Ha..ha..ha..ha..It Was All about Laughter at St Aloysius College during ‘NAGERANGA’!

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Ha..ha..ha..ha..It Was All about Laughter at St Aloysius College during ‘NAGERANGA’, organized by St Aloysius Ranga Adhyana Kendra Project

Mangaluru: As People say that laughter is strong medicine, and it looks like, surely it is. It controls people together in such ways that trigger healthy physical and emotional variations in the body of the people. Laughter makes our immune system stronger, boosts our mood, reduces pain, and protects us from the damaging and harmful effects of stress and tension. Nothing works faster than a good laugh to bring our mind and body back into balance by relaxing them. Humour lightens our burdens, inspires us, connects us to other people, and keeps us alert by the mind and active physically. It also helps us in releasing anger and forgiving people quicker than in a normal mood.

Laughter heals other people around us when they are upset or have any kind of stress or tension. Laughing at least once every day will make us a happier person and will also fill us up with energy and excitement. Moreover, laughing or even passing a smile to any stranger or friend around us can change their entire day, or sometimes even their life. Overall, laughter is the best therapy as we all know that it only has positive results. Laughter can make you a good person and can bring a drastic change in your life. It can heal many things in your life. Sometimes laughter is the only thing that we require for healing ourselves from something bad that happened to us in the past. So, laugh as much as you can and throw the stress out of your head.

And for that matter, the audience which was predominantly mixed of St Aloysius College management staff, faculty and students experienced a two-hour-long extravaganza of Stand Up Comedy and Humorous Skit, added with a few soothing songs, which took them all to the world of laughter, filled with fun and frolic. And it all happened at the ‘NAGERANGA’ programme organized by St Aloysius Ranga Adhyayana Kendra Project, featuring a devotional song by Dr Divya Shetty- a faculty of St Aloysius College, Mangaluru, followed by a couple of songs by Ms Prathiksha Bhat of NITK Surathkal, and Jeevan Siddi, a St Aloysius College student.

Then came the best part of the evening, where “Hall of Fame of GSB Samaj in the field of professional Comedy entertainer – Smt Sandhya Shenoy from Udupi who is one and the only female professional Comedy entertainer of GSB samaj whose main topic is humour and life values and has so far given over 1200 programs in different places of India as well as in different places of the world, stood before the microphone and started entertaining the audience with her witty punchlines, which led to a roar of laughter in the auditorium. Mrs Sandhya also picked on Yours Truly, while I was busy clicking her images, where she said, “Even on my Wedding Day, the photographer didn’t click so many photos of mine like you did today. I bet you are making my husband jealous tonight” ( watch the video below)


Mrs Sandhyakka whose native is Someshwar village near Agumbe was married to Vittaldas Shenoy of Udupi, and the couple has two children, Shwetha and Sathvik. Sandhyakka has given programs through Television shows, FM radio, Akashvani. She has got many fans from Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, and many other districts of Karnataka followed by fans in Hyderabad, Goa, Chennai Mumbai and the foreign countries including Dubai, Abu Dhabi too.”

Her shows have also been conducted at Akhila Bharatha Sahitya Sammelana Udupi; District Level Sahithya Sammelana; Taluk Level Sahithya Sammelana; State Level Konkani Sahitya Sammelana Kundapur; Gadinada Kannada Sahithya Sammelana-Kasaragod; Children Sahithya Sammelana, among others. Added to this teachers and students group of various schools and colleges, institutions including Lion’s, Rotary, Jaycee clubs have arranged programmes where Sandhyakka has entertained them with her witty performances. So far she has to her credit 13 awards from various institutions/organizations for her Excellency.

Following the Stand Up Comedy by Mrs Sandhya Shenoy, it was more laughter when the troupe “Maskiri Kudla/Majabharatha & Bale Telipaale”, consisting of Deepak Rai Panaje, Prakash Tuminadu, JP Tuminadu and Rajesh Muguli gave a hilarious performance, which made the audience glued to their seats and roar with laughs, Music was provided by Nagoo, and the programme was compered by “KUSH” Acharya, a B Com student of St Aloysius College.

St Aloysius College Principal Dr Praveen Martis SJ said, “It is indeed a delightful sight to witness students attending the event and listening to their laughter. Humour speaker Mrs Sandhya Shenoy has really enthralled all of us with her interesting anecdotes and humorous punches and Team Maskiri Kudla has brought us out of the drudgery of the pandemic. My gratitude goes to all those who planned the event and congratulate all performers”.

Also speaking on the occasion, Registrar Dr Alwyn D’sa said, “This has been a unique and special experience. Today, it is proved yet again that within each one of us, there is an ordinary, innocent and simple audience that enjoys the pure and uncontaminated humour. The unconditional and open-minded response by all the audience, especially the students has made us extremely happy. Simple joys of life are beyond all set standards and expectations. I would like to thank all the organizers and artists involved in making us forget everything and have fun”.

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