the post in the diocese.”

While concluding Terry Pais said, “During the DCCW Diamond Jubilee Celebrations all the members performed their duties very well and the celebration was a grand success. The Bishop was present for the entire programme which proves the success of the programme. Once again I would like to thank each and everyone for supporting me during my tenure as the president.”

Former Secretary Gretta Pinto read out the report of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of DCCW. Treasurer Gulobi Fernandes read out the accounts statement.

Past President Terry Pais handed over her duties to the newly elected president Gretta Pinto. Later elections were held for the post of Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and PRO.

The newly elected president Gretta Pinto addressing the members said, “I need the same support you all have given to the past president Terry Pais. If there are any issues, kindly discuss them and try to solve them during the meetings. You have given me an opportunity to serve as the president for three years and I will try my best to take DCCW to the next level”.

Following are the Names of Newly Elected members:

President – Gretta Pinto
Vice President – Advocate Sylvia
Secretary – Noreen Pinto
Joint secretary – Ida Menezes
Treasurer – Leena Fernandes
Joint Treasurer – Smitha Noronha
Editor of Jagaran – Gretta D’Souza
PRO – Violet Pereira

The spiritual director of DCCW Fr Francis D’Souza speaking on the occasion said, “Pope John Paul II said, “We are the Easter People”. we should thank God for becoming the members of DCCW. It is a call from God to serve society through DCCW. I would like to thank the outgoing president Terry Pais, newly elected president Gretta Pinto, and all the members of the committee. We all are humans and we make mistakes. But whenever we make mistakes we should be ready to apologise. Those who have humility, do not hesitate to apologise. For the past seven years being the spiritual director, I have seen the service of the members of DCCW. The diamond jubilee programme was a grand success”.

Recalling Mother Teresa’s quote, Fr Francis said, “I am a little pencil in God’s hands, God does the thinking, God does the writing and God does everything and sometimes it is really hard because it is a broken pencil”. Likewise, we are all broken pencils and God has to sharpen them. God will take his own time and way to sharpen them.” I would like to thank everyone for the service you render to society. During this pandemic, I request every one to take care of their health. I congratulate the newly elected president and all the members. God bless you”.

The birthday of outgoing President Terry Pais was celebrated by cutting the cake. President Gretta Pinto delivered the vote of thanks.

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  1. Thank you for the quick action.. God bless you.. Let’s work together for the betterment of the society.

  2. Thank you very much Violet. You have given very good publicity to D.C.C.W I pray that your will grow and win the hearts of all the mangaloreans.

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